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January 7th

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"You have no idea! I've thought about getting it on with all three of you for so many yearmpphhhh....mmmm..." Jimmy tried to say before his face was smothered by Gerri's dripping wet pussy. He was in heaven as his best friends' aunt and grandmother rode his dick and his face. Nancy gently massaged his balls as Robin's hot box went up and down on his dick. He then felt Robin lean down and sensed Gerri squirming even harder on his face. He moved his hands to Gerri's ass and felt Robin's head. That's when he realized that Robin was tonguing her sister's asshole. The sister on sister taboo was a huge turn on for Jimmy as he began to thrust up into Robin's pussy as she rode him. Soon both she and her sister were orgasming, Robin on his dick and Gerri on his face handjob gifs Once she was done cumming, Robin fell over to the side and Nancy climbed up and sank her pussy down on Jimmy's cock and began to ride up and down on it as she told Gerri to turn around cumshot gifs Gerri rose up, taking her pussy off of Jimmy's face and turned around and replaced it with her ass, which Jimmy promptly began to eat. Nancy leaned forward and buried her face into Gerri's pussy and moaned into it as she fucked herself on her grandson's huge hammer. In no time she was cumming on his dick while also managing to make Gerri cum again. Nancy's pussy action on his cock felt amazing to Jimmy, but he managed to focus on tonguing Gerri's asshole which helped to keep him from cumming. Nancy soon was having another orgasm, rode through it and just kept fucking herself on the big dick deepthroat gifs Robin knew that her old friend Nancy was in one of her cum drunk states and that without any sort of intervention she would never stop riding that dick. She moved next to her friend and gently pulled her off of Jimmy's cock . "Come on Nancy, you old sex crazed wildcat. It's time to let Gerri get some of that good dick ok? There's seven teenage studs here so you don't need to worry. You're going to be full of cock for the rest of the afternoon and evening." As Robin eased her friend down on the lounger, Gerri got up from Jimmy's face. He sat up and turned around and grabbed Gerri's legs and pulled her towards him while also pushing her down on the lounger. He took his swollen member in his hand and guided it into her pussy. Gerri moaned and wrapped her arms and legs around him as he began to hump into her. Next to them Robin was making out with Nancy and gently massaging her pussy. Even though Gerri had already cum twice, she quickly had another orgasm from Jimmy's fantastic, inherited dick sawing in and out of her cunt. Jimmy was thankful that she came so quickly because he was no longer able to hold off his own orgasm. "Gerri, I.....I'm cumming! I'm cumming...oh feel so good." "I can feel it Jimmy! You're filling me up! That's it baby. Give me all that jizz sweetie!" Jimmy humped into her until he was completely empty and then stopped, just laying on top of her as they both caught their breath. He then pulled his dick out of her and rolled over and they both lay there side by side. Gerri raised her head and regarded her sister and Nancy, who were still cuddling next to her. "Hey girls, come clean us up." Robin broke her kiss with Nancy. "I know you want to do your gorgeous grandson, so go ahead girl," said Robin. Nancy smiled and then moved over to Jimmy and began to suck his dick and lick up all of his cum and Gerri's juices. While she did that Robin got between her sister's legs and lapped up Jimmy's jizz that was drizzling out of her pussy. Gerri and Jimmy lay there with their eyes closed, enjoying their post orgasmic bliss as well as the wonderful oral sex being performed on both of them. Back in the basement Suzy and Barbara were on the blanket on all fours letting the five boys take turns fucking each of them up the ass. The moms' assholes were completely relaxed at this point and the boys were able to really pound away at them. They weren't fucking to completion though. Just until another one demanded a turn and then they would pull out of whichever asshole they were in and wait for another turn. Suzy was again in such a cum drunk state that she didn't even flinch when Colin pulled his cock out of her ass and then knelt in front of her and shoved it into her mouth. He put his hands on either side of her head and proceeded to thrust his hips and fuck her face. Her son Paul then replaced Colin and got behind her and shoved his dick in her ass. "Goddamn what a slut," said Brian who was standing off to the side. "Easy bro. That's my mom you're talking about," replied Paul as he pumped away at his mother's ass. Everyone laughed including Barbara who had her head down on the blanket as Derek fucked her ass. She felt somebody get in front of her and pushed herself up on her arms to see her son Brian's cock in front of her face. She had already broken so many taboos in the last two days, and now she was about to suck a dick that had been in her and her best friend's asses. She felt like a total wanton slut and was shocked at how much it turned her on. She looked up and Brian, "UH!...Brian...sweetie...I'm not sure I can suck with Derek's big....ah....his big my ass....oh shit......just fuck my.....ohhhh....just fuck my face baby...." "Sure thing mom," replied Brian, and Barbara placed her lips over his hard cock and he held onto her head and began to move his hips, fucking his big dick in and out of her mouth. Barbara squeezed her lips on his shaft and pressed her tongue onto the underside of his dick to make it as pleasurable as possible for him. "Oh yeah that's good," gasped Brian as he thrust his hips, sending his prick in and out of his mother's sucking mouth. The room filled with the sounds of the women getting anally spit roasted. You could hear the lubed up cocks fucking greased up assholes and the slurping sounds of wet sucking mouths. Both women were leaving saliva trails on the dicks that were fucking their faces. Barbara reached back and diddled her clit as she got stuffed with cock from both ends. Soon she was orgasming and her whole body trembled as the two boys speeded up their assault on her ass and mouth. "She's cumming! This is so hot," said Derek as he slammed into her ass even harder. "All right, let's rotate," yelled Colin who was standing off to the side and wanted to get his aching cock back in the game. The boys all pulled out and started to switch things up. Barbara took the short break to try and loosen up her stiff jaw before she got face fucked again. Suzy fell over and rolled onto her back, her glazed eyes staring at nothing. Paul got between her legs and started to fuck the blonde's pussy. Her body was on autopilot and she spread her legs and bent her knees with her feet planted on the floor. Her arms were off to the side and her body began to move up and down the blanket in rhythm to Paul's powerful thrusts. Colin got behind Barbara and slid his dick into her ass and began to pump away. His brother Eric got in front of her and put his fat cock in her mouth and started to fuck her face. The group fucked like this through several partner rotations. At one point Suzy briefly came to and wrapped her limbs around whichever boy happened to be fucking her pussy at that point and had an orgasm. She then went right back to being in a semi-catatonic state as the boys kept taking turns sticking it to her. Barbara eventually found herself stretched out on her back on the large ottoman piece of the sectional. Her head was leaning off of the end and her son Brian was fucking her mouth. Her legs were spread and straight up in the air as Eric fucked her ass as she masturbated her pussy with one hand. Brian announced that he was cumming as he continued to fuck his mother's mouth. Barbara started to gag because of the awkward position of her head laying over the side of the ottoman and had trouble swallowing his load. Cum started to spurt out of the sides of her mouth and run down her face as Brian continued to unload and pump in and out. "Hurry up man," said Eric. "I'm close and I'm gonna need her mouth!" On the floor next to them Derek was cumming into his mom's pussy with Colin up on deck, and Paul waiting behind him. Brian's orgasm finally subsided and he fell back onto the couch exhausted. Eric pumped Barbara's ass a few more times and then pulled out, scooted up onto the ottoman and grabbed her by the back of the neck and pulled her face into his spurting prick. The first shot hit her right in the face, which was already covered with her spit and her son's cum. He managed to get his dick in her mouth right before his second rope fired off. Barbara kept her mouth on his erupting cock and took in the rest of his cum. On the floor Colin had just finished cumming inside of Suzy and had rolled off as Paul took his place. He was extremely turned on from all of the activity and was soon pumping his load into his mother. Once he was done he collapsed on top of her, exhausted. Suzy let her legs unbend and fall to the floor, and reached up and ran her fingers through her boy's hair. Just then the door to the basement bedroom opened and Steve, Connie and Cheryl stepped out and rejoined the group. They paused to observe the exhausted bodies of the two mothers and the five boys strewn all over the basement floor. "It looks like we missed one hell of a party," said Cheryl. Barbara raised her head and looked at her son Steve, standing the middle of the Tucker sisters with his arms around their waists. "Hey baby! Did you take good care of my friends?" "He sure did," said Connie who leaned in and kissed Steve's neck. "This baby sure can fuck! And we're gonna borrow him lots more if you don't mind Barbara." "Well, we got seven of them so there's plenty of cock to go around," said Barbara. "Speaking of seven of them, where's my boy at," asked Connie. "He never came down with us. He must have stayed out by the pool with Robin, Gerri and Nancy," said Barbara. "Jimmy you dog you," said Steve, realizing that while he was having a threesome his best friend was having a foursome. Just then, the basement door opened and Jimmy and the three senior ladies all came walking down. All four were completely naked. "Jesus! What's been going on down here," asked Gerri. "Did we miss the orgy?" "Nope. We're just taking a break. Or at least I hope this is just a break. I want to keep going," said Barbara. "Hell yes," said Connie. "Let's get these boys hard again! Somebody wake Suzy up." The mothers, grandmothers, and aunt Robin all paired up with the seven teenage boys. The boys all sat on the sectionals, each with a much older lady on her knees, heads in their laps, as they sucked the boys' pricks. The boys were either looking at the woman bobbing up and down on their cocks or had their heads thrust back with their eyes closed as they luxuriated in the wonderful suck action on their dicks. Barbara and Suzy still had their hair back in tight ponytails to keep it out of the way while they sucked cock. The room filled with just the sounds of wet mouths working on the teenage dicks. Once the ladies got whichever boy they were sucking hard, they would either climb up on the couch with them or pull them down onto the floor, and help them guide their cocks into their pussies. Soon the basement was filled with seven copulating pairs. All of the mature women were on their backs with a teenage boy between their legs, their asses rising and falling as they fucked their partners' pussies. On the one sectional couch Barbara was getting pounded by her son Derek while on the other sectional Cheryl was getting railed by Brian. The remaining couples were spread out on the floor. Eric was fucking Robin when he got an idea. He pulled out of her and got up to retrieve his iPhone. He then returned and got back between her legs while playing with his phone. Robin grabbed his prick and placed it back inside of her vagina while asking him what he was doing. "What are you up to Eric," asked Robin. "I'm just making sure that everyone gets to be with everyone," Eric said. Then he announced to the group. "All right guys! I'm scheduling a timer! Where gonna do seven, five minute rounds! Every time the alarm goes off you have to get a new partner! No cumming guys until after the seventh round when you've been with all of these drop dead gorgeous ladies! Starting.....NOW!" Eric then put his phone down and concentrated on fucking Robin. She ran her hands through his hair and just said, "Always up to something aren't we Eric?" "You know me," he smiled and then leaned down to kiss her. "You're lucky you have a nice, unusually fat prick there stud," said Robin as she kissed him back. "Feels good huh?" "Oh yes! It feels very good you little scamp! Now fuck me with that big fat log of yours baby!" Robin teased. She wrapped her smooth legs around him as he pumped her pussy. The basement filled with the sounds of hard teenage dicks plunging in and out of extremely wet, mature pussies and the occasional moans of the women whenever they achieved orgasm, which was often. Eventually the first alarm went off and the clock restarted as the boys all got up and switched partners. The women remained laying on their backs with their legs spread, each ready to receive a new boy. Soon all seven mature pussies were once again getting stuffed by young cock. Connie, the most beautiful of the women was in high demand as Derek and his brother Paul bumped into each other while trying to be next with her, with Derek being the winner.

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