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Sara's formal academic experiences consist of learning and practice in the health and psychological sciences. She has a Bachelors of Science in Health Sciences with a focus in nutrition and exercise physiology, and a masters degree in psychology, and she's aware that these designations say little about how and what she thinks (or what she thinks about how and what she thinks) and even less about how she acts. She is currently a doctoral candidate in Rehabilitation Counseling and Education program; however, she is questioning the relevance of this space in light of her hunch that much of the system is fundamentally driven by an institutional desire to 'manage' risk at the expense of intellectual honesty and authentic participatory interactions: the kinds of thinking and doing that could yield actual progress. She is committed to pursuing iterative research and practice that may lessen the structural and functional issues that she feels are endemic to the mental health system (and are endemic to many interpersonal, inter-group, inter "insert social entity" spaces that contain our 'being in the world with others').

Sara has held professional roles in teaching, research, and counseling where she has both supported and learnt from a diversity of individuals. Because Sara values constant inquiry into our perceptions of "self"-"others", and our epistemic attitudes, she strives to instigate open dialogue that mediates analysis, synthesis, and emergent knowledge. She is humbled by the complex synergy and uncertainty of dynamic systems, and she strives to explore and embody this as long as she can.