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Microdosing Trial


Substance of choice: LSD.

Other substances, taken regularly: Tea, one cup (almost) every morning, and 1 more in the afternoon. Melatonin, 1mg every night before going to bed.


4x 140ug

1/8 tabs -> 17.5ug

32x 17.5ug doses available

If the tabs were more like, 100ug each (after 1 previous trip on one, I can say it's unlikely they are lower than that), that would be: 32 doses of 12.5ug.

Hour of intake

The morning, after waking up. Before noon, to be sure you won't disturb your sleep quality. Fixed hour of 10 AM is considered (set up an alarm if needed), but simply taking it just after waking up is also heavily considered. IMO microdosing should benefit "everyday life", and some days I'll have to wake up and begin "working" early.


Initial per-microdosing-day dosage will be: 17.5ug. Or, as we can't know for sure: 12-18ug.

In practice, it'll be an unknow dosage relative to the potency of this particular batch of tabs. Oh and dose can vary between each tab, but hopefully not much.

I recommend starting with 1/8 of your average 80-150ug tab. If 1/8 is too much, you can try 1/16. If 1/16 is too little, you can try 1/16 and a half (1.5/16). Etc., working with halves it's then easy to figure out until you find a working ideal dose. When you find, it, stick to it. But, you may have to adjust it later.

Cutting the tabs in "triangles" is way more convenient. Be careful to do this work with dry hands (be aware of sweat) and dry scissors/knife.


1 day on, 2 days off. Repeat. Depending on context, there will sometimes be more than 2 days off between doses.

Let's assume there is 30 days per month. There is 32 doses and I take 1 every 3 days. So, I'll take 10 doses per month.

With 4 tabs of this potency, it seems I can do this experiment for 3 months. Shorter than that if 1/8 tab is not strong enough, longer if 1/8 is too strong.


I propose 2 months, and every participant is absolutely free to halt or stop the experiment if he wants/needs to. You can adjust the doses progressively if you feel no effect or too much effect.

I'll most likely continue until there is no tabs left of this particular batch.


Everyday (short or not) log, or at least a log each day of microdosing. You can publish the results as much or as little progressively as you want. Detail each intake of drug, and any activity that could impact the microdosing trial. Maybe write some rating about your mood, creativity, memory, tiredness for each day.