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Hi, I'm Mydriasis ἀλήθεια ●_● ☯_☯ ರ_ರ Artistic depiction of unity.png I'm a philosopher -_- and I'm interested in metaphysics, neuropsychopharmacology and philosophy of mind. I am passionate about psychonautics and hope to see it into academia. As an interdisciplinary subject it broaches bioethics, biopolitics, pharmacology, philosophy of mind, psychology, sociology, metaphysics and much more. Taijiquan_Symbol.png ∃xistence is 5trange, 3xperience is ∀xiomatic; ion chaser ate a hurricane (ˆڡˆ) ∞_∞ ♏ydriasis ⚕Yinyang2.png☤ ♐letheia