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Object personification is the perception that an inanimate object in the environment possesses a consciousness with traits of a living creature. These traits mostly reflect those of a human, more evolved animal such as a dog, or even an alien species. The traits may include emotions, thoughts, likes and dislikes, intentions, and personality traits such as being friendly or judgmental. Object personification can occur with or without accompanying hallucinations.

An example of object personification is having trouble deciding what shirt to wear out of concern that the shirts that are left behind will feel sad. Another example is not wanting to turn the light on because the vase on the shelf doesn't like bright rooms. At its most intense level, an individual's experience of object personification may take the form of full blown delusions, such as truly believing that an inanimate object is plotting to kill them.

Object personification may occur with moderate doses of hallucinogens such as LSD. It can sometimes occur with moderate of dissociatives such as DXM.


I'm just curious how differentiable this is from personal meaning enhancement in that delusions of reference are a falsely held belief that an insignificant remark, event, coincidence, or object in the person's environment is either a reaction to the individual or has significant personal meaning relating directly back to their life.[6][7][8] Graham (talk) 23:57, 1 January 2019 (CET)