Experience:An intense slap: 60 μg LSD and 280 mg DXM

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Experience reports - LSD and DXM

  • Date: 2016
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 60 kg
  • Age: 20


At the shore of a lake on a warm autumn day.

T:00:00 - Ingestion of a half blotter. It were approx. 40 µg to 80 µg LSD and my first LSD experience.

T:01:00 - Slight effects of the LSD. Was feeling good but had no visual effects or the like. Because we had desire for more but no LSD was left and DXM harmonizes well with LSD, I decided to take 8 capsules with 30 mg DXM-hydrobromide each (eaquals 22 mg of pure DXM)

T:02:00 - Waiting for the peak of the LSD and DXM. Still no visual effects yet.

T:03:00 - Slight visual effects began and we foolishly took 5 more capsules, so approx. 110 mg DXM

T:04:30 - It got dark and we went home. Arrived, the second DXM peaked and I could no longer cope. Thankfully I was not alone and had a friend who looked out for me. I think I would have turned crazy without another person in this situation. At this point the visual effects were quite strong and so were the effects on my thoughts.

T:05:00 - The walk onto the terrace to smoke a cigarette did me very good but was unpleasant at the same time.

The visual effects:

  • Blurred vision
  • Distorted vision
  • Music sounded more metallic and kind of different than normal
  • Slight color changes and more color intensity overall.
  • Slight beginnings of morphing

T:06:00 - I was hoping for an ending of the trip because the feeling turned very negative and overwhelming. The DXM did harmonize with the LSD indeed and amplified everything but the set (at home in the dark) was completely wrong and unpleasant.

Submitted by Lennardini, translated by LockPicker

Effects analysis


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