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April 9th

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On Saturday morning Margaret was ready for sex. She had missed Dustin during the week but she was tired and not in the mood Friday evening. He was awake and he could actually smell her arousal from his place on the bed. His cock was hard with desire and she smiled and took it in her hand. He started to stroke the lace trimmed panties and she moaned as his fingers made their way to her clit. His one finger touched it through the silk material. Her mouth opened as if to cry out but she remained silent. She was more than ready and desperate to cum. Dustin was now massaging her clit completely with two fingers pushing through the thin material. Margaret grasped the bed sheets in both hands and raised her hips to push herself harder onto his rubbing fingers. It seemed like an eternity but he finally slipped his fingers under the panties and into her pussy. Once again, she grabbed the bed sheets tighter and opened her mouth but no words came out gaysextube. Dustin began pushing deeper, using his thumb to continue the work on her clit as his fingers moved in and out of her quim. She felt every push as he slowly finger fucked her soaking wet pussy. His fingers were firmly in her teasing her g-spot as his thumb continued the assault on her clit. Her head was tilted back and her eyes closed as she concentrated on the immense pleasure. Dustin slipped her panties off as she raised her hips to accommodate him. "It's time for me to taste your sweetness." Looking down, she saw him toss her panties to one side and move his soft lips toward her treasure. Then she felt was the heat of his mouth on her clit, and the probing of his tongue in her pussy. Overcome with desire, she lifted her legs so they were resting on his shoulders, locked them behind his head and pulled herself nearer to his mouth. Dustin used the new position to dive deep into her pussy with his tongue, tasting the wetness and lapping at her clit. He felt her legs tighten and heard a stifled scream as her entire body began to shake. Margaret looked down at her husband as she climaxed and saw him looking directly back at her as she squirted in his mouth. Dustin was ready and he desperately wanted to be inside her. He rolled to his back in bed and guided her so she was straddling him. Teasing him, she let her pussy brush his cock as she held it below her. Then cautiously, in a practiced movement, she sat all the way down until his cock was deep in her pussy and her ass was on his thighs. For a few seconds, they did not move or speak. Margaret then gasped. "You feel amazing. So big, so deep, I've missed you." She began moving with a slight rocking of her pelvis and he started rhythmically moving his hips up and down while holding her waist in his strong hands. She responded to his movements, plunging her hips down to meet his upward thrusts. The sensation was incredible as his cock slid deep and hard into her, while her clit brushed his pubes with each impact. Margaret thought that the stimulation couldn't possibly get any more intense. The feeling of approaching another orgasm was taking over her body. She felt Dustin's hands shift to cup her ass, and one finger inch closer towards her nether hole. She still did not do anal but she liked the fingertip teasing her anus. Margaret slowed her pace as he first wet his finger in her pussy and placed it between her cheeks. When he finally touched the taut rubbery ring, she gasped with the unexpected pleasure. He thought to himself, maybe this time and he pushed gently, feeling the resistance. She tried to relax to let his finger circle her nether hole again. He repeated the pattern for a few more times, then she felt the pressure as he pushed past her tight aperture and pressed his finger up to the first knuckle into her ass. That was as deep as he had ever gone and he was pleased that she didn't stop him this time. She sped up her movements up and down his cock, gasping every time she sat down and felt his fingertip inside her. She was so close. "Come for me," he whispered. She felt her muscles clench, increasing the sensations even more as she gripped the big cock and fingertip. Her body ground down onto his thighs, keeping him deep in her. Dustin pushed down on her hips and moved his pelvis up even higher. Unable to move, she dug her fingers into his shoulders as her body shook almost violently. Dustin initially let her ride it out but he too needed to cum. His cock exploded in her pussy and she could feel the warm semen shoot into her and splash off her inner walls. She collapsed face down on his chest and he held her lovingly, caressing her back and buttocks. Margaret barely had enough energy to roll off of her husband. She lay on her back next to him breathing deeply. He rolled onto his side and caressed her lovely breasts as they both recovered from the intensity of their orgasms. They didn't speak about his finger probing her anus but she was glad that he didn't try to go deeper. She would tell him later not to do that. "Do we have anything planned for today thegaycamchat?" "I'm getting my hair done later at 11:00 AM and then I'm meeting Judy for lunch. Is that okay?" "Sure, I have some reading to catch up on for the client." "I don't know what Brandon has planned today. So, he may be home too." "He may have his friend over again. Artie was here yesterday. They are no problem they just hung out by the pool." Dustin told her but he did not tell her that they were fucking and sucking each other. If Artie was not coming over until after lunch then Dustin was thinking that he would probably fuck Brandy while Margaret was out. It would be probably the only opportunity to do so that weekend. The two of them got out of bed and Dustin put the coffee on while Margaret showered. He checked on Brandon before he took his shower. Brandon was in bed lying face down with one knee bent slightly. The position emphasized his curvy bottom clad in the snug sleep shorts. Dustin sat on the bed and ran his hand over the shapely buttock. Brandon rolled to the side and smiled. "Good morning, I don't know what your plans are today but your mother is getting her hair done at 11:00 and then meeting her girlfriend for lunch." "Oh, thanks for telling me. I'll tell Artie to come over around 2:00 PM so we can have some fun. That is if you're up for it." "I don't have any trouble getting up for it. I'll see you at breakfast." Dustin and Brandon both showered, dressed and joined Margaret for breakfast. At 10:30 AM Margaret left for her hair appointment. The guys cleaned up after breakfast and a couple of times, Dustin grabbed Brandon's ass. The grab ass play got them both excited and they went to Brandon's room. BOYS PLAY WHILE MOM IS AWAY "Would you do me a favor and massage me first?" "Sure Brandy, I like massaging you." The both stripped which was easy since they were both in tees and shorts with no underwear. Brandon handed his stepfather the massage oil and got in bed on his back. "Do my front first." "Good, I like saving your ass for last." Dustin poured the oil in his hands and began with Brandy's legs. He was always taken with the smooth skin. Dustin lifted a leg placing the heel on his shoulder and massaged it up and down. Brandy got a boner immediately but Dustin didn't touch it although he came close when massaging the thigh. He switched to the other leg and repeated the action. Brandy's cock would twitch every so often from his excitement of being fondled and rubbed. Moving to the side of the bed, Dustin massaged his stepson's upper body. He massaged the chest and abs and at times let the back of his hand graze Brandy's boner. Brandy turned his head to the side and saw that his stepfather had gotten hard. He reached for the big dick and guided toward his mouth. He took about half in and swirled his tongue around the shaft. Then he kept just the soft spongy head in his mouth and nibbled on it. The sensation was great but Dustin wanted to save himself for the lovely ass. Stepping back away his cock left the teen's mouth and he spoke. "Turn over, time for me to do the back side." Brandy rolled onto his belly and in a sexy gesture he wiggled his ass at his stepfather. Dustin got in bed and straddled the back of Brandy's thighs, sitting just below the shapely buttocks. He poured oil on the slender teen and went to work on his shoulders and back. He moved to the lower back and then to the scrumptious ass. He loved rubbing and squeezing the curvy buns and dipping his hand in the crack. They were both turned on and Dustin began to prepare the lovely bottom for his cock. He pushed the legs apart and knelt between them. He began to finger the anus and then switched to his thumb. Next, he replaced the thumb with two oily fingers and soon had them moving easily in and out. It was time for his cock and applied the oil liberally to his thick meat. Brandy pushed his ass up as Dustin eased the mushroom head into the anus. He slowly fed his cock to his pretty stepson and it was as if the sphincter grabbed it and pulled it inside. It had been over a month since Dustin had fucked Brandy so the fit was snug. Brandy had not been fucked by a cock that size since leaving home and he was glad that his stepfather was gentle. The sensation for both of them was incredible. Once the passage was stretched and loosened, Dustin began the slow fucking rhythm. He kept his weight off the slender teen and watched his cock slide in and out. The sight was magnificent as his thick shaft disappeared and then re-appeared between the silky-smooth buttocks. Brandy pushed his ass up each time to receive the penetration. His cock was throbbing and he though that he might cum without touching it. Each time he was flattened on his bed, his dick slid along the bedsheet. Dustin was close and whispered as if other people were in the house. "I'm really close. Where do you want it?" "Cum in me, I want to feel you shoot in me." Seconds later, Brandy felt the rush of semen shoot into his rectum. He loved the sensation of the warm syrupy liquid filling his passage. Feeling so full was a huge turn on for him. He pushed his ass up as if it were possible to get the cock in any deeper, then he massaged the shaft his sphincter muscle. Dustin remained in position keeping his weight off the slender body and savored the milking action around his cock. He eventually rocked back on his legs and let his cock slip out. It was still hard and looked a bit menacing around the dilated anus. Brandy rolled over on his back and lifted his legs. Dustin knew what his stepson wanted so he pushed his cock back in the sweet ass. Brandy took a hold of his erection and jerked off with the big dick in his ass. He came quickly and it was another massive ejaculation. The first stream shot past his head and hit the bed headboard. Subsequent streams landed on his chest, abs and pubes. Dustin noticed a trace of semen on his stepson's face as he eased his cock back out of the gripping channel. "Oh Dustin, I love to be fucked like that." "I'm glad that you do. I love fucking your marvelous ass. Let's get cleaned up and chill out by the pool. I have to save something for your mother in case she is in the mood tonight. Besides you have Artie coming over today." They both showered for the second time that day and then sat out by the pool. Dustin reheated the coffee and they shared the daily newspaper which had become pretty routine. Later they would have a light lunch before Artie arrived. ARTIE, MARGARET AND CHINESE FOOD Brandon and Dustin were both wearing their snug fitting Speedos when Artie arrived. Brando's was a bikini and Dustin wore trunks. Artie could not help notice Dustin's package and he blushed slightly when caught staring at it. Dustin noticed that Artie was indeed cute. He had an angelic face and a slender body like Brandy. The three of them sat on the pool deck drinking beer for a few minutes before Dustin excused himself. "You two enjoy yourselves, I have some work to do. I'll be in the study." He left the two pretty gay teens alone, grabbed another beer and put on a tee and shorts before beginning his work. Brandy and Artie put oil on each other and teased each other until they were both sporting boners. Brandy slipped off his Speedo and lay naked on the lounge. Artie was nervous with Dustin at home.

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