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Since this topic is blank AND redirects to simple Memory Suppression. I'll like to point out the factual and not theoretical nor philosophical aspect of ego death. This particular level has nothing to do with Memory suppression as I do remember the event, feelings, people around me. Logically speaking experiencing a "Ego death" during a usage/abuse/experience via a "trip" has an overall psychologic (or psychological based event; that is completely internalized without a point of reference, either externally nor relatable to what can be studied to attempt to characterize into a framework easily explained. That is if one would be that strict to infer that the both of the words have the same meaning) and physiologic factor (i.e. or e.g. mind affecting the body).

This experience goes beyond what people say they suffer while experiencing a horror, nightmare, traumatic experience. There is is literally a void that exists. Numbness, Shock or Inability to process any information would not begin to have any comparison to what Ego Death is. Hence the word Death included in the phrase; a cessation of "your" life as the being you are. There are two possible identifiers in which could be associated during an Ego Death event. Either compounds that occur naturally at the point of death are released in order to facilitate a point of "letting go and not suffering" Or influence of said substances has interfered with neural channels that had been expressed by both DNA and life experience cause a sensation of no connection of Id or SuperEgo.

In fact the most basic identifier of the Maslow Hierarchy of Needs Theory is based on the expression of the most basic component of the Id or reptilian portion associated with wants of food, water, and breathing. Of particular note is absent of the Super Ego learned or expressed rules of survival *hand in fire bad*, *I do not have wings to fly*, *matter and objects moving can not hurt me*, hence the danger to self and other that may occur. More comparatively is would be to associate the presence of a new born child with no knowledge of itself or outside world.

At one time there were incidents of individuals being hospitalized for overdosing on a psychotropic component and not receiving treatment in time. EEG would show no discernible brain wave activity however MRI scans would show no injury. Let it be known that immediate treatment for OD subjects for LSD and Psilocybin can be treated VERY easily with Diazepam(aka Valium). Designer substances or other variants may not be effected at all with even a subcutaneous administration of Diazepam. However being under the influence of said compound will have Law Enforcement take precedence and use terror and fear tactics to get a confession and to give up the supplier before treatment is given.

Stroke, Embolism, Hypertension with Cardiac Arrest can occur through over excitation of fear and adrenal response. If the subject is able to stay tranquil and calm as well as having a trusted friend or mentor. (Hence the role of the shaman.) Be present for said event it can be a comfort to the subject. Shaman's are non-scientific in their role and could be compared to a Midwife in modern culture.

Typically during an Ego Death a person may experience/feel/pass through multiple consciousnesses or lifetimes, regardless of race, age or gender. If the person has non-defective DNA and the genetics are expressed correctly they will find some form of ancestor code that will enable them to gradually return to who they really are. Much like a cactus can not survive in a rain-forest nor a fern survive in a desert. In some instances the person may find the person they were is now in conflict with who they are now. In other instance they will pass through that event and have the result of knowing the person they had been before that event is still true to that individual.

Many may related to this Ego Death as wonderful thing. It is not, it is the exact opposite and there is no possible way of influencing the outcome of the person before or during the event.

Closest human analogy that one can come up with is suddenly being in the middle of the ocean, at night and even if the subject would say they feel underwater, subject actually does not know how to distinguish the surface of the water or air, subject does not know what direction is up or down, subject does not know if they have limbs in order to swim. There is nothing "cool" or "trippy" during this event. It just is. Subject doesn't experience touching or looking into the abyss or void. The subject is part of the void and abyss.

In short this event of "Ego Death" is the primary reason true psychotropics have no recreational appeal nor attraction to repeat said experience. Metaphorically speaking; Some people may consider this a challenge, there is no challenge, some people may consider this an awakening, there is no awakening. Other express the event as being torn between heaven and hell. During the ego death there is no heaven and hell to choose from. The final analogy that could be used would be for an outside observer on a macro cosmic scale, observer would witness tidal forces buffet and tear apart a planet and them watch as the planet recollects itself. Due to this particular event most individuals that have experienced Ego Death are very individualistic almost to the point of describing that person (be they conservative, moderate or liberal) as: stubborn, socially incompatible, antisocial even to the point of unconsciously causing Conative Dissonance in other people in their current environment. Words such as square, queer, atheist, fundamentalist, weirdo, and creeps can be and are all used to describe a person that has passed through Ego Death and attempt to reintegrate themselves in current society.

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Ego Death can be expressed as the following hazards: autonomous.device.warning.jpg memetic.hazard.warning.jpg cognitive.hazard.warning.jpg warning.existential.threat.jpg

It does make the subject immune to: group.intellect.warning.jpg

Doing so however would make Ego Death as a Level 8 or Level 9 threat per subject

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