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Please put your proposals here so that they can be assessed and discussed!


Example proposal

I'd like to have an audio catalog for when I'm tripping!

--- apx

  • I like this! --- apx
  • Hmm, I don't know, that would be too much --- apx
Physical PsychonautWiki cards

Business cards for the wiki to help advertise it to people who may have an interest/use for the wiki (people at clubs, parties, universities, etc). Cards could contain a link to the wiki with a quick and simple summary of what the wiki is.

--- Winter

  • I like this idea, but we'd need to figure out a good selling point. Maybe as a perk for donation? Maybe as merch? Maybe for contributions? What should be on the cards? Should they be personalized? --- apx
  • yeah but who's going to pay for them? xD we already purchased some stickers recently and rarely use them (josie)
  • well all winter really has to do is make a template design to be approved that can be plugged into a POD site so whoever wants them can customize their own and pay for it themselves, winter if you want help figuring out POD services I can help. - cybie
ALT skin for oneironautics section

I'm wondering if I could have a separate skin for the Oneironautics section, in particular i'd want as much as possible to be coloured with a red-black scale. The point being that red is the only subpixel that doesn't trigger the melanopsin cells to inhibit melatonin production and quell REM. It would be nice to be able to toggle it on/off too. I understand if that's too much work but I'd really love to have it eventually, it can make the medium of the site relevant to a large chunk of dream related physiology and pharmacology. Make PW psychoactive!


Specifically "Blue light, principally around 460 to 480 nm, suppresses melatonin"

--- Cybie