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Did cathinone (i.e. benzoylethanamine, β-keto-amphetamine) ever have its own page and/or is there a draft of a cathinone page floating around? The hyperlink to "Cathinone" in the table containing the list of substituted cathinones (and the "Cathinone" links elsewhere on the site referencing unmodified "khat" cathinone specifically rather than the entire cathinone class) redirects to the substituted cathinone page in a recursive fashion. Cathinone is a psychostimulant in its own right, and is more widely consumed in khat plant form than many if not all of the cathinone derivatives that have their own pages with subjective effect, interaction, and legality sections. Ephedrine, another plant-derived psychostimulant, has a working draft page. Khat and ephedra sinica (the plant, not the substance) have stub draft pages.

If the page doesn't exist I may begin the process of creating it, but if it's buried somewhere in a discussion tab could someone please link it here? Thanks!

@Riphexen:The page a cathinone as a substance was not created, and you can create it.--Tracer (Tracer) 11 May 2019