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She'd bet Dad would be slow and gentle, like the men in the stories, not jerks like Billy. She didn't realize her thoughts had made her so hot that she was rubbing her mound, until a young boy about seven years old, piped up with, "Look Mommy, what is that funny lady doing?" Kitty twisted away and pretended to go back to watching the scenery. She thought she'd simply die of embarrassment. Hank fidgeted with the radio's dial while waiting. Since it was a forty minute drive from his farm to the bus station, and he didn't want to be late, he arrived with over an hour to spare. He knew he was being silly, but one could never tell how traffic would be and in his mind it just wouldn't do for his little girl to have to stand around the bus station. He'd checked with the agent, who assured him the bus would be on time, but also informed him on time meant he have an hour's wait. Bus traffic would be heavy between then and Kitty's arrival and parking up front was crowded so he'd parked near the back of the station's parking lot. He noticed there was only one nightlight back there as he parked just three spaces away from a new Ford pick-up that had backed in crooked and was taking up two spaces. The truck was between him and the nightlight, so he had a pretty good look at it. He'd seen a truck just like that someplace not long ago. After parking, he settled down to wait until time to pull back around front. While trying to find a good country music station on the radio, he started thinking of his daughter's last visit and how she'd left the bathroom door open while she showered. He knew he shouldn't have, but he was only human. The completely unexpected look of her young naked body was too much to resist. Honestly, he had no intention of spying on his daughter, but the sight of that 'Tinker Bell' body, complete with the ponytail that fell below her shoulders, when she shed the shower cap was too much. Seriously, the main difference between Kitty and the cartoon character, of Peter Pan fame, was the black versus the blonde hair. When Kitty had started to turn while drying off, Hank had quickly ducked behind the door fame so she wouldn't notice, but he still peeked around to get a good view of that black triangle of hair inches below her bellybutton. Hank was a fan of women with a hairy bush and Kitty's was coming right along. By the time she'd finished drying off and started dressing, Hank had headed to the barn, his jeans bulging from his raging hard-on and his body demanding a release. He smiled as he thought of how he's stroked his thick seven inch cock until he'd shot rope after rope of cum all over a bale of hay. He wondered if the cows could taste the difference. The wait was starting to get boring when he noticed an older man and young woman approaching. At first Hank thought it was a father and daughter, but something about the way they walked so close together, close enough that their hips kept bumping, gave him second thoughts. When they stopped walking long enough for a long passionate kiss, he was sure this wasn't father and daughter; this was a couple and it looked like the old guy just might get lucky. When they moved Hank's way again, he ducked low so they wouldn't know he was there. Hank wasn't a voyeur, but he wouldn't pass up a free show if they wanted to put one on. If they came to the truck, like he thought they would, they wouldn't see him, as long as he stayed down, but he could hear every word they said. The parking lot's light would enable him to see anything the couple did, unless they got inside the truck. "Are you sure we have time, Daddy?" the girl's voice rang with excitement. Shit! I was right the first time, Hank thought. It is a father daughter and they are going to get it on. "Don't worry your little head, Honey, we have plenty of time bestpornlist." The deep baritone voice sounded familiar to Hank, so his curiousness got the better of him; he just had to see who was talking. Lifting his head just enough to see who the people were, he gasped—it was another farmer he knew quite well—Dan Broder and his daughter Sally. Dan's farm was only about ten miles from Hank's place and Hank had enjoyed ogling Sally's legs and fine ass at many high school basketball games. Many nights Hank had lain in bed spanking the monkey, while thinking of Sally and her shapely legs and tight ass running up and down the court. More than once he'd fallen asleep, only to have a wet dream of Sally riding him like a cowgirl. It bothered him that since Kitty's visit she often took Sally's place in his dreams. Oh shit! Hank thought when Dan pulled the truck open. If they get in the cab, I won't see or hear anything. Then he noticed Sally was holding back. "Oh Daddy, you know how cramped up it is in the cab, and besides it'll mess up my dress," Sally protested. "Relax, you know your daddy has everything covered." Dan had opened the truck's door and pulled a blanket from the cab. After spreading it in the truck's bed, with one smooth motion, he lifted his daughter dress to her waist and set her on it. "Okay, Daddy," she giggled. "It looks like you have thought of everything. I must admit, I'm not looking forward to spending this summer semester without you. None of the boys at college even come close to having a horse cock like yours." That got Hank's full attention. He'd heard men joking about Dan's over-sized cock down through the years, now maybe he would get a chance to see just what Dan was packing. "Let me feel it, Daddy." Sally's hands worked on her father's fly for a moment, then Hank watched in amazement as she pulled out the biggest cock he'd ever seen and it looked to still be limber. No, it wasn't full grown yet, but with Sally's stroking, it was growing all the time. Finally, with his weapon fully charged and ready for action, Dan pushed his daughter back until she was prone. She lifted her hips while he slipped her throng off and threw it in the truck. Now, with her legs spread, Hank caught a glimpse of a clean shaved pussy, while Dan was bending to get his mouth on his daughter's cunt. "Yesssss, Daddy, that feels soooo gooood," Sally was trying to keep her voice low so they wouldn't attract attention to themselves, but the sensations coursing through her body, as her father's tongue stroked her clit, were too good to be denied. She had no idea they already had an observer and after that tongue had ministered to her little pearl a minute or so, she wouldn't have cared if Hank walked up and greeted them. She was squirming so her daddy could hardly keep his tongue on its target. "Come on, Daddy," she groaned, "I gotta have that cock and I gotta have it now." The trucks were parked just enough off parallel that Hank had a perfect view when Dan pulled his daughter's body back far enough that her butt was almost hanging off the tailgate. He watched in fascination when Dan lifted one of her legs across his shoulder, then guiding his prick with one hand, he supported her other leg with his remaining arm. "Hurry, Daddy." Sally used her hands to help open her labia and assist Dan's cock to its goal. Dan rubbed the glans through her slit, trying to get enough of the pussy juice his daughter secreted so liberally, to help ease the entry. In this position, Dan could both see and feel his cockhead pushing against his daughter's blood engorged lips; it excited him so, he was afraid he'd pop off like a teenager. With Sally's help his oversized cock managed to get between both lips and with the natural lubricant from Sally and his pre-cum, Dan saw the head push in until it disappeared completely in his daughter's cunt. "Easy Daddy," Sally gasped. 'I don't think you've ever been this big before." I'll bet not, Hank thought, when heard her words. Probably between the danger of being caught and the sight of that fine pussy, Dan had blown up like a tractor inner tube. Man! What I wouldn't give to be in his place. Dan couldn't wait long—he tried, but the excitement was just too much. He pushed slowly and saw his cock inch its way in; when he pulled it back he could see his daughter's labia clinging to his cock until he shoved back in again. "Oh god, yes Daddy, yes. Do me-do me do me," she kept repeating over and over as Dan watched his cock gain inch by inch. Each time he withdrew it, more of his cock was coated with her juices and it was easier to slide it back in. Finally, when he had worked almost two thirds of it into her, he felt the glans hit bottom and heard her say, "Ouch! That's all I can take, Daddy." Sometimes Dan wondered what it would be like to have a normal size cock—one that would allow him to just slam it into a woman just as hard and as fast as he could, but he knew he never would experience that feeling. It was his misfortune to have what so many men, who didn't know better, dreamed of. As with every other woman he'd ever had, he settled down to a slow measured pace; one he'd continue until just before he couldn't hold back any longer; only then would he speed up, but he still couldn't throw caution to the winds. He'd still have to make sure he didn't go too deep; he was scared he'd hurt a woman that way. He'd never had a woman who could take all he had to offer and he certainly didn't want to harm his little sweetheart. Sally had been hesitant when her Dad had suggested that they have a last session before she went back to college for the summer semester. Once daddy's big thing was slipping in and out of her silky cock glove, she was glad he had ignored her objections. His cock felt like it was pulling her insides out on the backstrokes, while the glans scrapped against her g-spot on every pass. Her body began tingle and she felt all goosebumpy before she finally started to shake wildly, her pussy clenched and unclenched his cock, and she felt his member throb as he reached his climax only seconds after she collapsed in utter exhaustion. Hank didn't think he'd ever seen anything sexier in his life. During the last part of the performance he'd been stroking his cock through his pants. If he'd had anything to cleanup with in the truck, he'd have cum along with Dan and Sally. As it was, he just resigned himself to a good case of blueballs. He watched Dan pull, what looked like, an old tee shirt from the cab of his truck and tried to clean the mess they made on their clothes. They finished just as the first bus pulled into the station. Hank waited until they rushed around front to meet it before he cranked up and drove to where he could see the passengers unload. As soon as Hank spotted Kitty getting off the bus, he yelled, "Kitty over here!" and started toward her. Kitty looked around, unable to spot her father for a moment. Then she saw him. "Dad!" She yelled, running to meet her father. She jumped into Hank's open arms; Arms that were strong enough to catch her as easily as if she was a six year old. Hank intended to kiss her forehead, but Kitty had other intentions; she kissed him fully on the mouth, then asked, "Are you happy to see me, Dad? "I'm always happy to see my little Pumpkin." Hank put her down but still held her closely; the warmth of her body felt good to his erect cock. She kissed him again. "I hope so Dad, but like Momma told you, your little Pumpkin did something you might not like." She pressed her body tightly against his, her face buried in his chest, and began to cry. "Hush now, Baby. Everybody has to have a first time, that damn virginity thing is overrated anyway." After gathering her bags, Hank led her to his truck. Throwing them in the back, he easily picked her up. "Upsy daisy." He said, depositing her on the passenger seat. "Thanks Dad, you're the greatest." Kitty pulled his head down so she could get her arms around his neck. Once again she kissed him on the mouth while Hank remained passive. "I love you, Dad" she said. Hank was in a quandary. He was horny as hell from watching Dan and Sally; he remembered how it felt when Kitty's hot young body was pressing against him. He knew she couldn't have missed feeling his erection pressing against her stomach and she did nothing to pull back. Was she trying to tell him she wanted more? He ached to see just how far he could go, but how could he? She was still his little girl. He kept telling himself that while driving home. He also kept thinking about how hot it was watching Dan fuck Sally. Did Dan feel any remorse about having sex with his own daughter? He wondered. From the moaning he'd heard coming from them, it sure didn't seem like they had anything but fun. Could he do the same thing to Kitty? He was getting hard thinking about it, but he kept reminding himself that incest was frowned upon by the entire civilized world. What would Kitty think if she knew he wanted her? Kitty, for her part was sitting quietly, studying her father. She'd always had special feelings for him—ever since she'd peeked at him and Momma making love. That was back when she was twelve and had returned from her best friend's home unexpectedly. As she entered the house, she'd heard Momma making funny sounds, like something was hurting her or something. Afraid of what she might find, she sneaked toward her parent's room, where she found they had left the door open. Daddy had Momma on the bed; both were as naked as a Jaybird, Momma's legs were propped over Dad's shoulders and he was sticking his thing in and out of her while she kept moaning, "Yeah, baby—right there—that's the spot...." Kitty had looked on until she became afraid she'd get caught; then she slipped back outside to consider what she'd just witnessed. She realized she'd just seen, what the kids at school called, fucking—and they said it felt good. She couldn't understand how having something that big stuck in you could feel good, but Momma didn't seem to mind it. During her teenage years, she often thought about what she'd seen and how Momma had acted so happy when Kitty had finally went back into the house. Maybe there was something to this thing called "fucking" after all, she'd thought.. A few years later, Momma had set her down for "the talk" and explained how great sex was, but that she mustn't do it until she got married. Okay, she'd accomplished her original goal of losing her virginity, but in an entirely unsatisfactory way. She wanted to be made love to, not almost raped, and the way things looked now, her choice of suitable males looked very slim. There wasn't a whole lot going on around Dad's farm, at least not as she remembered it. Her thoughts kept returning to that brief moment during that last embrace; that moment when she could feel Dad's hard cock poking her in the stomach. Could he really be excited by her? Why not, she thought, he's a man, isn't he—and didn't the girls at school say a man would fuck a snake if somebody would hold its head? Hmmm...she might be on to something here. She studied the man sitting beside her; he looked pretty good—for an older guy. God knows he was in good shape, considering the work he did, he had to be. She already loved him, and they would be together day and night until time to leave for college. She made up her mind then and there; she was going to seduce Dad. The only question was how. She didn't want to blow her chance. Even though Dad would see very little in a truck cab lit only by dash lights, Kitty decided to start her seduction by showing a little thigh. She squirmed around in her seat, working her dress's hem higher and higher, until it was almost up to her panty. "Uncomfortable Honey?" Hank realized she was moving around, but he hadn't looked to his right yet hotmyfreecams. "Not anymore, Dad." She gave a final shift that caused her dress to shift enough to expose a sliver of her white panties. That was about the time Hank looked to his right—the light might not have been very good, but it showed him a bare, shapely leg, that ran all the way from her foot almost up to her panties. He wasn't a hermit, even if he did live on a farm that was back in the woods and over five miles from the next neighbor. He still managed to visit Johnnie's 'Pub and Pool Hall' a couple times a month and was a hit with the ladies. Hell, he could almost smell a woman in heat. He didn't want to believe his senses, but it sure looked like that little minx sitting beside him was just such a woman. He continued to keep one eye on the road and the other eye on his daughter. "It was such a long ride, Dad," she complained, twisting around and sitting with her back to the door and her feet on the seat. She pulled her knees up, allowing him a good view of her bare legs and when she spread them apart, Hank had a clear shot of her crotch; the light just wasn't enough for him to see much. Kitty pretended to look ahead; instead she was watching him out the corner of her eyes. Yep, he was definitely interested. Hank, who had been driving with both hands on the wheel, switched to one hand on the wheel while letting his other fall into his lap. He knew it was wrong, but he couldn't help it; his cock was pushing against his jeans and growing so much it was becoming uncomfortable. He started out trying to adjust it to a better position, but his hand touching it felt so good he took just a little longer than necessary in the re-adjusting. His reaction wasn't lost on Kitty. Aw yes, she thought, I've got a nibble. She let her left leg rest against the seat's back, giving him a better look. She rode like that until they reached home. "I can't wait to get a shower," she said, lugging her smaller bag up the steps while Hank effortlessly carried everything else. She opened the door for her father, stealing a look at his crotch, as he twisted sideways to get through with the load. Yep, it was still bulging under his jeans, and it wasn't a small bulge either. She wasn't a judge of cocks, but she'd bet it was every bit as big as Billy's and the other girls claimed Billy had a big one. "Is it okay if I shower first, Dad?' "Sure, Baby, I washed before I left to meet you, so I'm good for the night. Take your time." Hank was ashamed to admit it, even to himself, but he was hoping maybe, just maybe, she'd leave the bathroom door unlocked. If she did, maybe he could push it open just enough to catch a glimpse of her through the shower's glass door. As he waited, giving her time to get into the shower, he alternately cursed himself for being a pervert and tried to convince himself that any man would do the same. Kitty wasn't sure she had Dad hooked enough to spy on her but she took no chances. When she finished with the necessities, she cracked the door wide enough to allow a good view of the shower stall, while not making it look like it was intentional. Hank heard the water running while changing into the loose fitting shorts he normally wore around the house. His heart raced and he could feel his pulse pounding in his temples. From his bedroom, he had to walk past the bathroom to get to the den. It was the perfect excuse, if he needed one, but the battle within still raged. Should he or shouldn't he? There was no doubt about the answer to that one; but the other question, the one that was eating away at his heart was, did he want to make love to Kitty or not? Down deep he knew the answer was yes, and that's what was tearing him apart. He reminded himself how natural it seemed when he'd watched Dan fuck Sally; on the other hand, if he did make love to Kitty they'd have to hide it, so could a thing you had to hide be natural? No matter that apparently more and more it was becoming the norm these days, society still frowned upon incest. Did he really want to expose Kitty to the scorn that would result from the world if anyone found out about it? Suddenly the ridiculous thought hit him, he wouldn't be just fucking Kitty; he wanted to make love to her—yeah like that was going to make a difference.

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