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Maybe of importance: just got through 50mg etizolam over the weekend so I'm gonna be having rebound consequences like tremors, anxiety probably. I've got a nicotine patch on and had a coffee prior to dosing too so the agitation is to be expected.

2x ~150ug tabs of AL-LAD inserted between gums around 11:30.

First signs of increased alertness around t+:15. Visual clarity is sort of improving, but I have just slept. Tremors, some anxiety by t+:30. Temperature regulation is a bit messy, but there's loads of factors accounting for why; it's very warm, my beard is excessively long, etc. Despite the symptoms of the stimulants, I feel great. Calm, relaxed, pain free.

Holy shit here come the distortions! :D t+:45 edges are drifting, colours are refracting, no longer easy to focus on written text, things get blurry. anxiety increased but pulse is usual

Anxiety/focus comes in waves every couple of minutes. My vision will ripple (geometry and spectrum) in intensity, then crash like a wave of trippiness.

t+1, clear-headed. easy to attach/detach from stuff.. I really would like a shower;

nope. ripples are intensifying. i've got a weird sense of detachment; this is a comfort issue i think; i think i could become entirely immersed in anything :D

t1:30ish and we're in full swing i expect. visuals are ripply, liquid. i feel like i am immersed in liquid that is full of current (ripples on the surface)

fullswing my arse. do not ever expect you know what to expect, dear expector.


To be continued..