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Account information
If anyone wishes to know some firsthand experience of any chemicals please don't be scared to message :)
Drug of choice
Cannabis at the moment, currently working on cutting down my use and finding something I like more.
Other information
Big fan of Horror, Sci-Fi, Documentaries.
Same interests as my movies.
I listen to just about everything, I really enjoy underground rap music and all forms of electronic music.
Big fan of Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Non-fiction manuals/guidebooks, historical books.
Video games
I am very into video games and have been my entire life, I play a wide variety of genres. I also use video games sometimes as a benchmark for my research as the action of playing most video games requires/helps train some motor & cognitive functions.
I don't read many magazines but if I do then they are most likely technology magazines.
I eat relatively healthy, I don't eat huge amounts of sugar, I eat a lot of healthy meat and vegetables. I also take vitamins and supplements everyday.
Mainly just water and milk, rarely drink juices and pop unless I am drinking alcohol. Which I also don't drink often.
Personal information
Real name
Xephos Alazharsha
About me
I am a Psychonaut and beginner researcher of Quantum Theory/Mechanics. Looking to find the answers to reality
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