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Cross City,

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My last night in Vientiane, I'm on my own, having put Ben on a plane headed home earlier that day. I was now unencumbered, by my own unexploded ordinance of a brother. Sonny, my older half-brother, was genuinely looking out for me. The same man who tried to get me laid in Paris almost eight years earlier would come through in the clutch. After inviting me out for Korean BBQ in the city to meet his half of the family from his mother's side, we are joined by a cousin who is in on the plan and is responsible for the setting up Phase 2 of the night. Four of us pile into the Mercedes, and we take a ride to an edge of the city I had never seen before. Otherwise known as a Resort, Hotel, and Karaoke, the [name deleted] is anything but regular Karaoke. It was dark, and every unit in this complex had a bottom floor which housed a salon with a bar, couches, coffee tables, and the usual karaoke setup. Strangely, except for the blue Christmas tree lights the complex is pitch black. Parking attendants wave us in using the same marker lights ground crews use to direct airplanes on runways. Also, the entire population outside the complex is male. I begin to piece things together slowly and realize Sonny had the same revelation I had, we could never do anything like this while Ben was around.Inside the bungalows are extra bedrooms and bathrooms off the salon. The top floors of the cottages yielded the same pattern. The cottages were built for one thing and one thing only. My excited suspicions are confirmed shortly after we sit down on the couches. An older but, still smoking hot MILF, in daisy dukes so short her ass begs to be cupped, enters our bungalow with nine women in tow. Each had their own distinguishing attributes, but all had bodies built for sin. I'm asked to pick first, and I choose a brunette Lao girl in stacked heels, a tight-fitting black micro-mini dress with a criss-cross back and a face that was both innocent and sexy at the same time Asian Porn Pussy. To me, she appeared to be a cross between Jennifer Aniston and Kimberly Amber Thiessen of "Saved By the Bell" fame - let us call her Amber. I wondered how long before we could skip right to the main event.In retrospect when the last girl was picked by my cousin, I knew that most likely — I had chosen wrong. I had picked someone who looked like the type of girl I wanted to date or marry. But this night was for debauchery, and my cousin had made the right choice. I had missed this last choice since she was right outside the door and wasn't visible until all the other girls had been picked. This afforded the space to allow her to move in. While all the girls had a body built for sin, this girl had a body built for FUCKING and SUCKING. And by fucking, I meant she looked like a girl that made you want to fuck her all the time. You couldn't look at her without imagining your cock in her mouth. She knew it too and played the stereotype to the hilt. A brunette with fake highlights and caramel skin she had Morgan Fairchild eyes and Megan Fox lips. A carbon copy of Francine Dee, the ubiquitous car show model/actress - only sluttier. (Lizard brain in full effect.)Let us call her Frankie. She oozed sex. She had obviously had some work done as her tits were way too firm, way too high and way too tight. Her ass looked like it would be the happiest, tightest, slickest hole ever made for cock. I didn't care, I love cheap, slutty-looking women, the sluttier, the better. It's like she walked out of one of my vintage 80s porn magazines. Not like Playboy of Penthouse. I mean the stroke magazines of the 80s. Hustler, Club Confidential, Fox and High Society magazine, the kind of porn that showed full insertion and had pages of cheap phone sex advertised in the back. These magazines were unapologetically selling smutty sex.My imagination took over and given a chance I'd slap my cock between those tits, slide them up to her lips and fuck the taste out of her mouth, that's how deliciously cheap she looked. Even with the beauty beside me, I was willing to give it up for a chance to lube up my cock and plunge balls deep into this living, breathing fuck doll. I kept making eye contact with Frankie as she played with my cousin's balls, as we were singing bad karaoke songs. During my rendition of the Bees Gees' "Massachusetts," she made me stumble vocally by hiking up her skirt and flashing me her slice of heaven.More beer was served, glasses clinked, and appetizers arrived. A male attendant refilled all our glasses without being asked, as we all focused on what songs to sing while our respective girls nuzzled our necks, rubbed our thighs and clapped politely freelivesex69. My blue balls were screaming for release throughout the night. Unsure how to break the cycle of beer, song, beer, song, beer, song — I kept sending looks over towards Sunny. He finally got my message and bluntly asked the Head Mistress aka MILF how much it would take us to bed our respective companions. Thanks to the US Dollar the answer was astonishingly set for repeat business. I asked Amber, with my hands, if she wanted to go. Go now. We left with our chosen girls. My cousin was in the lead when I noticed Frankie was lagging behind so, I moved aside on the outer stairwell giving her room to walk ahead of me. She was struggling in her six and a half -inch patent leather pumps, circa 1985, with straps that crisscrossed in the front and sported a plethora of metallic details. As she sashayed up the stairs, the bulge in my pants grew as her ass cheeks swung back and forth in front of my face.

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