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The following document attempts to collect, compile, and create a list of tactical moves that will assist PsychonautWiki in further achieving it's list of objectives. The current framework for this strategy consists of the following maneuvers;

Multimedia Expansion

There are a variety of media through which individuals might learn best, and the current presentation format is not optimal for everyone. The following subcategories list an array of alternative forms of media which may better serve those who wish to consume the data in other ways.

Virtual-Reality Replication Simulator

Using the data garnered from the website it could be possible to use current technology to create a virtual reality simulation which focuses on visual and auditory effects. The main precepts of this of this project would be as follows;

  • It is educationally oriented
  • The result is made open source
  • All development is community driven

The eventual construct might include some of the following features;

  • The simulation would involve both a set for the trip (the users choice of locations in which to view the effects), and a setting (the users choice of subjective effects which can be implemented into the simulation).
  • The settings would include a list of preconfigured drugs based on the reports of psychonauts who have personally consumed them physically, as well as a drug creation suite which allows the user to manually define the effects and save them as settings.
  • The intensity of effects experienced on drugs would be dependent on a dosage slider and navigable timeline, while their variety is controlled by randomized procedural generation.
  • All effect and drug options would have included datasheets which discuss things also covered on the online wiki.
  • An alternative setting would deal with Oneironautics, mainly by simulating common dream signs which a user would use to recognize they are in a dream and thus become lucid. Potentially other simple abilities common in dreams could be available, such as psychokinesis, flying, teleportation, ect. though since the variety of potential abilities is immense many of them would have to be manually included through software editing.

Educational Youtube Channel

Many of the episodes are already scripted with the help of the wiki, all that is needed is a standardized format to upload consistent video articles. The following points outline a potential format for the video articles.

  • Opening with a clip of the animated logo and an associated jingle.
  • Title cards for episode headings and subcategories with a consistent typesetting and font.
  • A recurring host with quality audio and potentially a green screen backdrop.
  • Segments showing chemical structure of compounds and/or replications of subjective effects.
  • Endslate with continued melody of opening jingle and links to related videos.

Through use of Youtube royalties it would also be possible to acquire funding through this medium.

Educational Podcast

An audio Podcast version of the wiki can be composed by simply reusing the audio segments from the Youtube channel which do not reference visual data. Some minor rewording may be required in certain scenarios but this could likely be avoided through forethought.

Hardcopy Encylopedia

Entitled the "Encyclopedia Psychonautica" the wiki's hardcopy version would be available as a physical donation incentive, it's implementation would go as follows;

  • Published using "Print on Demand" services such as Lulu or Createspace.
  • A regularly updated compilation of finished articles within the wiki.
  • The only required alterations are typesetting, cover design, and possibly a letter to the reader.

Psychodex App

Mainly targeted to mobile devices (although ideally also available on pc and mac, or online embedding) the application would be a lightweight, interactive, and easily navigable index of reference images, replication examples, crowdsourced statistics, and compiled information, all associated with specific psychonautic experiences.

  • a molecule model, and image of physical substance
  • a graphed poll which shows how often users experience certain effects, in relation to dosage
  • a poll submission form
  • a database describing and/or replicating the cataloged subjective effects
  • an offline archive of the wiki

Donation Rewards

By offering incentives to the prospective donators they will be more inclined to contribute financially to the project. Making use of print on demand services can allow the production and shipment of physical incentives to be fully automated, and such objects can also function as passive advertisements to outsiders who are intrigued by them. On the other hand Non-physical rewards are of a more personal nature and give the donator a sense that the organization is grateful for their contribution.


  • Set up a PoD store on a site such as zazzle.
  • Create t-shirt designs, optimally incorporating the "" URL.
  • Add the link of the store to the Donate page.
  • Connect the stores payments to the organizations treasury account.

Some ideas for potential designs include;

  • Replications that don't require motion (That said, Pinna Illusions may be able to induce some hallucinatory movement)
  • PsychonautWiki logo


See the Hardcopy Encyclopedia section for more information


  • Set up a PoD store on a site such as DeviantArt.
  • Upload high resolution poster designs, include a psychonautwiki URL and logo (the bottom right corner for art, or top center for data compilations).
  • Add link of the store to the Donate page.
  • Connect the stores payments to the organizations treasury account.

Some ideas for potential designs include;

  • replications that don't require movement (That said, Pinna Illusions may be able to induce some hallucinatory movement)
  • data compilations of sections such as subjective effects index or drug breakdowns

Donation Hall of Fame

Something of this sort already exists on the Donate page.


Letters of Appreciation

This may become difficult if the donation rate greatly increases, though for the moment it could be a nice gesture to send a personalized thank-you letter to donators that provide contact information.

Custom Artwork

  • Josikinz is offering to draw a personalized picture with every donation above $1 through Patreon.

Non-Profit Status

Although this would not work for product purchases (as the PoD site is for-profit), having a non-profit status would cause raw donations to be non-taxable and thus offer an incentive to potential donators.

Organization Headquarters

An increasing growth will beg the need for facilities devoted to the sites goals, and while some of these goals could be legally implemented, others are currently outside of some modern cultural standards. Despite this they are here put forward as well intentioned activities which would (if allowed) further the stated goals of this organization.

Administration Offices

Anonymous Trip Sitting Call Center

Server Housing

Currently Illegal Goals

  • Drug Testing
  • Organic Psychoactive Cultivation
  • Chemistry Laboratory

Community Events

By bringing the users together to participate in events a sense of comradery and active involvement can be established within the community, helping to build lasting bonds between members.

Community Podcasts

  • User PJosepherum is responsible for organizing this event, and should be contacted in regards to it.
  • There is a Podcasts wiki page with information regarding this event.

Regularly Held Gathering

Having an annual or otherwise gathering of any members able to make the occasion would give us a chance to connect on a more personal level and get to know eachother, potentially building lasting bonds and sparking inspiration for new horizons with the project.

  • To begin with it could be held at some pre-existing function such as Burning Man.
  • With enough support and success it may eventually lead to a specifically Psychonaut Festival as a means of fundraising.
  • If and when the organizations headquarters are acquired it could potentially take place there.

Live Presentations

  • Could help spread awareness and interest in the need for development in the field of Psychonautics research and education.
  • Public outreach can garner media attention or word-of-mouth creating traffic that would otherwise rely on cybernetic means.
  • Would help to humanize the project, as the internet has an element of depersonalization when we're reduced to text and images.

Payment Models

Potential payouts to dedicated contributors could help give incentive to create useful material for the organization, and if a proper paycheck becomes possible then eligible users would have a means to work on the wiki full time, and thus increase it's rate of growth. What follows are some suggested models for a payment system;

Nomination for Eligibility

By having other respected members nominate users for payout eligibility we can ensure that their contributions have been significantly vital to the wiki so as to be deserving of monetary compensation.

Quality Times Quantity

The significance of a users contributions might be gauged through a quality times quantity model. This would deter a user from adding a large amount of irrelevant information in hopes of cheating the system.

  • (0*n=0)

Royalty Partitions

Certain fundraising methods would lend themselves well to royalty payments, as these methods have a ongoing monetary intake directly thanks to the creators responsible;

  • Youtube videos
  • t-shirts
  • books
  • posters

Visitor Comments

Josikinz is offering to draw a personalised picture with every donation above $1 through Patreon.

Thanks for all the ideas man, please feel free to join us on IRC (phased out) to discuss how we can make them happen! ~φנσѕєρнєяυм w·t·c 14:58, 9 September 2015 (UTC)

So I have begun development of the Psychédex. I would appreciate any comments/contributions. Especially with regards to the schema. GitHub | Production ~φנσѕєρнєяυм w·t·c 19:20, 17 September 2015 (UTC)