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i have a story

Let's hear it.

i tripped balls last night

without drugs

What was it like?

What were you doing?

Should we be worried?

ok so it began with me refusing to want to read the book, but instead being willing to listen to the guy explain himself on youtube. still no real answers, but i am sure he will deliver something of value. anyway it got late and i decided i better sleep because i knew i would be working hard the next day and having to wake up early

anyway, as i fell asleep i meditated, as usual, to try retain some level of awareness during the transition into paralysis

what happened was my dream reality began as a distorted continuation of my quest for the capacity of consciousness


so i continued to lay in bed exploring the nature of the universe on the internet using my dream phone

and the device was very buggy, kept distracting me. i eventually found what i was looking for. a website describing a device which essentially allowed you to explore and modify your source code upon touching it


That sounds like a trippy dream.

We need more lucid dreamers here.

unfortunately they charged you for the cost of root access to your personality :p


anyway this dream faded in and out of intensity and memorability, but i definitely thought i had found and saved this web page for later reading

then suddenly i wake up, my phone is no longer in my hands and i am looking around for it with the sun rising

am like "wtf"

severely disappointed but somehow hopeful i had saved it ok, i continued to experience bizarre hallucinations. i was convinced that my mother and sister had come to visit and were awake downstairs all night watching tv. i distinctly remember hearing my mother scream at someone for making some noise (in reference to what happened when i woke her up during my 200ug trip. this continued for a long time, and eventually the subject changed

so for experiential fragments of days i was carrying out events and travelling through this bizarre world that looked digitally rendered like crystal jelly


You don't think this is early onset schitophrenia or anything, do you?

You were awake and still hallucenating?

in one scenario i cycled to a shop to buy some whipped cream canisters, passed my brother who was talking in an american accent. passed some gang members who got a bit close and i had to punch lightly on the nose. in my escape i found myself under a tunnel listening to a woman playing a strange stringed instrument very beautifully and for some reason her strangely shaped fingers stood out to me.

i was unhappy that i could not pay her but another listener did so. next i am observing congress, and some senator is arguing about copyright law and how their actions would make itunes illegal ??

then i was in a theatre, watching unique youtube videos that i have never seen (i did not verify they existed unfortunately). this theatre lasted a long time until suddenly an advert for the oral nicotine strips i use often was shown saying "tear here" in reference to opening the packaging, which i was doing at the exact time :O

then boom the police burst in, grab me and march me to the station, which turned out to be an abandoned hospital in which a man was trying to convince me to accept several vaccinations. i refused and me and two random people who i was for some reason acquainted with made good our escape. we broke through a wooden board and realised that the second layer was asbestos! no no do not break it i declared as we left

i drift in and out of the theatre and congress several times throughout the night btw, it was not a continuous dream

so then uh i was naked and outside with a towel. i notice the grass is fuzzy and distorted. this crystal gel i mentioned. actually this is the first time it appeared, later in the sequence, as i had been conscious for longer


You were asleep during this, right?

Or were you awake and hallucenating?

a radio announced "citizen do not be afraid, enter the garden to your right for a shower". advice i ignored because i am paranoid. so next sequence i have obviously begun to wake up and notice it is the morning, as i am viewing my window and this distorted CGI reggae head which took up the entire space of the window was singing to me (maybe another rendition of the theatre).

the appearance of this guy was very similar to the grass

i was between states

i was sleeping very lightly, but dreaming very vividly

Where were you physically?

Your room?

that's where i woke up, and regained chronology

i even dreamed about a distorted room i was waking up in

False awakening.

Very fun.

i was chewing some gum that had deteriorated and spat it on the floor which happened to have a drain. perhaps i was drooling

it never became apparent to me that i was dreaming through any of this

though i retained my core personality traits, i was totally comfortable improvising with the absurd situations

ultimately yeah it was loads of fun, but such a strange adventure that ended with disappointment, excitement and many questions

i understand that because i wear nicotine patches to bed that my dreams are very vivid, but never have i experienced anything this intense

(relative to dreams)

i do not think this is indicative of any pathology :p