Experience: 150mg Mirtazapine (Oral 5x30mg) - Extreme CEVs

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Experience reports - Mirtazapine


  • Age: 17
  • Sex: Male
  • Height: 194cm / 6'4"
  • Weight: 85kg / 187lb
  • Date: 09/2021


First time taking Mirtazapine or any kind of deliriant/depressant

Prior experiences include: Cannabis (On and off regular user), LSD (14 tabs total)

Setting was in my bedroom, lying in bed


time of ingestion: 9:46 PM

5x30mg tablets

T+0:30: Was watching videos on my computer when I closed my eyes to see if I was seeing anything yet, I thought I could slightly make out a tunnel in the darkness behind my eyelids so I closed my computer and laid back waiting for the effects to come on more. After a few minutes of lying there I began seeing very detailed changing CEVs of computer screens, some emails, some powerpoints, some websites, all on different angles and zoomed in at different places. I could make out some of the words and details of them but they were changing rapidly. These visuals would also occasionally interchange with visuals of flowing lines, kind of like Tame Impala's album cover for "Currents", though I don't remember these visuals that well. I also found myself continuously having to roll over in bed and move my legs as they were extremely restless and became uncomfortable if I kept them in the same place for too long, it was just plain uncomfortable.

T+3:30: Woke up needing to piss really bad, stumbled to bathroom, found it semi-hard to walk, went back to bed and closed my eyes, same visuals, though not as fast-paced

T+12:00: Woke up in the morning feeling shit as, tired, sore stomach, eyelids extremely heavy

The closed eye visuals were insane in detail, although I wish I saw other things than just computer screens and lines. This is a drug that I will not be quick to come back to as the effects were not worth the repercussions in the morning of feeling like absolute dogwater.

Submitted by Damianlillard0

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