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July 18th

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Sarah, Liddy and Cadence had been best friends all their lives. They could not have been more different from each other. Sarah was tall and blonde; a cheerleader. Liddy was petite; an athlete. Cadence was a bigger brunette; a sort of nerd. They had all just turned 18 in the last few months and had decided to have one more sleepover to celebrate all their birthdays and the fact that they were all leaving for college soon besthdporn. The girls got together at Liddy's house as her parents were away and they wouldn't be nagged. They brought junk food; put on their girliest, which in this case was their skimpiest, pajamas and watched all sorts of movies. One movie involved a lesbian sex scene between friends and this got the girls talking; so they decided to head up to bed where they could continue the conversation more comfortably. They all cuddled into Liddy's bed and continued the conversation. Sarah admitted to have kissed a girl while at cheer camp and the other two wanted all the details. They lay for about an hour discussing fantasies, dicks they had seen and imagining what it would be like to be with a girl. They told each other how they masturbated every night - Sarah with a small vibrator she stole from her mother's draw, Liddy with just her fingers, and Cadence with almost anything she could find including the back of her hairbrush. The girls talked until they were exhausted and decided to turn in. Now after all this talk each of the girls were feeling overly horny but none would say it out loud. Cadence lay on the left of the bed and thought that if she turned her back to the other two she would be able to touch herself without them noticing. She slipped her hand into her underwear and found that she was soaked. She rubbed her fingers down her slit and into her gaping hole. She had to bit her lip so as not to moan to loudly; she heard nothing behind her so she continued on. At the same time, Liddy who was sleeping on the other end of the bed had the same idea of turning around in order to get to some playtime with herself. She slipped her hand into her pants and loved the idea that she was not wearing any panties. She too was soaked and didn't waste anytime by dipping two finger straight into her dripping pussy. Once the two had turned, Sarah finally felt safe enough to explore her own wanting pussy. She slowly slipped her hand into her boy-cut undies and started teasing her clit and pulling on her pussy lips, which were now soaked with her juices. By now all three girls had their fingers buried deep into their pussies, seemingly forgetting about each other. Out of the silence all three girls let out an orgasmic moan followed by silence. Cadence spoke first saying that she figured they were all up to the same thing, as she turned towards the other girls, fingers still buried deep inside herself. Liddy turned as well and they all looked at each other with a smile. They continued what they were doing and now didn't hold anything back. They were all moaning and squirming around on the bed. The smell of pussy filled the room and you could hear the sloshing noises of their fingers on and in their wet cunts. Each one began to build to their final orgasm and as they reached their peak they let out an orgasmic scream with each one soaking their side of their bed with the overflow of pussy juice hotmyfreecams. Without saying a word they snuggled to each other and dozed off. Sarah awoke to find Cadence's hand in her pants and Liddy's mouth on her boob. She moaned in ecstasy and the other two took it as their indication to move into full swing. Cadence began to move her hand faster and Liddy began devouring Sarah's tits. It didn't take long before Sarah was screaming in orgasm. While Sarah took a moment to recover the other two began undressing each other and then locked lips in a lustful kiss. They began devouring each other. Sarah, not wanting to be left out slid down and placed her head beneath Liddy's legs and licked her pussy. Once she tasted it she went into a frenzy and began devouring Liddy's pussy. Liddy let out a loud moan. Cadence moved to between Sarah's legs and began licking and tasting her friends creamy cunt. All the girls were deep into what they were doing and again the room filled with moans, noise of wet pussies and the smell of orgasm after orgasm. The girls moved away from each other and then lay in a circle each connecting their mouth to a pussy - Sarah on Cadence, Cadence on Liddy and Liddy on Sarah. They began sucking each other's creamy cunts, licking all the pussy juices that were flowing. They continued this assault on each other until they all began to tense. All three girls began to come - pussy juice gushing from each one and they just kept eating until they were all exhausted. They crawled to the top of the bed and fell asleep. The next morning when they awoke they all agreed that this was the most amazing experience that any of them had ever had. They lay naked, side by side, each girl with her fingers buried in the one beside them's pussy. This is where they decided to attend the college that had accepted them all and get a one bedroom apartment together off-campus. No further discussion was needed as each girl sang her agreement as she reached another gushing orgasm.

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