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Experience reports - Loperamide

Subject (Me)

  • Age: 20's
  • Sex: Male
  • Height: 184 cm / 6 Feet, 0.4 inches
  • Weight: 80 kg / 176 lb
  • Date: May/2021
  • Location: Sweden


Today is a beautiful late spring day. The sun is out, it’s around 18°C (64.5°F) outside which is quite warm for Sweden. It’s just a good day.

I purchased 6 boxes of “Imolopera Orifarm” brand Loperamide Hydrochloride (2 mg/pill with 16 pills in each box) for €3/box at my local pharmacy over-the-counter. This is obviously much more than I intend to use in one sitting, or during one session/day.

Oral dosing guide used: here.

I have never taken Loperamide recreationally before. This will be my first time. My aim is to experience the opioid effects of Loperamide and to easy my back-pains.

It is worth noting that I could not sleep last night, and I have thus been awake for almost exactly 15 hours at the time of the first dose.

During this report, I will be making references to the dosages, as supplied above.


T + 00:00 - Loperamide 20 mg administered orally. This is considered a “threshold” dose.

T + 00:25 - Loperamide 20 mg administered orally (40 mg total). I am quite impatient. I am now up to a “light” dose.

Note: These pills taste awful. They have have a horrid and very bitter taste. This makes them harder to swallow.

T + 01:15 - I am starting to feel warm. Although my opioid tolerance is currently ZERO, it is still more likely that this is a placebo or entirely unrelated as it is still too early to be feeling effects from the Loperamide. I did however, feel like I needed to note this.

T + 01:25 - Loperamide 12 mg administered orally (52 mg total). I have now crossed over into a “common” dose. I wish I had more patience, but alas, I cannot wait any longer. Time for a re-dose!

T + 02:00 - I am starting to feel in a better mood. I can sense a slight feeling of calmness and relaxation coming on.

T + 02:35 - I have a strong urge to finish this second box and take the remaining 12 mg, totaling a dose of 64 mg. However, I will have to exercise some restraint and wait until I feel more of an effect. For harm reduction purposes of course!

T + 03:30 - I have elected not to take the remaining 12 mg. I'm going to call it a day and just ride this out; see what happens. I don't want to overdo it. After all, harm reduction is the most important. Maybe next time I'll take more, depending on how the rest of my day goes.

T + 05:30 - I believe I have reached the peak of what this dose has to offer. It's a relaxing and calm feeling, but I have not experienced any tangible cognitive or physical euphoria. That is however, perhaps to be expected.

Closing thoughts:

Loperamide is an underrated opioid. I believe it has something to bring to the table. Although many might be underwhelmed by it's effects, I still believe that it has some potential. I look forward to increasing my dosage next time to see what heights can be reached. I hope more people share their story and spread the wisdom of their experiences.

Stay safe <3

Submitted by Discount Pharmacologist

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