Experience:DMT (50 mg, vaporized) - Breakthrough On Changa

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Experience Reports - DMT

• Substance(s): DMT (changa)

• Dose: 50 mg of DMT + 15 mg of harmala alkaloids

• Route of Administration: vaporized


• Age: 19

• Sex: male

• Height: 175 cm / 5’9”

• Weight: 55 kg / 121 lb

• Date: 05/2018

• Location: Italy


• Subject’s experience: The substances I’ve had most experiences with (besides Cannabis and alcohol) are psychedelics: vaporized DMT, LSD, psilocybin mushrooms, mescaline cacti, 2C-B and one Ayahuasca experience. I’ve also tried MDMA, ketamine and opium. I used to take benzodiazepines (diazepam and bromazepam) for short periods of time to help with anxiety issues.

• Set: curious, determined

• Setting: small wood with pine and oak trees

• Time of the day: afternoon

• Recent substance use: LSD (a week before) and Cannabis (until 2 days before)

Experience report

I hit the pipe and within seconds I'm encompassed by the familiar blissful feeling. The colors of the outside world brighten up.

After the second hit my body starts to feel heavy. Everything starts to vibrate and the colors get more saturated. I know I'm about to come up, but this time I'd like to see something more, I'd like to know what breaking through feels like.

So, even if I feel anxious, I hit the pipe one more time. I breathe in the vapor and before I can even let it out completely I feel a strong energy building up within me. I'm scared and excited at the same time. It happens so quickly that I have no time to think any further about it.

I am launched into this orange/red organic space, moving really fast. It looks halfway between a flower and a temple. I can see through the walls as if they were petals seen from the inside, turning orange as sunlight filters through them. It feels alive.

Where the petals meet they form arches, and above these arches stand deepspace-black humanoid figures, as if they were the guardians of the temple. They have oval heads and long arms, while the lower halves of their bodies seem to disappear within the temple. Even if they have no facial features, I know they're looking at me. But I don't feel frightened, on the contrary their presence gives me a sense of protection.

The flower/temple keeps moving, slowly at first and then at increasing speed. Its structure gets more complex as I travel through it. I'm moving in a non-linear way. I can reach every part of the flower simultaneously, deeper and deeper inside its structure, as if I were inside a fractal space, and within each one of its microscopic particles there is another infinite flower. It is endless, and this concept is too vast for me to understand it.

I am a split second away from grasping that endlessness, and then, as soon as it happens, I both dissolve and expand infinitely, beyond unity and multeplicity, beyond existence and non-existence. It's a feeling of absolute freedom and bliss that is impossible to describe.

On the comedown, I travel again through the fractal space. This time I have the feeling I'm travelling within myself, within some kind of cellular component. The orange color now reminds me of my own skin as it would appear from the inside, shined upon by the Sun. And then, when I feel the journey is about to end, I see the same deepspace-black entities looking at me from the arches. Soon I'm back in the wood, lying on the grass.

When I breathe in, it feels like breathing for the first time since I took that last hit.

I can't remember my name. I try to say something, as if in this way I could make sense of what has just happened, but the words that come out of my mouth are disconnected from each other.

Only after some minutes (or what feels like minutes) I can remember my identity and think as usual.

Submitted by Seedling