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Substance box

@penguinchip: I would like to create a substance box for this compound. Do you have any ideas for what the dosage and duration values should be? --Clarity (talk) 19:30, 19 December 2017 (CET)

@Clarity: Basing this off Reddit anecdotals and a friend who has used the substance, Oral: threshold 5mg, light: 5mg-15mg (reason for such low light dose is an 5mg it seems to have worthwhile nootropic and mood lifting effects), common: 15-25mg, strong: 25-40mg, heavy: 50mg+ (may cause uncomfortable cardiac effects) Duration: total: 5-7hrs, onset: 20-50min (longer w considerable food), peak: 2-4hrs, offset: 2-3hrs Very similar in duration to amphetamine.

Maybe warn continual high doses may be serious risk to liver, though I already mentioned this a few times. Because all things considered, structurally related drug pemoline caused liver failure at therapeutic doses, not higher and more dangerous recreational doses. The cyclazodone patent from 1960s recommends 5mg for pharmaceutical usage. Anecdotals from Reddit report this is low, so does my friend.

--Penguinchip (talk) 19:45, 19 December 2017 (CET)

@penguinchip: Great! I just created the substance box. Feel free to look it over or adjust it. Also, just for future reference, our doses are defined along a continuum so the 'heavy' value must be the same as the upper boundary of 'strong'. The peak and offset values are being omitted for now due to a lack of sufficient data. Also, I tentatively included a warning for liver damage risk. I hope to have this article ready for publication soon. --Clarity (talk) 06:53, 21 December 2017 (CET)

@Clarity: Happy to hear it's almost ready. My friend added some core information on its chemistry. I added some info on US legality and removed international because the first statement already mentions so and with a specific country listed it matches how most other pages on the wiki formatted the legality section. Looked over it again, normalized NE to noradrenaline as the wiki usually uses that word and names the respective article on it. Looks good, I really like how the liver warning came out. Maybe it's something to be added to other hepatotoxic drugs, not like MDMA where responsible use with proper time intervals is unlikely to cause harm but for drugs like this where frequent continual use may be of appeal.

One thing: don't know how I can edit substance box myself, but I would change the class from oxazolidinone to 4-oxazolidinone. Oxazolidinones are most known for being antibiotics so it is just more specific. My friend who a chemistry student confirmed it is a 4-oxazolidinone.

I also agree to just leave out the duration specifics as of now, anecdotals are too varied. I was contemplating the duration myself going from one idea to another. This compound is pretty obscure but interesting and worth listing some information about, plus it should now be easier to also add related compounds. Cheers! :)

Oh, another thing: I'm not sure what qualifies as valid literature but I found the PDF for the patent and I think if possible it's worth adding. It's pretty worthwhile to anybody interested in the compound to have the patent for this drug out listed and does provide some info ( I made some more smallish changes, like moving the doping agency thing to legality because that piece of information is of such little use to belong in the intro, and replaced hepatotoxicity in the study aid warning because it is mentioned in the next sentence in the same intro section. --penguinchip (talk) 20:14, 21 December 2017 (CET)