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Some reading for you

  • Darrin Stevenson is responsible for and is still very much active in writing. He calls himself an intelligence artist and extreme altruist. He has talked about contact with intelligences through meditation, what we have lost through language, the destruction of the planet by fictional collectives, etc. He has a particularly effective writing style. Very info dense and precise. Much of what you have described reminds me of his work.
  • There is also a schizophrenic I know of at /r/hbt, who has a broken sensory filter due to a stroke and is unable to maintain a stable reference frame. It is hard to understand his disorganised perspective, though he discusses telepathy, water, consciousness and religion. He has a message to share with the world, as you do.

And some listening

Since I dunno if you managed to hear any of my music, check out I never met a mean ghost, guitargh lvl4, logs, and blue dot ! :D

I have a ton of riffs and progressions tabbed out in guitar pro, which I will share with you once I have my computer back, but i have thus far been way too indecisive to produce whole compositions. The above songs came about during some manic periods a few years ago. I would love to collaborate! Coco is learning piano and quite good at producing lyrics :)