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I came to be with out being consulted and I hope to leave with content

Just some girl who likes to try and replicate stuff and things.

To do list

  • Visual acuity enhancement - would be good to have pictures split into 2 before and after sections, one for unenhanced and one for enhanced, these pictures are best done with nature shots i think
  • Colour enhancement - same deal as above preferably with sunny nature shots but we need to exaggerate the brightening of coulr by unbrightening the unenhanced section
  • Double vision - some more double vision pics just like the one you already made would be great these should be in dimly lit rooms because thats where people take diss drugs. also some brighter ones for psys which are less pronounced
  • Environmental cubism - this should be done inside again with less sections maybe 5 or 6 max and with cracks inbetween with dark geometry behind them
  • Visual drifting - i think we could really improve this by making the distortions layered so different sections are distorted in different directions again preferably inside but well lit environments. beyond this animated effects would be awesome but really hard to make
  • Colour shifting - we need layered colour shifting loops with different sections looping at different rates, maybe a bowl of fruit or a bunch of flowers
  • Visual geometry - I think we could work better on open eye geometry pictures, if we scan in your drawings or use premade ones, vectorize them and then place them over images of scenery of sunny outside environments and indoor environments it could look awesome especially if we layered it so it has variety and depth instead of just the flat oily sheen we experience at lower levels
  • Tracers - we really need a seamless blurr for this one eventually
  • Symmetrical texture repetition it would be great if we could figure out how to do this from other angles, if thats not possible it would still work looking directly at a wall or directly up a cieling from a face on angle and provide more variety in the pictures :)
  • Scenery slicing - would look great with a little more variety especially in sunny outdorr nature environments especially if there were zig zagged lines instead of just straight ones and a little more complexity
  • Environmental orbism - this one might be hard im not quite sure how to do it but again in typical diss environments it would be great to replicate this effect here Galaofspheres.JPG
  • Visual haze an effect found on deliriants which basically makes a room look like its full of smoke and haze, also happens on weed to an extent should be relatively easy to replicate
  • We need a drawing of a silohetted human which looks decent so we can make dissociative hole replications which i already have all the collected images for but no person to add into them
  • Visual disconnection - lower levels might be doable if we can make the environment look more distant perhaps at the end of a tunnel which is subtle? im not sure about this one
  • Size distortions - just realized you could easily replicate the effects of a room becoming small in size in appearance by using that tilt shift toy effect!
  • <3 <3 <3
  • tracers images
  • After images
  • A wider variety of scenery slicing examples for both psys and diss's
  • A wider variety of dissoiative double vision / visual suppression images
  • ayahuasca cake recipe
  • pharmahuasca recipe