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i bought 20 grams of green maeng da kratom of a online vendor in my country for R$28,00(equally US$5,06 in jan/2022), it will be my first experience with that plant, i never used a opioid substance before this today, but i already had experiences with other drugs like mushrooms, mdma, marijuana, lsa, cocaine, etc. i have good expectations based on what i read about.

first i wanna try the stimulant properties of kratom, particularly i prefer more the stimulant like drugs than the depressants.

i woke up and made my usual breakfest, two slices of bread with butter and 3 eggs accompanied with chocolate milk.

7:45 after finished my breakfest i decided to take a full tea spoon of turmeric(around 5-6 grams) and about 1/3 tea spoon of black pepper, i decided to do this because i read in this wiki that turmeric with black pepper can enhance kratom effects since they act like a weak MAOI.

7:50 at this time i took about 3 grams of baking soda, also because of the potentiation of kratom absorption by the body that i also read in this wiki.

8:40 after i complished some of the home basics tasks i sitted in front of my computer while i read a manga and started to drinking my coffe(about 120ml)

9:07 i took 1.3 grams of kratom(toss and wash method), the flavor is a bit sour and very bitter like what i read about, but i find bearable. The smell is very pleasurable, i really enjoyed it, remembers me a bit like yerba mate, also the taste seems similar, but the kratom is much more bitter than yerba mate.

9:40 i drank more coffee(about 230ml)

10:00 i feel slighty stimulated but don´t seems to be the kratom the responsable for that, it´s a caffeine stimulation like.

10:15 i took more 0.7 grams of kratom, because at this moment i´m felling nothing that i can describe as a kratom high or stimulation and the 2 grams dose seems to be the light dose that brings stimulation, more than that it becomes to introduce the relaxing and sedative properties.

10:21 at this point i should be feeling a bit of the coffee jitters, but it seems numbed, maybe the kratom countered the anxious effect from coffee.

10:55 i feel disapointed and frustated at this time, i expected more pronounceable effects of kratom, i feel virtually nothing that i can describe as a kratom effect, maybe my kratom isn´t the best quality or it will quick in later, since i took it with full stomach, or maybe my body is very tolerable to kratom alkaloids, what i think is more unpropably.

11:33 well, at this point i think that i should be noticing some of the effects but it really don´t seems to quicked in, so i decided to wait until 12:00 lunch and after the digestion become completed i will try a 4.5 grams dose, without turmeric/black pepper and baking soda and with a empty stomach.

12:30 i prepared a tereré(a regional cold drink based on yerba mate) with 3.5 spoons of yerba mate.

14:44 now that my stomach is empty i´m taking exactly 4.5 grams of kratom powder. It´s the time, finally i will discover if i made a mistake in the form i took it earlier or if my kratom is just shitty quality

14:58 now i´m going to ride a bike like i do every sunday and take the opportunity to hunt some magic mushrooms

17:36 i already arrived from my ride, totally frustrated, i didn´t feel nothing, not a single euphoric feelling, this kratom is really shitty quality, i will buy more with another vendor and try again later. At least i found some psilocybe cubensis and panaeolus cyanescens on my ride, i will try a LSA + Mushrooms combo with them later in another day.

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