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Staggering refers to the technique of administering a substance over a period of time instead of as a single dose. Staggering is used either to maximize the desired effects or to mitigate the side effects of certain substances, particularly those that produce a significant amount of nausea or "body load". Staggering is sometimes used for GABAergic substances with unique absorption profiles, such as gabapentin. It is also used for dosing kratom to extend the effects and synthetic mescaline as a means of lessening nausea and vomiting.

Example protocols

Gabapentin: To administer a 900 mg dose, start with 300 mg, wait one hour, take another 300 mg, wait one hour, then take the final 300 mg. Taking gabapentin this way will result in stronger effects than taking 900 mg at once. Additionally, taking it with a fatty meal or snack (such as peanut butter) will also increase the effects.

Mescaline: To administer a 600 mg dose of mescaline HCl powder, start by weighing out the dose and mixing it into a cup of liquid (e.g. orange juice). Drink one quarter of the cup every 10-15 minutes until it is finished, stirring before each sip.

Kratom: For kratom tea, sip the cup of tea over several hours instead of drinking it all at once. This typically extends the effect at the cost of a reduced peak effect, which is preferable for managing pain conditions. For pills or powder, take the normal dose and split it in half, taking them 30 to 45 minutes apart.

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