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Experience reports - Mushrooms

Subject 1 (Author)

  • Age: 20
  • Sex: M
  • Height: 176 cm
  • Weight: 65 kg
  • Date: 05/2021
  • Location: Netherlands

Subject 2

  • Age: 52
  • Sex: F
  • Height: 162 cm
  • Weight: 64 kg


We had succesfully used truffles two times before this. Always with the same dosis, but different types. This was the first time that we had them somewhere different than our house. We were at a camping in the nature. The day before we chose a nice location in the surrounding in which we were going to trip. It was in a fenced area with wild horses with a whole wood inside. The place we really liked had a bench and a view on a beautiful lake.

In the morning we prepared the truffle tea in our tent and gathered some thing to eat later.


Each of us was going to assume 7.5 grams of Magic Mind Atlantis and 7.5 grams of Magic Mind Valhalla (that according to the website where we bought it is the strongest you can get). We drank the half a dosis and then we started walking towards our chosen location.

T+ 0:05 - When we started walking, we felt like it was already subtly kickin in.

T+ 0:30 - We got to the place we had chosen and notice all the wild horses were there. Because signs in the area said not to geto too close to them, we decided to go to another bench, approximately 200 meters away.

T+ 0:40 - We prepared the tea with the rest of the dosis. We already had some hallucinations and felt a little stoned. Personally I was a bit nervous.

T+ 1:00 - We drank the rest of the tea

T+ 1:10 - We feel pretty good and we are fascinated by the nature around us. We decide to go on a short walk, just to have a look around. We left our stuff behind on the bench.

T+ 1:15 - We were 50 meters away from the bench, just a little bit into the wood. We started seeing beautiful colors and the wood felt like something inhabited by elves. The colours were so beautiful, even though it was not sunny. We were enjoying it and talking about everything we saw.

T+1:20 - Suddenly I turned around and noticed some horses. We looked at them and they were very beautiful. Their fur had some nice visuals on them. It still felt like being in a fairy world. At some point, my partner realises that they could eat the food we left on the bench. We start running/fast walking towards the bench and we see that indeed two horses were putting their nose around our bags. They had trown on the ground the cups with the rest of the truffles and the ginger (luckily they didn't eat the truffles :)). We were afraid of the horses but tried to stay sober. I wanted to make sure my partner would not panic, I tried to calm her the whole time. Then I went to the bench and started picking all the stuff the horses were not touching in that moment and I gave them to her. Then I pciked a bag on which a horse was putting its nose (without really picking anything). The horse showed his teeth, but did not attack me. I shivered from fear but I did not say anything because I didn't want to upset my partner. There was also a very nice and cozy blanket on which a horse was tapping with its hoof. I picked it and gave it to my partner. The horse kept sniffing and smelling it and it slowly oved towards her. Again, I didn't want her to panic so I didn't say anything. But she noticed and started walking away and the horse followed her. In fear, she just let the blanket down. We were scared, even though we didn't panic. We decided to just go back to our tent and leave the blanket there, while more and more horses were approaching it.

T+ 1:35 - When we get back to the camping, we are still a bit sobered up from the experience. I still have sme wierd feelings and hallucinaitons. Three girls were getting out of a car, but to me they looked like three hippy men form the 60s. I liked the idea. Then when we got closer I realised and told my partner of my confusion. Then aftera couple of seconds, I started thinking that they may have heard what said, having misjudged the distance to them. A bit nervous, is tarted to walk fast trying (as wanting to run away but at the same time not look wierd). The rest of the camping also looks to me like Woodstock for some reasons. All tents look like thay are from the 70s and all the people I see I think they look like some young flower children. We got in the tent and at this point we started peaking.

T+ 2:30 - We spend the rest of the trip in the tent. Only at one point we get out to go to the toilet. This time the camping looks very sad and serious to me. Some people were sitting and working on their laptops. While walking by, it looks like they are completely frozen. My partner whispers some comments over them and I get really scared that they could hear them, but do not say anything because I felt like I could not judge how far those persons were and if they could hear. I just went really fast back to the tent and then yelled a little at her.

The rest of the trip was okay, but there are no other special thing to say. When we sobered up we went back and tried to find the blanket, but it had disappeared completely.

Submitted by Paarddeken

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