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folding time and space, generating IR, being a gravitational element

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i can be found on tripsit chat


On the back of a winged horse, through the sky of pearly grey.

Love is leaf-like... You and me, baby. Twinkle, twinkle, blah, blah, blah, etc.

Drug of choice

I like experiences.

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heist movies, documentaries narrated by any BBC english speaker


Rick, Morty, The fat guy and his red haired wife... you know the drill

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Real name





Los Angeles,


Shaman, esoteric historian, wrench

Places I have lived

Earth, C137



About me

I remember boards, and prodigy internet. I've been around for a while :)

Commodore 64 anyone?

I have a love for helping :)

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posted 2344 days ago

Ah cool, another SoCal person :) I am in San Diego, FWIW.

To gift someone, all you have to do is go on their profile page and near the top of the page under their username, there should be a link that says "Send a gift". It doesn't do anything, except show some appreciation.

As for wiki editing, yes, it can be quite daunting at first. Please let me know if you have any questions about doing making edits, such as editing the substanceboxes (though please discuss any edits you would like to make to these in advance with me). Some type of edits we reserve for users with the "Scholar" status (blue names), which you can earn by just being around for a while and contributing :) Please don't be afraid to experiment! We have patrol systems in place so if you do make a "mistake" it can be rectified quickly.

posted 2346 days ago

Hello Lunch-clunge :) First off I just wanted to welcome you to the site! Your comments on the 3-HO-PCE page were/are greatly appreciated -- we've been meaning to cover it for a while now but held off due to all the initial uncertainty surrounding the compound (esp. since there were no analytically confirmed samples at the time of drafting the page) and early speculation about serious potential hazards. We will re-visit it again now thanks to your input.

For future reference please know that you can use "~~~~" without quotes at the end of your comments to add your signature in the discussion section

and <syntaxhighlight>@Example</syntaxhighlight>

to "ping" someone to let them know you've responded to them. Here's an example:

<syntaxhighlight>@Clarity Message text. ~~~~</syntaxhighlight>

Also, I just wanted to say I'm a big fan of your "About me" section :P I will respond to you directly on the 3-HO-PCE discussion page. Thanks again for bringing the topic up!

~ Clarity

(note: edited to take out bad reference to template we don't use, sorry about that!)