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Subjective effects

Physical effects

The body high of harmala alkaloids are subtle but definitely present. It can be described is a soft, all-encompassing and warm tingling sensation that remains present throughout the experience.

At high dosages, harmala alkaloids become extremely sedating and relaxing with a signifigant loss in motor control that can make it difficult to impossible to walk or do anything but lie down with the eyes closed.

Cognitive effects

The head space of harmala is described by many as extremely sedating and stoning in its style when compared to other commonly used psychedelics such as LSD or 2C-B which tend to be energetic and stimulating. It a large number of psychedelic typical cognitive effects.

The most prominent of these typical effects include:

Visual effects


As for visual distortions and alterations, effects experienced are detailed below:

  • Visual drifting - In comparison to other psychedelics, this effect can be described as extremely simplistic and rarely something which extends beyond a simple rapid wiggling of outlines around objects within the external environment.
  • Tracers - Harmala tracers are unusually capable of manifesting with full level 4 effects.


The visual geometry that is present throughout this trip can be described as more similar in appearance to that of 4-AcO-DMT, Ayahuasca and 2C-E than LSD. They can be comprehensively described as structured in their organization, organic in geometric style, intricate in complexity, small in size, fast and smooth in motion, colourful in scheme, glossy in colour, blurred in their edges and rounded and angular in their corners. They have a very "natural" feel to them and at higher dosages are significantly more likely to result in states of Level 7B visual geometry over Level 7A.

Hallucinatory states

Harmala alkaloids and their various other forms produce a full range of high level hallucinatory states in a fashion that is more consistent and reproducible than that of many other commonly used psychedelic. These effects include:

  • Imagery - In comparison to other psychedelics such as LSD, harmala alkaloids are extremely high in imagery embedded within visual geometry.
  • Hallucinations - This particular effect commonly contains hallucinations with plots, settings, autonomous entity contact and scenarios. They are more common within dark environments and can be described as internal in their manifestation, lucid in believability, interactive in style and almost exclusively of a personal, religious, spiritual, science-fiction, fantasy, surreal, nonsensical or transcendental nature in their overall theme.

Auditory effects

The auditory effects of harmala alkaloids are common in their occurrence and exhibit a range of effects which commonly includes,