Experience:4-HO-MET (35mg, Oral)

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Trip Reports - 4-HO-MET

Date: 11/2019
Age: 17
Sex: M
Height: 6'
Weight: 70 kg / 150 lb
Setting: Friends' empty house with a huge back yard with basically a forest, with friend who was on weed (who didn't take any 4-HO-MET)
Past Experience: Had a lot of experience with mushrooms which turned out to be handy

Start, ~6pm:

Weighed out about 35mg of the stuff, tastes very very bitter, kinda like what I'd imagine battery acid would taste like if I ate it. Downed a little bit of tea to get rid of the taste and that worked. Started walking out the back yard after about 10 mins and started to notice slightly hazy vision and a little bit of flickering in my peripheral vision, as well as some weird outlines of things when I'd move my eyes

After about 20-30 mins it started kicking in. If I was looking around things would be more vibrant, and if I looked at something for 10 seconds or longer then my vision would turn into a beautiful fractal spiral of whatever I was looking at, so looking at trees and seeing the spiral of twigs looking like a smashed glass window was amazing. When we (me and my friend) were walking around an interesting thing happened too, since we were in a forest with basically no paths, my eyes would find a clear path and tune my focus onto that path, while blurring out the surrounding trees and bushes, which I found pretty cool. I also saw a lot of faces and eyes in the trees, which I didn't find at all unnerving. We went to a little creek in his back yard and the bubbles were super defined as usual with psychedelics for me, and then at about 40-50 mins the head trip started.

To begin with the head trip was fine because me and my friend were laughing our asses off at anything and everything, then for some reason my friend decided to start acting weird and I didn't like it. At that point I'd get slightly pissed at him but I'd get over it pretty quickly and everything would be fine. We both ended up getting all philosophical and that was a bit weird, then after about 20 mins of that we snapped out of it and walked back up to the house. At this point all the visuals were peaking and everything looked cool as. Any kind of lines on fabric had turned into lines of rainbow, vertical letters (which I commonly get with shrooms), all lights were rainbow, colors were slightly changing, and my body high was also a lot more noticeable now that I'd stopped moving. I was sweating a lot through my hands and moving felt very free, as per usual with mushrooms.

After about an hour of fucking around in the house, me and my friend decided to watch some TV and we joked around a little then my friend started crying, which turned my trip negative real quick. I decided I should go outside and get some nature time so I went out again, sadly my friend followed, and then laid down at a tree, stared up and turned on some music, which was very chill. I did that for about 10 mins, then continued walking, by this time it was getting real dark outside. At this point I started having the mind breaking thoughts and thought loops. I'd think about doing basically anything, then I'd think "whats the point" then spiral down till I'd conclude that there was none, then I was confused. I'd think "I should prepare myself for schooling more", then that would lead to "Why would I do that, what does it lead to" then that would lead to "So I can have money", then that would go to "Why do you need money" and that would continue non stop, and my friend not talking and only being negative didn't help that.

After more than an hour of being absolutely broken about that, I decided "fuck it, I'm gonna build a house. Right here" and proceeded to try to build a house out of rotting sticks and bark. The most progress I made was leaning a big stick on a tree, then I gave up and me and my friend walked back inside. Luckily, after this the mood brightened a fair bit and it was a mostly good trip from that point on, though that little section did suck and did break me. We fucked around the house for ages and ages, me getting interested in basically everything whether it was a pillow with a pattern I couldn't understand or just the fog that came up when I'd touch anything. We watched some more TV, I got super into it and emotionally invested really easily and loved anything we were watching. Then the trip just slowed down for about 4 hours of us fucking around until I could finally get some sleep, which was a pretty good sleep.

Overall it was a great experience, excluding the bit where I couldn't get any motivation for anything. The visuals were amazing, music sounded amazing, watching TV was great, touching stuff was fun as. If you're new to psychedelics this is definitely a good starter, or if you're experienced you could probably take a big amount and get some good visuals. Overall I highly recommend, this is definitely one I'm gonna be coming back to frequently.

Submitted by RandomQuirkyQude

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