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On Marcel's first day of orientation he had to pass a simple physical checkup by the University doctor. Dr. Maurice DuBois went over Marcel's medical history and then he had Marcel provide a urine sample. Dr. DuBois's nurse came back in and drew blood from Marcel's arm. Marcel thought it was strange that Dr. DuBois had a male nurse. He noticed that Nurse Rafael acted very feminine and swished his ass around when he walked. Rafael then told Marcel to take off his clothes and put on a gown. "You slip your arms through in the front and it ties behind you. Go ahead and get ready and the doctor will be right back." Rafael stepped out of the exam room and Marcel changed into the gown. He liked being naked and he was actually a little turned on. He got excited when he was naked and he always got an erection. Today was no exception as he felt his cock harden beneath the gown. Marcel was embarrassed that his cock was still hard when Dr. DuBois returned. Maurice DuBois spotted Marcel's erection as it pushed out the gown and he smiled. "A horny little fucker and with a big cock to boot," Maurice thought to himself and decided to have some fun with the incoming student. The doctor checked all of Marcel's vital signs, breathing and reflexes. He touched the teen lightly as he checked him out and Marcel was incredibly turned on. Dr. DuBois checked Marcel's mouth, ears, eyes, and throat. "Everything is looking good Marcel. Now I need to check you for a hernia and I need to check your testicles and prostate. Stand up please." Marcel stood up in front of the exam table and his erect cock pushed the gown straight out. Marcel blushed and turned beet red at his predicament. Dr. DuBois acted as if it was perfectly normal for Marcel to have an erection. When he touched the sensitive genitals, Marcel thought that he would cum on the spot. Maurice felt the young man's testicles and took his time handling the taut sac. It tightened like a drum and Marcel let out a soft moan hardcoregaytubeporn. "It's quite all right Marcel. It is very natural for a young man to get frequent erections." Marcel had his eyes closed as the doctor handled him and he tried to think of other things in hopes that his erection would subside. Maurice, however intentionally kept the student aroused. "Okay it's time to check your prostate." He told him to turn and face the exam table. Marcel did as he was told and then he watched as Maurice put on a rubber glove and squirted some lubricant on his finger. Maurice then told him to lean forward over the table and to relax. Marcel felt a slippery finger probe his anus and then enter his ass. Marcel moaned softly at the penetration. Marcel really didn't need a prostate exam but Maurice just couldn't resist fingering the young man's tight shapely ass. Maurice wormed his finger around in the sweet ass and the teen's cock became harder than ever. Maurice eventually removed his finger from Marcel's ass but Marcel still felt the sensation from the intrusion. He secretly hoped that the doctor would put more in his ass and maybe even his cock. Marcel then groaned when Maurice took hold of his cock. Marcel realized then that the doctor had moved his glove and he stroked the dick with his bare hand. "I think that you could use some relief." Maurice then untied Marcel's gown and let it fall to the floor in front of him. Marcel was standing naked over the exam table as Maurice stroked the throbbing cock. Marcel thought that at any minute he would shoot cum all over the exam room. Maurice sensed that the boy was close and he put his finger back in Marcel's ass except this time he didn't bother with a glove. Marcel flinched and then tensed as the finger explored his anus and rectum again. "Oh, I'm going to cum!" Maurice watched as Marcel's cum shot out and landed on the exam table. The first three spurts must have traveled three to four feet. The next two streams landed midway on the table and then two more gobs landed on the edge of the exam table. Maurice loved the feeling of cum traveling through the stiff cock as the shaft throbbed and pulsed in the doctor's hand. Maurice looked at the exam table and the paper sheet covering the table was drenched with semen. Marcel stood there as Maurice still held on to the teen's cock. Marcel remained hard and Maurice smiled as he thought about the recuperative powers of teenagers but he decided that Marcel had enough for one day. "Marcel you can get cleaned up and dressed now." "I messed up your table." "That's okay, that's why there is a paper sheet on it. Rafael will clean it up." Marcel used paper towels to wipe off his cock and to wipe the lubricant off his ass. He still had the sensation of the anal penetration in his ass. He dressed and then left the exam room feeling somewhat empty as he wished the doctor would have fucked him. Rafael unlocked the office door and let Marcel out. Marcel headed back to the dorm a bit frustrated with the incident in the doctor's office. He was turned -on and in need of more action but it was only his first day at school. Rafael cleaned up the exam room after Marcel left and he was still in the room when Maurice returned. "My God that young man shot a liter of cum on the table!" Rafael exclaimed. "I know you should have seen it. I didn't think he was going to ever stop cumming. He is the third one today who let me masturbate them. I think we have an interesting crop of new students. "Oh yummy, I like them young like that." "Yeah, well right now I need some attention. My cock needs some attention. "Do you want me to take off my clothes?" Rafael asked. "No, just suck me for now and then I'll fuck you later. Rafael dropped to his knees in front of the doctor and unfastened Maurice's pants. Rafael pushed the pants along with the underwear down to the knees. Maurice was rock hard and Rafael lovingly grasped the 7+" cock. He then took the cock in his mouth and proceeded to suck the doctor off. Rafael was a very good cocksucker and in no time, he had the doctor ready to blow his load. Rafael knelt on the floor and drew Maurice in toward him. Rafael caressed the back of the doctor's legs and cheeks of his ass as his warm, wet, wonderful mouth sucked on the hard cock. Rafael massaged the head of the cock against the roof of his mouth. He circled it with his tongue and Maurice felt the light scraping of teeth. Maurice's knew he was going to shoot soon. Rafael took the cock out of his mouth and looked up at him as he stroked the entire length of it and massaged the bloated balls. Rafael loved to suck cock and he loved to tease him as well. Rafael then put the cock back in his mouth to wet it and then took it out again and blew on it as his fingers continually massaged the taut balls. He tickled the cock head with his tongue and teased the pee slit. Rafael teased his boss relentlessly. He seemed to know when Maurice was getting close, and he would do things to make him last longer. Rafael then took the cock all the way into his warm wet mouth. He swirled his tongue around the length of the shaft, nibbled on the cock head and sucked it. He reached under Maurice and rubbed the hardness between his balls and anus. Maurice felt his cock thicken and he knew he was going to cum this time. Rafael grabbed the ass cheeks with both hands as Maurice exploded in the succulent mouth. He fired round after round of cum into Rafael's mouth who sucked and swallowed as fast as he could. Rope after rope of semen shot into the receptive mouth as Maurice too, seemed to have an enormous supply. Finally, the barrage subsided and the remaining cum just oozed into the nurse's mouth. Rafael sucked on the thick firm cock until he had drained every drop from it. Rafael wished that Maurice would just take him at that moment as he had so many times. Rafael visualized being pressed down on the exam table with his pants around his knees as Maurice drilled his ass. But Rafael had to be patient and he knew that once they were at the house, Maurice would fuck him senseless. Maurice pulled up his pants and then the two of them closed up and left the office. The doctor wondered how many more students like Marcel, Chante and Felipe might be new students that year. MARCEL LEARNS ABOUT HIS ROOMMATE After his physical, Marcel decided to walk around the campus. Tomorrow he would get started with new student orientation. He had already had his physical checkup, if one could call it that. He liked his roommate Chante and he suspected that he might be gay. In a way, Marcel hoped that he was right so they might have some fun together. Marcel contemplated telling his roommate about the encounter with the doctor. In a way he wished the doctor would have fucked him and the nurse could have sucked him off. Once around the campus and Marcel headed back to the dormitory. He entered the building and it was still quiet and calm. He knew that would change in a few days with the arrival of upperclassmen. He got to his room and heard voices and he assumed that Felipe, Chante's friend, was there. He unlocked the door and opened it slowly, once inside and he stopped dead in his tracks. There naked in bed was Chante and Felipe in a 69-position sucking each other's cock. Marcel let out a gasp and the students stopped sucking and stared at him. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt you. I'll come back later." Marcel apologized but he didn't leave and he kept staring at the two lovely cocks and sweet asses. Chante noticed his interest and spoke softly. "You seem to be interested. Would you like to stay a while and play with us Marcel?" "Yes I would like that very much." Marcel removed his clothes and got in bed with them. He stared at the two cocks that he was seeing for the first time. Both Chante and Felipe had bigger cocks then his. He knew that his ass would be stretched again but not the way it had been at the theater. Marcel watched as Felipe put a generous amount of oil on his cock and stroked it until it was covered. He sensed that Felipe would be the first to fuck him. He was told to lay on his back as Felipe slipped his well-oiled cock into Marcel's ass. Chante knelt alongside Marcel's head and fed his cock to him. Marcel turned his face toward Chante and gobbled up his cock. Chante leaned over and took Marcel's cock in his mouth. Marcel sighed as his cock was sucked by Chante and he thought that it didn't get any better than this. A cock in his ass, a cock in his mouth and his cock in a mouth; he was heaven. Chante played with his nipples as Marcel sucked him thelivegayporn. Marcel knew he was close to cumming. He then felt Felipe's body stiffen just before he shot his load into the sweet ass. It was Felipe's first cum of the day and Marcel could the feel the force of the ejaculation as streams of cum flooded his rectum. Marcel tightened his sphincter around the cock in an effort to draw out every drop of man seed and he was rewarded for his efforts as Felipe's cock throbbed, pulsed and exploded in his ass. As Felipe slowly fucked Marcel allowing his cock to drain in the hot ass, Chante groaned on Marcel's cock that he was cumming. Marcel kept the cock in his mouth as Chante fired rope after rope of cum down Marcel's throat. That triggered Marcel's orgasm and he blasted his load into Chante's mouth. Both of them sucked on each other's cocks until they both slipped from the oral cavities. Marcel then moved between Chante's legs and slipped his cock into the lovely ass as Felipe offered Marcel a cock to suck on. This time Marcel came in Chante's ass, and Felipe came in Marcel's mouth. Marcel moved to all fours and then Chante fucked him as Felipe fucked Chante. The three of them fucked until Chante and Felipe shot their wads in the anal passages. Then they rested and thought about their next round of sex. It didn't take long for Marcel to turn his beautiful shapely ass up in the air in anticipation of Felipe's impressive cock. Felipe did not disappoint him and he was soon pounding Marcel's magnificent ass. Marcel got his ass totally reamed by Felipe. Marcel and Chante then got into a 69 position on their sides and Felipe took turns fucking their asses. The three of them writhed and humped until they all exploded in orgasms. Marcel and Chante filled each other's mouth with the familiar taste of cum just as Felipe blasted another load into Marcel's ass. They were done as it had been some time since any of them had cum so much and so often. "Marcel, I think that I am going to enjoy having you as a roommate." "I feel the same way Chante." "You can count on me to visit you two often," Felipe added. The three of them wrapped towels around their waists and made their way to the showers. After that marathon sex session, there was no risk of any of them showing hard in the shower. They returned to the dorm room, dressed and went to the dining area for a buffet dinner. They discussed their sexual orientation over dinner and they all wondered how many more gay students they would meet throughout the school year. MARCEL'S FOLLOW UP EXAM The following week Marcel was summoned to the doctor's office on Saturday for a follow-up exam. He thought that was odd that the doctor would be at the school on a Saturday. What he didn't know at the time was that Dr. DuBois was infatuated with Marcel's lovely ass and he could not get it out of his mind. He just had to have the pretty student. Marcel was scheduled to be the only appointment that morning so that there would be no interruptions. Rafael came into the waiting room and told Marcel to follow him to the exam room. He noticed that Rafael locked the front door before escorting him to the exam room. "Take off all your clothes and put on the gown if you want," the nurse instructed Marcel and then left the room. Marcel stripped off all his clothes and he thought about what Rafael said, giving him the option. He decided to put the gown on although secretly, he hoped that it wouldn't stay on for long. He slipped his arms through the front of the gown but he opted not to tie it behind him. Marcel sat on the exam table waiting for Dr. DuBois and he got an erection just from thinking about what might happen that day. He recalled the hand job but he hoped for more. Dr. DuBois entered the examination room and smiled at Marcel. "Marcel, please stand up." As he stood up. The doctor noticed that the gown pushed out around the pubes. It was obvious that Marcel had an erection. Maurice then pushed the gown off of the student's shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Marcel stood there with his cock as hard as a rock standing out from his body. Maurice pulled the stool over and sat on it next to where Marcel was standing. He reached for the cock and began stroking it. Marcel closed his eyes and groaned softly as the doctor's hand slid up and down the stiff cock. "Do you like that Marcel?" Marcel just nodded in reply. "Would you like me to check your prostate?" Marcel nodded in the affirmative. Maurice put on a rubber glove and spread some lubricant on his finger. He had Marcel lean forward slightly and eased his finger into the snug anus. Marcel grunted as the finger wormed its way in and he instinctively tightened his buttocks. Maurice stroked Marcel's cock as he finger-fucked his ass causing him to moan with pleasure. "Marcel, I'm going to call my nurse Rafael in here to assist me." Marcel didn't know why the nurse had to be there but he was so ready to cum that he didn't protest. Maurice called Rafael into the office and the nurse smiled when he saw the erect cock on the teenage patient. "Rafael, I need to put a larger probe in his bottom to check the prostate. Please hold his buttocks apart to make it easier." Rafael moved around in front of Marcel and dropped to his knees. He reached behind the student, took an ass cheek in each hand and gently pried them apart. At the same time, he put his mouth on the cock and Marcel gasped in surprise. His cock was in the warm wet mouth of the doctor's nurse. He forgot all about Dr. DuBois as Rafael's head bobbed up and down on his cock. Then Marcel felt a pressure in his anus as a larger probe made its way into his ass. He had been so distracted by Rafael that he never saw Maurice drop his pants to his knees. Maurice had lubed up his cock and now had it at the entrance to Marcel's ass. Marcel grunted when he felt the penetration but it was only when he felt the naked thighs did he realize that it was Maurice's cock. Marcel was thrilled as he realized that he was about to be fucked in the ass. Rafael continued to suck on his cock and Marcel knew that it just be a matter of minutes before he came. Maurice had both hands on Marcel's hips as he drilled the curvy ass. Rafael ran his hands all over Marcel's abs and thighs as he continued to suck on throbbing cock. Marcel felt his orgasm building in his scrotum and he knew that he would cum at any moment. Then without warning Maurice flooded the teen's ass. Marcel saw stars as he felt four or five huge pulses from the doctor's cock. Maurice groaned loudly as he drove into the sweet ass and unleashed a torrent of cum. Maurice's cock pulsated as round after round shot into the receptive ass. It was all too much for Marcel and he let loose with his own orgasm shooting cum into the back of Rafael's throat. Rafael stayed with the cock and swallowed every drop of the youthful discharge and for a while, he wondered if Marcel would ever stop cumming. Marcel was surprised that Rafael kept sucking his cock as he was aware of the amount of cum that he produced particularly with his first orgasm of the day. When he ejaculated, his sphincter muscle in his rectum and anus involuntarily contracted around Maurice's cock and milked it dry. Marcel felt stuffed and for good reason as Maurice had filled his rectum with semen. The three of them slowly moved apart when it was clear that Marcel and Maurice had finished cumming. "My God Maurice, I just drank down a quart of cum," Rafael gasped. "Well Marcel, Rafael hasn't cum yet and I think that you should pay him back for giving you such a good blow job," Maurice announced. "I'd like to fuck him," Rafael stated. "Of course you would. Marcel, get on the floor please with your head down and your ass in the air," the doctor directed. Marcel did as he was told as Rafael took off his clothes. He glanced at Rafael's erect cock and noticed that it was smaller than his own cock. Rafael put some lube on his cock and knelt behind him and then Marcel felt the nurse's cock slide into his ass. Rafael caressed the curvy ass as he fucked the teenager slowly. Although Rafael wanted to last longer he was too turned on and he came in the hot ass within minutes. Marcel felt the surge of cum as it entered his ass and he felt bloated as if he had just had an enema. Rafael pressed forward as he emptied his balls into the gripping ass as Marcel instinctively milked the cock dry. Maurice had watched the erotic scene of the two pretty young men fucking and he had shed his clothes as well. Maurice decided to continue with the action. "Marcel, would you like to fuck Rafael now?" he asked. Marcel's cock was fully erect again and he was extremely turned on. He nodded excitedly and Maurice directed Rafael to get on all fours. Maurice handed Marcel some lubricant and told him to grease up his cock. Marcel's cock hardened as he approached the nurse. He knelt behind Rafael and began to caress the beautiful ass. He put an ample amount of lubricant in his hands and rubbed it all around the anus. Marcel inserted first one finger then two fingers preparing the lovely ass to be fucked. He sawed his fingers in and out of the taut anus and he was turned on by the thought of burying his cock in the shapely ass. Marcel moved closer to Rafael and lined up the head of his cock with the anal opening. Marcel eased his stiff dick into the sweet ass.

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