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Alexander Shulgin

21st Century Highs, The Future of Psychedelics, An interview with Alexander T. "Sasha" Shulgin by Dee

  • Have you ever reached or come close to a plus 4 (++++) (by means of a drug, of course), if so, was it truly bliss and what produced it?
  • S: The +4 state is not simply a more intense place - it is a unique mental state that is a phenomenon unto itself. As Ann and I noted in PIHKAL, it is a rare and precious transcendental state which has been called a "peak experience," a "divine transformation" or a "state of Samadhi." It has been known to come from a drug experience, and it has been known to occur to a person spontaneously with no drug having been involved. I have had two drug-related reactions that I have called "bliss" or "timeless" or "omnipotent" states where I can move things without touching them and make cloud patterns assume shapes of my own choosing. But as extraordinary as they are, they are also exhausting and an eventual return to a normal "stoned" condition is truly appreciated.

Only 5-MeO-DMT was rated ++++ in TiHKAL and PiHKAL.

Paul Stamets

Joe Rogan Is Stunned By Paul Stamets Stories About the Multiverse

Text from

and I'm laying in bed and you know full-blown experience and then I could barely sleep because it's all the colors are keeping me awake and my mind is racing and I have a lucid dream
and I'm dreaming and I wake up and I go downstairs I go by this crazy dream I was in The Witcher dream I said I saw thousands of cattle dad baking in the Sun
I said I think it's going to be a nuclear war, what could kill all these cattle you know there's a time that the Reagan Administration and and and all that is any of the attention was really high between the Soviet Union the United States and they said that they were joking with me saying oh well okay then what's going to happen I don't know I know I was in Olympia needed to rush up to Darrington to stay in my calendar because my books were up there my manager comes up there I need to save save my research
so they laughed and laughed and said well it's not this weekend that's like in 2 days it's next weekend so they're going to my calendar December 1st I put in my book I like it's 1975 the end of the world that wrote Paul predicts the end of the world
so we forgot about
massive rains the next week huge amount of snowfall
and then on Wednesday Thursday temperature inversion and it flipped to 75 to 85 Degrees all the snow start to melt all the rivers are flooding in my little cabin was right next to a river that would swell from the morning tonight and go up six feet just in the snow melt because right closest volcano and all my research I need to get up there I need to go up there as I watch the news on news and the roads are being closed so I had to go through Rockport Washington the back way in order to get back to my cabin I get to my cabin and the bank and it wrote it about 10 ft I was only about 10:12 feet away from the from the river now my camera is on the verge of falling into a bike cuz that my manuscript I got my books and I rescued on the material I had Medical Inc it out of there
because the roads are closed and so I had to wait wait two days two days and the roads then opened up and I drove out out of the valley in to Snohomish Valley and I went around the bend and they're the sun is a brilliant sunny day a warm day and there are floating in the fields were hundreds and hundreds of dead cattle
how do you explain that
I entered I think into the Multiverse

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