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April 16th

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That banging is starting to annoy me, the roofers working on my neighbor's house constantly banging away. I'm still working from home, log on at 8.30, and plow through my usual workload. I can get through it pretty quickly and be on to my now normal housework. I do a wash, Monday, and Thursday weather permitting, hoover upstairs and down once a week, and have the dishes out the way before my wife gets home. She has had to get back into the office, her job is more important than mine and much better paid. So I have the place tidy and a meal ready for her after a hard day, as I feel a partner should do nowadays. My dad chides me with, "proper little housewife aren't you?" but he's just too old-fashioned, those stereotypes are outdated best blowjob gifs. I feel also that I need to keep busy to stop my growing constant horniness, I have a compulsion lately for sneaking on to porn sites during the day. What starts as a quick look is soon an hour-long fall into a perverted rabbit hole, definitely a downside to home working. Not helped by my wife's lethargy from a hard day's work, usually falling asleep against me on the sofa. Today I hurried through my work so I could get in the weekly shopping before the afternoon rush and be back before my afternoon zoom meeting. All was good before minutes into the meeting starts the banging, I try to smile embarrassedly as they all moment on the noise. "Not much I can do about it, sure they'll be finished soon," I laugh creampie gifs Later as I put out my washing on the line I glanced up and saw the culprits for the first time. It looks like a father and son, an older man in his sixties I'd guess making the noise. His son looked more in his thirties, his muscles bulging through a tight t-shirt as he carried the tiles. Ripped jeans molded to his firm buttocks, as he bends to pick up the next pile oral sex gifs "Hey," he waves down. "If anything drops into your garden, could you pop it back over?" Oh my, his face is as gorgeous as the body. Disheveled black hair blowing over a devilishly handsome face, a sexy grin accompanied the question. For a second I never heard him so lost in his face, till I stuttered out a, "yes yes no problem mate." Mate added to make myself seem more masculine, I don't come across this kind of man at the office. This adonis grinned down at me and gave me a wink confirming that he had caught me watching. Mortified at him catching me staring I ran back inside, my face was crimson with embarrassment. For the first time since University, I masturbated over the image of another man, to clear my shame and confusion before my wife got home. ~~~~~~~~ Can't concentrate on my inputting, I can hear him moving outside in the garden, lifting and carrying the tiles. I have to look, cannot help my impulses to stare at him. Peering through the curtains, a noticeable intake of breath as I see the shirtless figure. Sweat dripping off his muscular hairy chest, I can almost reach and out and run my hands through it. 'Jesus I am a married man, stop this now.' 'Concentrate on your work and get back to being the upright husband you are.' My cock is hardening from his picture burned in my mind, my hand dropping to stoke my bulge in my joggers. I wonder if he's large all over, a smile of pleasure all over my face at the idea of what's hidden in those jeans. A few more peeks out my window and I'm off for my getting to be regular afternoon shower. Letting the water run over me and closing my eyes thinking of that hot hunk of a man. A real man as my father would say, doing real men's work. Getting his hands dirty, not poncing about in an office like me. Soaping my cock as I lean against the tiles, dreaming of him. Working up to a frenzied orgasm with his face and body flashing through my mind. Have to clean up the shower again before my wife gets home, on more daily job added to my list. I wonder how long their job will last, how long I will get my free daily sexual stimulant. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As soon as she's left, I'm straight on my laptop to plow through my work. The sooner I finish the longer I can secretly perve on my object of lust. So many damn spelling mistakes today, my excitement is getting the better of me, praise be to the spellchecker. I lunge to the window as soon as I hear the first stirring of noise, there he is busting out if his jeans and t-shirt as usual. As my eyes linger on his every inch, I can hear my heart thump and my hands tremble. Before I know they're packing up and loading the van, I check the clock. 'Can it be dinner time already, have I lusted over him for hours?' When the van departs I collapse disappointed on the bed, with the real fear that they might have finished the job. Still my cock is hard and awaiting it's shower time, I strip and step into the warm water thinking of him. 'Jesus is that the doorbell?' I stretch my head out to listen. 'Damn it, it is.' Wrapping my towel around my waist I drip my way downstairs. As I open the door I'm confronted by the looming figure of my workman, grinning at me. My mouth opens but no words come out as he steps towards me forcing me back into my hallway. His eyes scan my wet naked body never losing his lavicious smile. "About time I got a show from you, mate." His hands ripped the towel from my waist, "Looks like you were excepting me." I glance down to see my hard cock excitedly respond to his forcefulness. Still, I feel unable to verbalize any response to this aggressiveness, as he pushes me flat against the cold wall. Running his coarse large hands over my wet smooth chest down to gripping my hard cock. "Definitely pleased to see me," his laugh boomed down the hall. "Take off my boots." I dropped as ordered seemingly without any willpower of my own and nervously untied his dirty size 9's. Helping him to pull off his muddy boots, I slipped down his jeans. After pulling his legs out of the jeans I looked up for the first time. I let out out a gasp when I saw him naked for the first time and yes, he was large allover. His thick, cut cock bounced in front of my eyes and when I finally took my eyes off it I caught his grin looking down at me. "Don't just look at it, suck it." His voice changed from teasing to demanding. All the years of imaging this situation vanished as I instinctively devoured his cock in my hungry mouth, the warm thickness of his cock filling my mouth. My hands ran up his hairy strong thighs and gripped his hard muscular arse cheeks as I took his cock deeper in my mouth with each attempt. Listening to his appreciative groans made me realize I was learning well and when I ran my tongue under his shaft I knew I was more than ready for this. My eyes never left his gorgeous blue eyes as I bobbed deeply on his fine cock, exhilarated at hearing the words born cocksucker fill my ears. As he pulled me up his drool wet cock slapped against me till his lips met mine, I'd never been the kissed before and his rough snogging made my brain spin. "Does your wife know you love cock, mate?" The grin was back as I shook my head and immediately returned to my kisses, his large hands gripping my smooth soft arse cheeks lifting me up to him. "You do though don't you?" Before I could answer as I was spun around and bent towards the stairs, my hands gripping the carpeted step. When his tongue licked my crack a surge of electricity ran through my body and out from my mouth in a very audible moan. A hard spank bounced off my cheek, "somebody likes that, eh mate." Before I could reply, his hands parted my cheeks, and his tongue dove deep in my virgin hole. The feeling made my legs buckle and my moans slip from me uncontrollably, his bristled face roughly buried in my cheeks. My only moment of respite from his tongue came when I felt the large head of his cock pressed against my hole. Pulling my head back by the hair he asked me the ridiculous question did I want his cock. For years I had fantasied about this moment, since my marriage I had put this away in my memory as a dream never fulfilled. So when he asked I begged yes then louder and louder till I was yelling for his cock. I yelled again when he did finally slide his cock into my tight hole, my cherry popped with a surprising amount of pain. Holding me still on his cock, he let my hole get adjusted to this large invader, very slowly starting to fuck me. My eyes watered from the pain and I couldn't make any words from my mouth as I gave myself up to him. As I relaxed he started to slide deeper into me, each slow thrust drawing the exact audible moan from my lips. My hair was pulled as he sped up his fucking, the pain disappearing as my hole craved more. I was now pushing my arse back deeper on his cock wanting it, needing it, my wait finally over forever. Without warning his cock withdrew and he pulled my head around to receive my first facial. As soon as I faced him I heard his groan echo around the hall and as I was dripping in his thick warm cum. I hungrily licked around my lips for any taste I could before his finger fed me large globs of his load. Sucking his fingers clean as I grinned up contentedly at him. "We'll be back here tomorrow, mate so expect a knock ok," as he pulled that magnificent arse back into his jeans. Pulling me up for one last kiss before he left. I sat naked, covered in cum on my stairs, my sore hole reminding me what a slut I just was. I'd better get back to my shower and try to stop grinning before the wife gets home, I was already dreaming of tomorrow.

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