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This tek is taken from a dmt-nexus thread and edited to be easier to read.

Hi guys, this is quite a simple Tek but it can cause a few road blocks for the inexperienced kitchen alchemist especially in the clean up stages , now the problem hear is the confusion with plant dust and fats compared to precipitation of DMT that's getting carried over to the mini A/B so just keep this in mind , if you have not read & re-read this Tek and you're feeling comfortable and confident by all means go ahead, but if you're and are still having reservations about performing this I suggest trying this out. It's smaller and more laid out version so here's the link Cybs' Hybrid ATB 'Salt' Tek

The only difference is this is for 100g ACRB with a step commonly known as Back-salting, a mini AB or simply a clean up at the end ......


Step 1

Measure out 100g of powdered ACRB, place this in a 2 litre glass bottle then add 500ml water mix gently and make it a nice consistency with no lumps of bark, you want it to be able to slosh from one end to the other Then add you're preferred acid. The easiest to procure is normal white vinegar and mix at least 50-60ml to the bark-water mix and this will give you the acquired pH.

Then allow this to sit in a warm water bath for at least 1-1/2 hours whilst waiting swirl this around gently every 10-15 mins.

Be careful not to cause an emulsion (do not cause bubbles or aeration) !

Step 2

Measure out 80g salt and dissolve it in 400ml boiling water for ease of dissolving easily no other reason, then add an additional 500 - 600ml water to the saline mix then add it to the 2L bottle of acidic soup !!

Now go straight to step 3!

Step 3

Now measure 50 - 60 grams of Sodium Hydroxide NaOH ( also known lye or caustic soda ) and add it to 300ml water. SLOWLY~CAREFULLY and add lye to water. Not water to lye ! Do this in a well ventilated area ( then when dissolved add to the acidic saline soup in the 2L bottle ) , it will go almost black! Then place a further amount of water to the 2L mix, but be careful to just add enough to top it off but leave enough room for you're naphtha to fit, this should give a finale pH of around 12.8+ ! But now leave the basic 2L soup in a warm water bath for at least 2 hours. Gently Mixing and turning occasionally.

Step 4

Before the pulling stage you can leave you're basic soup to cool a little heat up a fair amount of naphtha (shellite) in a heat bath and then take approximately 50ml solvent and add to the basic soup mix. Now lightly turning end over end, or in a circular motion (or what ever you feel best suits you), you should do this for a good 45-60 seconds then let it fully separate this can take up to 3 - 5 mins, It may take longer as the base cools down (do this a further 3x, mixing all up 4x) now once it's fully separated suck up the naphtha with a pipette, eye dropper or glass syringe. Be very careful not to get any basic soup in with the pulls and collect all pulls in a single glass container. You might notice tiny tiny red specs on the bottom of the pull glass this is microscopic bits of base soup from the bottom layer. When handling this glassware be careful not to stir it up. Don't panic, the most careful people will still get this!! Now do this step for at least 5 - 6 times back to back.
Note: use fresh naphtha for each pull! Also you might prefer to leave the last pull separate to all the others so you can evaluate if there's more pulls needed or not.


Step 1

In a glass bottle with a thin neck approx 1ltr in size , in this bottle place approx 500ml water with you're choice of acid to get a ph 2-3 as before !

Step 2

place into this acidic water you're naphtha pulls that has been pulled from the basic soup !


Now rock or swirl this gently for as long as it takes to fully exchange the saturated naps to the acidic water ( roughly 10-15 mins ) Stop important pls read below ... ! When mixing the dmt enriched nps with the acidic water the fat content and some minuet plant dust ( depending on how finely powdered the bark ) will seperate in between the two layers and if shaken violently or roughly it can break up the brown fatty substance into smaller pieces which will then get caught up and form a fatty emulsion which will be very hard to break and can trap valuable dmt enriched liquid so please mix cautiously ! Thumbs up

Step 3

Now pipette or siphon out all the naphtha along with the brown fatty liquid that sits animated in between the two layers and discard this as it contains the plant fats and oils and no longer contains any alkaloids !!

Now the 500ml acidic water solution contains the dmt !

Step 4

Now get 200ml water add to this 50g of lye and add this to the acidic solution , it will turn white & milky straight away and dmt will crash out of the mix and flout around in the solution so we need to top off the bottle with a futher amount off water but just leave enough room for you're 50ml naphtha to fit !!

Step 5

Now just like with the extraction ....we need to mix and then let the solutions mix and separate upto 4 times with fresh hot naphtha it will be very saturated and will turn white and thick as soon as it hits the cool pipette or syringe ) this is the dmt crashing out at a cooler temp do this at least 4-5 times and this shaking won't cause an emulsion ! You will notice the pulls are crystal clear

You will notice there seems to be a white fatty layer between the water and new solvent , this is normal ! It is a mix of dmt particles and mostly of fat that seems to still make it through the Backsalting stage ! Now with every pull it will get thinner just don't suck any off it up ! Do this until the mix is no longer white or until the mix is not any longer giving any dmt , I usually do about 5x pulls and place all 5 pulls in one precip dish !

Step 6

Now pre evap with a fan or fresh air from a open window blowing air across the dish until half the liquid has evaporated or until naphtha turns milky ( but don't just go off the liquid turning milky as it will turn milky with any cool air blowing over the dish ) so go off the volume

Step 7

Now cover with plastic wrap or with anything that creates a air tight , watertight seal ! Large ziplock bags even if there's no other way and then freeze for 18+ hrs then once you get it out the freezer tip the naphtha of the top then place dish side on then fan dry (please do this as quick as possible ) , after a couple of hours drying you then can scrape then smoke ! Good luck !

this is the final end product from five 50ml pulls from 100g of ACRB ! Total weight was 1.74g which is a yield of 1.74%

Later pulls can be done and I suggest to do as many pulls as is required until the bark is spent ! But later pulls done singly don't require a defat and this is a good way of seeing if you're bark is still putting out !q

Also I've been not doing any freeze precipitations lately to get the most beautiful thick heavy diamond shapes crystals its not very ethical with having to reuse the naps but at least it's not going down the drain so it could be worse.