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feb 9 17


- armoda intake for 2 weeks -> steady state @ 150mg/d
- high level of hyperactivity after Starbucks grande americano (ml?)
- after eating garlic (2 garlic sausages) histamine rush
- sudden loss of balance, feeling like being pulled into chair
- pressure on breath, fear of losing breath
- extreme transcendence rush (noreph)
- fingertips are numb, latent perceived disconnection from body
- soft airflow when breathing
- very big headspace, nearly psychedelic
- visual distortion, tracers, when moving head
- high grade physical synesthesia, observed by lack of effects when turning off music;
- when turning on music, face turns warm, breath changes; pulse sinks by around 10 (dopamine?)
- closing eyes makes music feel louder (increased sensory activation?)
- bass frequencies feel warm, cause feeling of numbness, very latent feeling of pressure on brain;
- visual distortion, where subvision shakes and feels displaced;
- total verbal retardation when trying to speak and focus a human face at the same time [note: this happened before on armoda, this time very strong]


clarity: long term/steady state armoda intake alters the permeability of the blood brain barrier
kenan: sounds agreeable, i.e. h2 response is usually heavy on local noreph activation, can cause cascade?


-> took metamizol at this point - + 30m: fingers are icecold, breath feels very warm and like going into the brain; a little bit rough yet soft
- effects amplify when sitting uptight with head pointed downward, -> circulatory effects?
-> metamizol kicks in, effects lessen - +1h: random itches on left leg; shank; vastus medialis
- decreased perceived cerebrovascular effects, increased spasm at gluteus maximus muscle
- increased pressure on left temple (frontal / sphenoid intersection)
- +1:30h: very slow wandering of pressure on left temple to middle and finally right temple