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"Thanks for the suggestion, I will be doing one on 3-MeO-PCP.

I handle all of the research. I use a combination of sources with an initial preference for Google Scholar and books (if any happen to discuss the drug.) For newer drugs, I also check what monitoring bodies like EMCDDA are saying (if anything).

Then, I move to other common resources like Erowid, Drugs Forum, Bluelight, Wiki, and PsychonautWiki.

Lastly, to fill in the research a little more, I look at what individual users are saying.

While I am researching, I record any of the relevant information from each source, create a bibliography, and then create a script from the collected info."


  • combo: 2CB/2CE solution (unknown amount), MXE (20mg), DPH (50mg) MDMA 20mg, 4acodmt (20mg)- I DO NOT RECOMMEND. I nearly ended up in a psych ward.

Hall of fame:

make sure all of these bullets are on every effect article

  • <onlyinclude></onlyinclude>
  • Compounds within our psychoactive substance index which may cause this effect include: {{#ask:[[Category:Psychoactive substance]][[Effect::Physical fatigue]]|format=ul|Columns=1}}
  • ===See also=== *[ Anticonvulsant (Wikipedia)] *[[Seizure]] *[[Subjective effects index]] *[[Psychedelics#Subjective_effects|Psychedelics - Subjective effects]] *[[Dissociatives#Subjective_effects|Dissociatives - Subjective effects]] *[[Deliriants#Subjective_effects|Deliriants - Subjective effects]]
  • [[Category:Physical]] [[Category:Uncomfortable]] [[Category:Effect]]


so i revised the physical fatigue article tonight and it is finally on the subjective effects index. :) i finished the ==See also== section for you and added categories.

"Fatigue can also be caused by mental factors such as boredom, depression, stress, or over/under-stimulation."

i deleted this sentence because it doesn't seem relevant to our website and the article is more to the point without it. the description should be about drug fatigue, so other mental factors seem irrelevant to me.

"People who are fatigued may find it difficult to complete physical tasks, converse, focus, or even think straight."

this sentence is describing both cognitive and physical fatigue. finding it difficult to complete physical tasks would be physical fatigue whereas conversing, focusing, or thinking would be cognitive fatigue.

i've deleted the cognitive ones from the article.

people often get physical and cognitive fatigue confused. here is our article for it on the wiki:

after a lot of discussion, josie and i disagreed that LSA, codeine, and oxycodone cause physical fatigue as an effect so we've deleted those from the semantic list.

we've only known of physical fatigue happening on DPH and the withdrawal of substances such as opiates, alcohol, and stimulants.

i've added a sentence in the article explaining the withdrawal thing.

eventually it would be cool to split the subjective effects into peak, comedown, and withdrawals.

but that would make things a lot more complicated, so for now we are simply using the semantics list to list effects that occur while directly on the drugs and not while withdrawing from them.


This is my online notepad to keep track of what I am currently working on.

Project talk:Contribute here i found my lost page.


@oskykins | hey josie, how can we rename memory replay variant to better name because they are not | actually memories in kratom's case | [00:52] josie | hmm @oskykins | are you there they are not just new experiences? josie | yeah they are new cocoanatta | wait what cocoanatta | so like new memories? @oskykins | so they are new experiences vs memory replays? josie | its more shuffled vs non shuffled concepts @oskykins | can you explain more? josie | HMMM Caboose | but all experience that would be created in your head would be based off of memories cocoanatta | not necessarily Caboose | but I am just getting philosophical at that point josie | unshuffled concepts are innane scenarios which are realistic like seeing a chair cocoanatta | you could create novel concepts based on abstract reasoning patterns josie | shuffled concepts are new scenarios based on mixing old concepts together like a CHAIR | DRAGON @oskykins | so what are the kratom visuals: new experiences or memory replays? josie | based on yur experiences equally both

josie | based on yur experiences equally both josie | i get innane shit on kratom Caboose | really? Caboose | I haven't had it that strong on kratom josie | its pretty psychedelic at ihgher doses jenny trips ballz on it @cocoanatta | lol really @oskykins | you tripp ballz on it too, josie @cocoanatta | i didnt take that much of it Caboose | I haven't taken that much, how large of a dose @cocoanatta | i might buy some Caboose | or was it extract oskykins | what are you up to oskykins | could you please help me work on the kratom hallucinations oskykins | i don't get wtf you mean by shuffled vs non-shuffled oskykins | and are kratom internal hallucinations both new experiences | and memory replays - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - josie | yeah just say theya re both josie | theya re equally both josie | i get memories josie | you get new shit oskykins | cool :D

PJosepherum when using semantic queries to generate lists, you can use format=list for an inline list, or |columns=2 oskykins can you link me PJosepherum or format=categories is good for alphabetizing them is the standard ones. cool additional features are here:

How to add semantic lists of drugs onto the effect articles

  • PJosepherum: So anxiety suppression: {{#ask: [[Category:Substances]] [[Effect::Anxiety suppression]]|format=ul}}
  • PJosepherum: Create Property:Effect and put in it: [[Has type::page]]
  • PJosepherum: On each substance article, include in the #set: Effect=Anxiety suppression |Effect=Geometry |Effect=etc}}
  • ok well that's not working so replacement: {{#ask: [[Effect::Anxiety suppression]]|format=ul}}
  • the fuck? semantic lists only update if you re-edit the effect page? ask User:PJosepherum
  • ===Psychoactive substances===

Substances which may cause this effect include:



Shit to do

  • make the to-do list more readable so people besides pj, josie, and i can contribute
  • grammar check substances, make consistent, and post on DEIS (make sure links/pics open in new window)

plz on Sept. 29th:

  • 4-aco-dmt For effects overhaul: make sure to change Visual effects - Psychedelics#Tracers|Tracers etc to Tracers
  • low doses mxe(5mg or less) "infrequent (1–4 days/month, averaging 3.25 days/month) ketamine users and former ketamine users were not found to differ from controls in memory, attention and psychological well-being tests." "These results raise the possibility that chronic exposure to low, subanesthetic concentrations of ketamine, while not affecting cell survival, could still impair neuronal morphology and thus might lead to dysfunctions of neural networks"


  • "Click here for a more comprehensive breakdown." should be on top or bottom? "Click here for a more comprehensive breakdown and citations"
  • make sure each link/image opens up into a new tab
  • grammar check/tidy
  • group all of non-substance posts into a list on a page of the tumblr
  • 4-HO-DET, DiPT, 4-HO-MET, 4-ACO-DiPT, DPT, 2C-C, MAL, 4-ACO-DMT, LSD, 2C-I, 2C-E, kratom, MXE, concerta, mushrooms, hash oil, flowers, mdma, modafinil, klonopin, etizolam,

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