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August 18th


I work in IT providing end-user support and business solutions.

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Orlando, FL. Palm Beach, FL.


Studied 3 years at a university towards Biochemistry degree in the pre-medical program I switched to computer sciences, which is my current major.

About me

My name is Kaylee! My IRC is Kaytwo. My biggest interests are music, psychonautics, philosophy, and drugs (of course).

I am particularly fascinated with the chemical structure and pharmacology of drugs. Drugs have been the most interesting application of the years I spent studying human anatomy, physiology and chemistry. On this site, I contribute to the chemistry and pharmacology sections of drug breakdowns. I also enjoy extracting drugs and contribute to the preparations section as well.

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posted 1491 days ago

Can you please add "UserBoard" to the user links?: Edit profile | Upload avatar | My watchlist | Contributions | Social profile

posted 1605 days ago

I have to attend a social function, here is the skeleton extract.

I am clearly a chemist and not a coder :'( Thanks for the tips! I think my emphasis on not using heat is an important harm reduction strategy

posted 1605 days ago

Thanks for the tips, I'll try to get an extraction tek with basic info up tonight! I really appreciate you helping me out, this is a fantastic website and I'd love to help it grow.

posted 1606 days ago

Hi Kaylee, I wanted to post this on the forums but they're down atm. Seeing as it seems you have some background in pharmacology I thought I'd go to you first. Do you think it would be possible to add a more detailed breakdown of the distinction between racemic material and isomer-specific material for certain compounds e.g. amphetamine (levo- and dextro-), ketamine (S-isomer and D-isomer), DOx series ect. I understand this would be a massive task but I think the site would benefit greatly from it. Additionally a lot a Ketamine has been unverifiably marketed as S-grade and I think a discussion regarding the veracity and implication of these claims should be undertaken on the forums. Thanks, M.

posted 1694 days ago

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posted 1697 days ago

We are not the fucking universe Or god "You are the universe experiencing itself."

posted 1699 days ago

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posted 1733 days ago

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posted 1733 days ago

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posted 1735 days ago

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