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27th of March (Written 5 days after, so memory is somewhat suppressed.)

.I was playing CoD Zombies with some kid in an unknown map to me, the area seemed like an underground mine of sorts. I don't remember much of it but in the end I was somehow Shadow The Hedgehog & I ended up in a glitch & forever falling.

. I'm in ASDA with my family & it's huge, I end up getting lost in it.

.I'm at my grans house with my uncle & some girl he's with who kind of reminds me of the girl from the Twilight movies. There's a HD television in the room & I'm playing a Sonic the hedgehog game of some sort. All I remember is this girl saying that she liked me & thought I was nice boy or something along those lines.

.I'm at robinswood hill again with Charles & instead of being unable to call anyone to get him home, I manage to ring somebody to pick us up & I get Charles down the hill safely & we get dropped off at the end of barton street, but for some reason Charles persona has now been replaced by Patrick from Eastenders but I didn't really care at the time. We walk to the chippy & he goes inside & I wait outside for a little bit & for some reason my mum is outside with me now, ( I have no idea where she came from.) Charles returns, now back to his normal self, it's almost like I've come back another day because he's in different clothes & seem to have a cold & wearing a green sweater, he lets me in asking me to excuse his cold & we go into the front room where Cambis is but Cambis is ok with me being there & we sit down. (At this point I'm now lucid dreaming as my environment feels very similar to how it is in physical reality, only with minor exceptions like me being able to manipulate the environment without physical interaction, the room has a scent to it & I can feel the atmosphere around me & things like that which I find don't usually occur in normally dreams.) There's some sort of Iranian music playing loud in the room & I am able to turn it down by merely sticking my hand out & imagining it turning down, which I find awesome that I can do. Everyone seems relieved that I've done this, as they can now hear the television which has not long been turned on. (I'm not sure about this, but I think there was a clock there that was changing position each time I looked at it but I can't tell for sure.) At some point the chippy turned into a pub with Charles working at the bar along with some woman. They were all adults there, I don't remember much, but I think I talked to a lot of people, & with my dream powers when I left I was able to place my consciousness back in to the put to watch people talk behind my back.

.(I wrote in my “Resurrection” notes before I typed this but I have no memory of any resurrection in a dream so I'll leave this here in case I remember again)