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Is there a Discussion section?

I think a lot of the info on 3-ho-pce has been taken from the info for 3-meo-pce, and I do not believe the information to be correct for 3-ho-pce.

I do not believe it has a strong mOr activity

I do not believe it will cause mania or psychosis in the average person, even used multiple days in a row. In fact, I believe it to be less psychologically harmful than MXE.

regarding dosage. I only have bluelight and tripsit page to offer, and tripsit is easier to read.

The info in the tripsit pages doesn't line up well either, so dosage info from there is way off. I have only limited research and only a small sample size, but 3-ho-pce seems to be less potent than the tripsit page suggests a strong dose to be 6mg, but in a non-tolerant subject, 3-ho-pce with verified 99.8% purity, it took about 6mg to notice any dissociation. I would like a larger sample size and fewer tolerant people to speak with. In my own experience, even 25mg did not produce any opioid-like feeling. I am, however, somewhat tolerant.

the Bluelight thread starting here starts to give some good info. the dosage info I am reading is making more sense than other posts and matching my own research, with the exception of respiratory depression. In my research, pulsox never went below 94% on a non-tolerant user, bp and hr did not seem to be affected in the healthy particpant (only one). Unlike MXE and other PCE analogs, this does not seem to cause an elevated BP afterwards either.

Also, most positive, there was an afterglow the next day/after the effects had warn off. But unlike MXE, and 2-Oxo-PCE (especially), the test subject didn't complain of any diminished cognitive effects, where he said o-pce and mxe left him feeling a little bit like he was concussed, dizzy, a little strange to talk with. He said that o-pce was the worst of the three, and he preferred the fewer aftereffects of 3-ho-pce to mxe or o-pce. Again, this is HIS experience and anecdotal report he provided to me in a verbal session. I hope more people can get on to testing this.

We have not done many tests just yet, but I hope to do a lot more.

I firmly believe that this is the first true 3-ho-pce on the market, and what was around in 2012-13 was some other, odd (maybe not even an ACH) chem.

@Lunchclunge Hey there! Thanks for registering on our site. We were initially going to release this one soon after it came out, but decided to wait until we received an independent lab analysis first, as it does not match up to what the SAR predicts. Looking over the bluelight reports, it seems this compound is rather indistinguishable from 3-MeO-PCP/3-MeO-PCE, of which there are plenty of reports that warrant a disclaimer in our view. We were quite concerned about this actually possessing any sort of mOR activity, as it's not like the previous 3-MeO ACH's aren't reinforcing enough on their own! I will try to figure out what to do with this in the meanwhile, please let me know if you become aware of any independent lab analytics on this one. Based on the reports, would not be surprised if this turned out to be good old-fashioned 3-MeO-PCE (and yes I am well aware of the reputation of the vendor). Thank you for your input! :) Clarity (talk) 21:05, 27 April 2017 (CEST)
@Clarity Who do you use suggest I use for lab analysis? I would love to send some samples of what I have. Lunchclunge Fri, 05:32, 28 April 2017 (Pacific Time)
@Lunchclunge EnergyControl I think is your bet bet. They are based in Spain. Hold on a sec, I'll contact them and see if they have the capabilities for analyzing this one :) Clarity (talk) 23:12, 28 April 2017 (CEST)
@Clarity are EC and ED really the only ways to go? I would love to start a chem testing business, I just can't get thru the red tape! When I read my countries laws about testing and certification and other concerns, I was appalled by all the bureaucracy and restrictions, so I backed out. Did you know that, if you detect a scheduled chemical in my country, you can't report it's purity? you can only report it was detected, and the total mass of the sample, and then LEO takes that and does their own nonsense calculations on doses? so for instance, if you put 100mu of LSD in 100ml of water, they would say that it is many more doses than it really is. as a testing facility, you cannot report concentration or purity. how crazy is that? I digress... Yes, I know of ec and ed. I guess I will send off samples! ugh... I wish I lived in Wales (not really)Lunch-clunge (talk) 17:37, 28 April 2017 (PDT)
@Lunchclunge Hello Lunch. Regarding your speculations: I second you on µ-opiod activity. I believe this is exclusive to 3-HO-PCP. I do however strongly believe in the risk of mania and/or psychosis similar to other PCP/PCE analogs. 3-HO-PCE may also share some of their Sigma receptor activity. When 3-HO-PCE was combined with a D2 receptor partial agonist there was a much prolonged onset (2-3 hours), effectively "removing" a "first phase" of effects (stimulant euphoria, stimulant alertness) while leaving a "second phase" with typical dissociative and dissociative psychedelic/hallucinogenic effects intact. PCP (and Ketamine) is a D2 receptor agonist ( This was an interesting observation and reminded me about how Buprenorphine treats opioid addiction (MOR partial agonist, high affinity, effectievly blocking the effects of other MOR agonists). It could hint about a peculiar metabolism with different active metabolites ("first and second phase")... Metabolism of ACHs is complex and nothing I understand well and so speculating about the metabolism involved in a new ACH like 3-HO-PCE is way above me =). Kind regards vLK