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November 13th

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Denny was as nervous as all get out. He still didn't believe that he agreed to come to the gay party with Dexter. He was still inexperienced with sex and had never made the determination whether he was shy with girls or actually gay. Still Dexter, openly gay, had been a good friend and he was someone who Denny trusted. Denny was 18 years old, otherwise Dexter would not have invited him to the party. It all seemed innocent enough when he first arrived with guys drinking and conversing. It was a beach front party and most guys were wearing shorts, tank tops and flip flops. Denny was a very good looking young man whom many would say was pretty rather than handsome. He was 5'7" and weighed around 150 pounds. He had a very effeminate look to him with shapely legs and a curvy bottom. His hair was blond with dark roots that he kept long covering his neck, ears and forehead. At first glance, he could pass for a girl especially from behind. Dexter was a very handsome gay young man of 22 years. He was very fit and at 5'10" weighed a fit 170 pounds. He loved to work out and show off his washboard abs. He was definitely gay and he had no problem with his sexual orientation even though most of his friends had not come out. He was indeed blessed with a thick 7+" cock that received a lot of attention. The house hosting the party was owned by a close friend of Dexter's named Russel, who was a successful investment banker. The house was on the beach and also had a swimming pool. Denny knew it was expensive and he was in awe of the property. Still he was nervous about being there. However, he was pleased that everything seemed under control and not the orgy he had worried about. He had no idea that would soon change and impact his life forever gaytubeporn. "Denny, come with me. I'll give you the cook's tour of the house." Dexter said as he took Denny by the elbow. Denny reluctantly let himself be led around by Dexter. The house was very impressive as it had all of the amenities, one could imagine. Dexter brought Denny upstairs and showed him the master bathroom with the super large shower and Roman style jacuzzi tub. Denny had never seen a bathroom that large in his life. They continued the tour and then Dexter steered Denny into another bedroom. It was dimly lit but Denny spotted silhouettes in the room but they were unidentifiable. Upon closer inspection, once his eyes adjusted, he saw that there were two naked men having sex. It was clear that one was fucking the other. Denny was shocked and felt uncomfortable in the room and turned to leave. Dexter stopped him and turned him to watch the two gays engaged in sex. "Denny, relax, they are not doing anything that we won't soon be doing." "No, I can't." "Of course, you can, it's what you want. It's what you always wanted." "I should get going." "Nonsense, now drop to your knees and take my cock out. You know you want to." Denny hesitated as he was scared to death. He didn't know what he wanted, yet here he was a at gay party with his gay friend. He allowed himself to be pushed to his knees by Dexter's strong hands. Now with his face level with his friend's crotch, he froze. Sensing the apprehension, Dexter unzipped his fly and pulled his cock and balls through the opening. Denny stared at an erect cock, other than his own, for the first time in his life. "Take it in your hand Denny, stroke it. Get a good feel for it." Denny took the cock in his hand and for the first time ever, he was holding a cock other than his own. He liked the feel of the thick hard shaft and stroked it as he would his own when he masturbated. Suddenly, he wanted it to cum. He wanted his friend's cock to shoot just as his did when he jerked off. "Denny, take it in your mouth." "I couldn't." "Of course, you can, start with just the head and get comfortable sucking cock." Once again, Denny followed instructions. He found that he liked sucking on the head and without being told, he took a little more in his mouth. He reached down and freed his own cock through the fly in his shorts. Now he was jerking off as he sucked his first cock. He felt Dexter's hands on his head holding him in place. "Oh Denny, here it cums." The first shot fired into Denny's mouth and he nearly gagged on it. He learned quickly to block the next discharge with the underside his tongue and let the semen run down his face. Several more shots bounced off of his tongue and he was amazed at the force and volume of the ejaculation. He could not help but the taste the seed but decided that it was not so bad. His own cock was throbbing and he began stroking it as he wanted to cum too. Dexter surprised him by dropping down and taking the 5+" pecker in his mouth. Denny was getting his first blow job and he was on cloud nine. He never knew anything could feel that good. He was very turned on and it did not take long to cum. He fired rounds of youthful semen into his friend's mouth. Denny was somewhat surprised that Dexter swallowed every drop. Once his cock was drained, Dexter moved away and Denny rocked back on his haunches. He looked over at the other two in the room who were now fucking in the bed. He then felt Dexter undressing him and soon they were both naked. Dexter guided Denny to the bed thegaylivechat. Once again, Denny was apprehensive and nervous about what may happen next. He was lying face down when someone pulled him to his knees and began to wash his bottom. He felt the warm soapy wash rag glide over his anus and then there was slight penetration. It felt very erotic and he got another boner. He realized that it was the tip of someone's tongue that penetrated him. He felt the tongue run up and down along his perineum and dip into his anus. His body responded and he rotated his lovely bum. He was incredibly turned on but didn't know what he wanted next. His cock was still hard and he was tempted to grab it but just then he felt another sensation. A cool substance was being applied to his anus and he panicked when he heard Dexter speak. "Relax Denny, we need to get your ass ready to be fucked. You do want to be fucked, don't you?" Denny didn't reply but sensed his fate was inevitable. He liked the attention to his anus but wasn't sure about getting fucked. The finger in his ass felt good but then it was just a finger. He didn't know who was fingering his bum because Dexter was kneeling alongside and directing the action. A second finger was added and he felt the increased pressure. More lube and constant penetration opened his ass for his first butt fuck. Whoever it was that eased a cock into his ass, Denny was grateful that it didn't feel any different than a finger and there was only a slight discomfort, no pain. "Barry will fuck you first. He has the perfect cock for your first butt fucking. He is slender and not too long. It will stretch you without any pain." Denny felt the slender dick slide in and out. Dexter was right there wasn't any pain just a feeling of fullness in his rectum. He felt hands on his buttocks caressing them and then Barry said in a soft voice. "You have a beautiful ass. I could fuck this ass all night." The fucking and caressing continued and then Denny felt a hand on his cock. He didn't know who it belonged to but it felt good to be stroked while being fucked. Another guy appeared on the bed in front of him and pushed his cock toward Denny's face. He again heard Dexter's voice. "This is Cory. Suck his cock and get him hard and wet for your ass. He will fuck you next." Denny took the cock in his mouth that was thicker and longer than Barry's. Suddenly he felt a void in his ass and the next thing he felt was Barry's seed landing on his back and buttocks. After ejaculating on the teen, Barry put his cock back in the sweet ass and let the sphincter milk it free of the remaining sperm. He pulled back out and he was quickly replaced by Cory but not before Denny's ass was lubed again. This time Denny felt the soft mushroom head straining to get passed the taut rubbery ring. His hands gripped the bed sheets as this time he felt a slight pain. The cockhead popped through but Cory remained still for a few seconds letting Denny get used to the thicker cock. Slowly he fed the stiff dick to the teen a little at a time. Each time he went deeper, he paused until he felt Denny was ready for more. Another gay appeared on the bed and offered his cock to the pretty teenager. Again, it was Dexter's voice, "This Bobby, suck his cock and it will take your mind off the pressure in your bottom." Denny took the even bigger cock in his mouth as Cory continued to work his in deeper. Bobby was the biggest so far but he was still not as big as Dexter. Suddenly to his surprise and immense pleasure, a mouth enveloped his cock and began sucking it. He was overcome with lust and relaxed as Cory's cock hit bottom. Cory fucked the beautiful teen ass and caressed it just as Barry had. It didn't take long for Denny to cum as he was overwhelmed having his cock sucked while he was sucking cock and getting fucked at the same time. He couldn't imagine anything more pleasurable and exciting. Once again, the cock left his ass and sprayed his body with a massive load. Cory too, put his cock back in and let it be milked by the clenching gripping rectum. Bobby's cock was pulled from his mouth and Denny knew where it was headed. More lube was applied to his anus and then the big cock wormed its way in. Another gay was on the bed and he had Denny suck him off. This time the guy came in Denny's mouth while Bobby drilled the lovely ass. Bobby followed suit and pulled out to shoot. Denny felt more semen hit his body and mingle with the other loads. He felt the cock re-enter and once again he instinctively squeezed it with his sphincter. Bobby's cock left his ass but it was quickly replaced with one thicker and longer. Denny knew that it had to be Dexter. "I think that you are ready for me now. As much as I would have loved to been the first, I did not want to hurt you. You are truly beautiful Denny and you have a marvelous ass." There was no other cock for his mouth and no one was sucking on his. It was all about Dexter fucking the lovely teenager slowly and methodically. He was in no hurry to cum as he wanted to savor every moment in the incredible teen ass. Denny had already cum three times and for now he just went with the flow as the big dick reamed his youthful bottom. In and out the impressive cock moved until Dexter was ready to cum again. For the first time in his life Denny felt a guy cum in his ass. Streams shot in filling the rectum creating a feeling that Denny actually liked. The semen seemed to sooth his ravaged ass and felt good in his rectum. Dexter moved back and let his cock slip from the sweet ass. Denny was overcome with lust and he remained on all fours. Then he was aware of other gays around him and once again he had a cock in his mouth and ass. There was also a mouth on his cock and the sensations were indescribable. There were so many cocks over the next several hours that he was sure that everyone at the party had fucked him or he had sucked them off. The last thing he remembered was flopping down on the bed. The morning sun plus his need to pee woke him up. He made his way to the bathroom and took a long rewarding piss. He returned to the bedroom where he had spent the night although he had not expected to be there. He wondered where Dexter was that morning. Then the host of the party arrived bedside. He sat alongside Denny and stroked the curvy ass cheeks. "You were a big hit last night Denny," said Roman the homeowner. "Did you fuck me too?" "Oh yes, everyone fucked you last night. You have an ass that cannot be denied." "Is Dexter still here?" "He ran out to get some doughnuts. He'll be back soon. While we are waiting, I am going to fuck that lovely ass of yours again. Come with me to my bedroom and we will bathe first. I already ran a bath for us." Dexter rolled his achy body out of bed and followed his host to the master bath. He noticed all the dried semen on the bed sheets where he had spent the night. Roman noticed it too and smiled as he spoke. "Those sheets look like they have starch in them with all that dried cum." Roman had his hand around Denny's waist and let it slip down and cup a shapely buttock. The tub was filled with warm oily water as Roman had added the bath oil. They entered the tub and Roman turned on the jets on a low setting. Denny liked the feel of the bubbly water on his tender anus. He maneuvered around to aim the jet at rubbery ring and sighed as it caressed the opening. "That does feel good, doesn't it? I do that all the time, the day after anal sex." Denny just nodded his agreement. Roman let the teen enjoy the bath for some time. Then he had Denny lean over the edge of the tub with his shapely ass above the water. Roman leaned in and planted kisses on the smooth flawless shapely bottom. He ran his tongue in the crack and let it dance over the teen's tailbone. Denny had never felt anything so erotic and he had never realized that his tailbone was such an erogenous spot. He felt his cock hardened and he hoped that Roman would suck it. Roman continued to work the teen's bottom and Denny was ready to be fucked again. He felt oil being applied to his anus and he knew that Roman intended to fuck him in the tub. The oil covered shaft easily slipped into Denny's ass and went all the way with a one steady plunge. Roman fucked the pretty teen slowly admiring and savoring the irresistible derriere. Denny felt one of the jets near his cock and he moved his erection close to it. The bubbly water caressed the head of his stiff pecker as he was lovingly fucked by his host. In a matter of minutes Roman was cumming in the sweet ass and Denny again loved the sensation of his rectum being filled with a man's seed. He didn't cum but he hoped that Roman would get him off. Roman eased out of the lovely bottom even as the taut ring strove to trap his cock. Denny turned around and found a jet to douche his cum-filled ass. His cock head stuck up through the water but Roman did not make a move on it. "Come Denny, let's get dried off and go to my bed. I know that you did not get to fuck anyone last night. Would you like to fuck me? "I guess so. I've never done that." "Well it's time then. You should learn that as well." Roman took some lubricant and greased his anus thoroughly. Denny watched and he was really turned on by the prospect of fucking his host. Roman guided him and Denny loved the feeling of having his cock buried in the warm chute. He was excited and fucked Roman rapidly until he shot his seed into the receptive passage. He felt the sphincter grip and release his shaft as it milked every drop of semen from it. He thought it was the most marvelous thing he had ever experienced. Just then he heard Dexter's voice. "Well, I see you two are getting along this fine morning. Come on downstairs, the coffee is made and I got the doughnuts." The two lovers cleaned up and tossed on their shorts and tee shirts. They headed for the kitchen and Denny was surprised to see three other guys beside Dexter, at the table having coffee and doughnuts. He recognized them as Barry, Cory and Bobby. He felt a brief tinge of embarrassment to be with the five men who had fucked him the night before but that quickly passed. After coffee and doughnuts, they all went for a walk on the beach and then returned to the house to hang out by the pool. Denny learned that Bobby, Cory and Barry all worked for Roman at one of the salons he owned. In addition to being a successful investment banker, Roman owned several small businesses including the hair salons. The three gays were all stylists at one salon in a well-known gay section of town. "So, Denny, what are your plans now that you have graduated from high school?" Roman inquired. "I am probably going to go to the local junior college for a couple of years as a commuter student." "Would you be interested in becoming a stylist like these boys and work for me?" "I don't know anything about that." "Of course, you don't. I will arrange for your training and then you can work at the salon. That's how these three got started." "It sounds interesting." "Once you start working, you can still go to college if you wish." "Okay, I'm willing to give it a try." "That's wonderful, you can begin your training next week. The barber school has an opening." At that point before lunch, the other three gays decided it was time to leave. Denny also thought he should leave but he was stopped by Dexter. "You will stay and party with Roman and I this afternoon." Denny knew he was in for more sex and he hoped that he would get to fuck Roman a second time. They said good bye to the others and then they moved back into the house. Dexter was all business as he was anxious to fuck Denny again. He insisted that they go right to Roman's bedroom and take off their clothes. Denny once again, stared at the massive cock that looked ominous even in its soft state. Dexter smiled when he saw Denny's reaction to his big dick and he loving cupped Denny's shapely ass. Roman, also naked now, got a tube of lubricant and handed it to Dexter who then had Denny bend over the side of the bed. He liberally applied the lubricant to the teen's anus and spent a lot of time caressing the sweet young ass. Dexter began to finger Denny's ass and the finger felt as thick as Barry's cock. He moaned as the finger wormed its way into his rectum. Denny's own cock was rock hard and Dexter teased it by stroking it and rubbing the tight ball sac. "I want you on your back this time. I want to see your face when my cock goes into your hot ass." Roman was anxious to see that too as he always enjoyed the initial reaction when they felt Dexter's porker. Denny got on his back in bed and Dexter moved between the smooth shapely legs. Dexter knelt close and lifted Denny's' legs up so that his asshole was clearly visible. Dexter pulled the teen close to him and let the head of his cock penetrate the taut anus. Denny stayed still as the large cock head slipped into his ass. Dexter then pulled the teenager toward him again so that the backs of the thighs were resting on the front of Dexter's thighs. More of Dexter's cock sank into the snug ass and worked its way past the sphincter muscle. Denny groaned out loud as the big cock worked its way into his ass. Dexter and Roman watched the expression on the pretty young face as he fed him more and more cock. Denny grunted and groaned as Dexter began to fuck him faster and deeper. Dexter loved the expression of Denny's face as it grimaced with each thrust. Roman then took a hold of the teen's cock and jerked him off. Denny cried out and streams of cum shot past his head. Roman kept jerking on the virile cock until every drop of cum had been squeezed from it. They both looked at Denny and saw that he had traces of cum from his head all the way down to his pubes. Dexter pulled out of Denny's ass and sprayed his cum all over the pretty boy. The man seed landed on Denny's face, neck, chest and abs before it pooled around his pubes. Dexter remained hard and he was not yet done with Denny. He rolled the teen over on all fours and put his cock back in the beautiful curvy ass. Denny knew that he would be in for a longer session this time. Dexter moved his cock slowly again allowing Denny to get used to it in that position. Denny felt the cock work its way in deeper and deeper until he could feel pubic hair tickling his buttocks. Roman again reached for the teen's hard cock and jerked him off as Dexter fucked him with long deep strokes. "Oh Dexter it feels so good, fuck me, fuck me with your big cock," Denny rasped, surprised at his own voice.

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