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OK guys, this is a first draft, my first contribution to this wiki. I'm not completely familiar with the way this wiki is set up, but I tried to follow the established standards as best I could. I have a lot of experience with this substance and have read the relevant medical/pharmacological literature. The subjective effects section is a synthesis of my own personal experiences, the reports I have read of others online, and established effects from the medical literature.

I need feedback on the suggested dosages, on the effects of course, and there probably should be more references, and a proper chemistry section explaining how it's a cyclic GABA derivative and et cetera. I also tried to upload images of the molecular structure, but the file uploader failed on me, it kept loading indefinitely, so I was unable to add those pictures. If you guys could get that file uploader working or be so kind as to upload such images (available on wikipedia) yourselves, that would improve the page considerably.

I also recommend moving this substance out of the "GABAergics" subcategory as the literature establishes that it is not GABAergic. Gabapentin and pregabalin form a novel class of depressants, high-affinity voltage-gated calcium channel ligands.


Hey there! First of all amazing contribution you did a really good job putting this all together and following the standard formatting. I made a couple of edits just to tidy it up and we fixed the image uploader. I will get our chemistry admin to produce a molecule breakdown and will add this to the both the featured section and a novel depressant section with the substance index. Thanks again! If you need anything please come talk to us on PsychonautWiki:IRC or leave a comment on my userprofile. <33333 --Josikins (talk) 18:48, 31 January 2015 (UTC)