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  • “Blue monday“, “suicide Tuesdays” (“Tuesday blues”), “latent crash.”: In addition to the “blue Mondays” immediately following weekends of raving, some people describe “suicide Tuesdays” or “Tuesday blues” with a two-day delay. This happens because MDMA increases serotonin levels for a long period of time, especially if you take it more than once over the course of a night, Giordano says, before it drops. This is known as a “latent crash.” -
  • Novel psychoactive substances (NPS): Designer drug

Ayahuasca terms

  • ‘The vine of the soul’ or ‘the vine of the dead‘: Ayahuasca
  • Ayahuascerismo: To prepare the ayahuasca brew, set up space for an ayahuasca ceremony, and conduct the ceremony.
  • Ayahuasquera: Female Ayahuascerismo practiser
  • Ayahuasquero: Male ayahuascerismo practiser
  • Brujo/Bruja- The literal translation for brujo is sorcerer and bruja is witch. These people dwell on the darker side of shamanism in Peru and throughout Latin America. A brujo is a shaman that does not necessarily act in a guests best interest, they act in their own interests. A brujo is most interested in money and power. There are more brujos than shamans in Peru because it is easier to become a brujo and oftentimes more profitable. The lines between shaman and brujo can get blurry as many shamans become tempted by money and/or power. Those shamans try to straddle both paths of love/light and power. Unfortunately the path of power is quite seductive.
  • Curanderismo: Originally Mexican American folk medicine but now used to describe folk medicine in general. The Spanish verb curar means to heal. Curanderos go beyond Western medicine, linking illness with evil spirits.
  • Curandera: Female healer
  • Curandero: Male healer
  • MHRB: Mimosa hostilis root bark
  • Tobaquero- a shaman that works with tobacco. Tobacco is a strong medicine, a strong purgative that cleans the body out. It can be drunk, snorted on its’ own or mixed with a brew such as ayahuasca.
  • Vegetalismo: Vegetalismo is a term used to refer to a practice of mestizo shamanism in the Peruvian Amazon in which the shamans — known as vegetalistas — are said to gain their knowledge and power to cure from the vegetales, or plants of the region. Many believe to receive their knowledge from ingesting the hallucinogenic, emetic brew ayahuasca.
  • Yage: Ayahuasca


  • Threshold
  • Light
  • Common
  • Strong
  • Heavy
  • Heroic dose: A very large quantity of hallucinogenic substance, that, when ingested, results in a powerful and often life-changing trip.[1] Terence McKenna often mentioned the term heroic dose, and defined five grams of dried psilocybin mushrooms as heroic.

Psychedelic therapies

  • Death-Rebirth Psychotherapy
  • Psychedelic therapy: Psychedelic therapy involves the use of very high doses of psychedelic drugs, with the aim of promoting transcendental, ecstatic, religious or mystical peak experiences.
  • Psycholytic therapy: Psycholytic therapy involves the use of low to medium doses of psychedelic drugs, repeatedly at intervals of 1–2 weeks.
  • Hypnodelic therapy: Hypnodelic therapy, as the name suggests, was developed with the goal to maximize the power of hypnotic suggestion by combining it with the psychedelic experience
  • Thanatological, death-rebirth psychotherapy: Preparation for death


Frequently administered as soon as most of the tolerance has been reset (for example, daily light doses of psilocybin mushroom, or a common dose every 5th day). Also, microdosing (sub threshold doses) is not listed here because it doesn't produce a noticeable psychoactive dose.

  • Minidosing: Threshold to light dose
  • Mesodosing: Common dose
  • Macrodosing: Strong to heavy dose

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