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  • Threshold
  • Light
  • Common
  • Strong
  • Heavy

Psychedelic therapies

  • Psychedelic therapy: Psychedelic therapy involves the use of very high doses of psychedelic drugs, with the aim of promoting transcendental, ecstatic, religious or mystical peak experiences.
  • Psycholytic therapy: Psycholytic therapy involves the use of low to medium doses of psychedelic drugs, repeatedly at intervals of 1–2 weeks.


Frequently administered as soon as most of the tolerance has been reset (for example, daily light doses of psilocybin mushroom, or a common dose every 5th day). Also, microdosing (sub threshold doses) is not listed here because it doesn't produce a noticeable psychoactive dose.

  • Minidosing: Threshold to light dose
  • Mesodosing: Common dose
  • Macrodosing: Strong to heavy dose