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Intuitive awareness is an advanced induction technique which is developed through extensive experience as a lucid dreamer. It occurs naturally once the brain becomes able to automatically recognize subtle differences between dreams and waking life without consciously analyzing them. When it is triggered the dream will fluidly transition between the non-lucid and lucid state as soon as they instinctively sense that they are in a dream.

Intuitive awareness is most commonly developed through keeping a regular dream journal to enhance recall and analyze dream signs. After enough practice the dreamer can accomplish a subconscious recognition of dream signs to a level which they are cognizant enough to not require formal reality checks.

Potential dangers

This technique can be extremely risky, for example a dreamer might assume they are dreaming and attempt to use dream control to fly out of a window or jump out of a car.

There are many factors that may cause use of this technique to go wrong. Use of drugs, especially hallucinogens can both impair judgement and present subjective effects similar to those possible while dreaming. The hallucinations and change of thought process experienced during psychosis can also hinder one's ability to distinguish between fantasy and reality, which can also lead to disastrous results in this context. Even simply being sleepy from just waking up, or jumping to conclusions could cause one to misjudge that they are in a dream and do something rash.

To mitigate the risk of mistaking reality for a dream, it is important to perform a reality check to confirm one's suspicions.

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