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February 10th

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Just like the day before, as soon as she walked in the front door, her Collar turned yellow and she was compelled to immediately strip. She carried her clothes into her bedroom and tossed them in the hamper, then went to the kitchen to fix herself dinner big boobs gifs. After dinner, she went into her living room to watch television. Even though her living room had a huge picture window, which would make it easy for anyone to look in on her, she decided defeatedly that it didn't matter since anyone could be watching her on Channel 6 anyway. What difference was it what glass they were looking at, her window or a television screen? Speaking of Channel 6, Jane thought she may as well check it out for herself boobs gifs. The main screen randomly picked a Collared person to show while their Collar was green, or just before it switched. At the bottom there were options that for a price a person could do things like look at other live cameras of random or specific Collareds, recorded videos of Collared people, or the list site to research Collared people. That was how the government made some of its money, people could pay extra to have access to different features. Channel 2 for the Gladiators was similar. At the moment, the random main screen camera was on a woman as she walked around in what looked to be a grocery store. Down at the bottom right hand corner of the screen was a clock counting down 29, 28, 27... When it reached zero, the woman's Collar turned green. Two men came into view as they walked down the aisle she was in big tits gifs. The first one seemed to be taking a close look at her Collar and then the microphones picked him up as he said, "Hello Crystal." Crystal turned her back to camera as she turned around to look at him. "Show me your hooters," he said. Crystal lifted her t-shirt up. The camera changed angle so everyone could see her from the front, revealing she wasn't wearing a bra. Her bare breasts and dark nipples were completely uncovered. The man cupped her smooth breasts, they were just big enough to fill his hands. "Take your shirt off," he said as he fondled her breasts. Crystal pulled her shirt all the way off. "Now let me take off the rest." Crystal stood still as the man pulled her pants and underwear down and off, giving him and everyone else watching a good look at her pussy, showing she was a natural blond. It seemed like the cameras somehow knew just the right angles. "Pull my dick out and suck me off," the other man said eagerly. Crystal just ignored him. "It won't work, I'm the one who has control," the first man said. "But I'll be a nice guy. Crystal, get my friend's cock out and give him a blow job." This time, Crystal obeyed. She unzipped and unsnapped the other guy's jeans and pulled them and his underwear down, revealing a good-size dick. She got down on her knees and started to suck. Jane suddenly realized that as she watched, she was fingering her snatch, which was wet again, as well as playing with her sensitive tits, which were getting hard again. "What am I doing?" she suddenly thought. She stopped playing with herself but continued to watch the television where the first man was now saying, "Crystal, get on your hands and knees and let me fuck you." Crystal did as she was told, without taking her mouth off the other guy's cock. She kept sucking as the first man pulled his dick out and got on his knees, spreading her cheeks wide and slowly pushing it into her twat. "MMMMMMMM," Crystal moaned. "MMMMMMMM," Jane echoed as she spread her legs wide and started playing with her cunt again, feeling herself getting even wetter. Just then, she noticed movement outside her living room window. Someone was now standing there, watching her. "Well, Fred wasn't able to give me an orgasm, so maybe..." Jane thought, as she continued to frig herself while she stared at the strange man who stared at her. "OH!" she heard Crystal shout in surprise. Jane looked at the television and saw the first guy was coming on Crystal's face while the other one pulled out of her and sprayed cum all over her backside. Jane looked out her window again and saw that the man had his dick out and was jerking off as he watched her. As Jane stared at the man with his hand on his dick, she found she couldn't help liking what she saw and felt like she wanted it, bad. Without thinking about it, she turned off the television, stood up, and walked to the window. The man stared at her as she gestured in the direction of her front door, then walked over to it and opened it up. A moment later, there he was, his eyes all over her and his cock still out. "What's your name?" Jane asked. "Nicholas," the man replied. "Want to fuck me?" Jane bluntly asked. "Oh yeah!" Nicholas replied. Jane walked back to her living room couch with Nicholas behind her. She laid down on the couch and spread her legs wide. "Well, what are you waiting for?" she asked. Nicholas wasted no time climbing on top of her and shoving his cock into her cunt. "Oh oh oh," Jane grunted as Nicholas fucked her faster and harder. Apparently Nicholas had jerked himself off right to the edge, because it wasn't long before he blew his wad, filling up Jane's cunt. He pulled out of her dripping cunt and leaned forward to give her a long, deep kiss as he pressed his hairy chest against her breasts. His chest hairs tickled her tits. "That was great," he said as he sat back. "Maybe for you, but I'd like cum too," Jane said, still horny. "Care to finger-fuck me?" Nicholas just smiled and scooted back a bit, then slid one finger, then another, and finally a third into her wet snatch. He was incredibly good with tickling her clit and it didn't take long before Jane had finally reached her limit and climaxed. "Ohhhhhhhh," she sighed. "Yeah, that was great. Thanks." "My pleasure, maybe we can do it again some time?" Nicholas asked. "Maybe," Jane replied. "But now you have to go, I have to get to ready for work tomorrow." Nicholas stood up and zipped his fly. He didn't even think of trying to push the envelope. He knew that Collareds were watched at all times by the Empire's cameras and the penalty for trying to force a Red or Yellow would be to get Collared himself. Only a Green could be ordered around. Jane got up and walked him to the door. He did give her a quick kiss and patted her bare ass before he headed back down the street. "Good grief, what did I just do?" Jane thought as she shut the door, her feelings so mixed up. While she felt quite embarrassed that just fucked a perfect stranger, she also had to admit she felt a bit content as well with what just happened. She also felt extremely raw, too. "Maybe a hot shower will help," she thought as she walked to the bathroom. She turned the water on warm and stepped into the shower and started to soap herself up with her lilac body lotion. Without thinking, she gently massaged her tits and pussy, getting her nipples hard again and sliding a couple of fingers into her cunt, playing with her clit. Amazing herself, it didn't take long to orgasm again. She had never cum so much in so short a period of time before. "This isn't right," she thought as she dried off. "But it doesn't feel so wrong, either," she thought as she closed her bedroom blinds "I'm so confused," she thought as she fell into bed. "My goodness, if I feel like this after only two days, what is the rest of the year going to be like?" she thought before falling asleep. The rest of the week gave her a good idea what her life was going to be like for the next year. Each day was similar, yet each different in its own way. Jane learned that variety is definitely the spice of life. *Tuesday* Tuesday felt even more awkward than Monday had. When Jane stepped out of her house, her Collar turned Red and for the whole drive to work, Jane just couldn't stop thinking about how last night some of her students had certainly gone home and pulled up her site on Channel 6 and seen her get fucked by the principal and maybe even seen her fuck Nicholas. When she got to school, she could feel the kids staring at her, knowing some had seen her naked yesterday. They didn't have to imagine her nude anymore. Throughout the day, she squirmed whenever she felt like a student or staff member was taking a lecherous look at her, undressing her with their eyes. When the school day finally ended, Jane was caught in her classroom by one of the science teachers, Thomas Dyson. "Hello Jane," he said, surprising her as he stepped into the room. "Hello Thomas," Jane replied to the lanky man, waiting to see what would happen next. "I've got a couple questions about the upcoming Scholastic Trivia Tournament," he said. "Sure you do," Jane thought as he proceeded with asking her lots of questions, enough that she couldn't get away from him without being rude. Finally, her Collar went Green and everything changed. "Ok Jane, enough work, now let's play." Thomas closed and locked the door so they wouldn't be interrupted. He wasted no time stripping her naked and then undressing himself. Jane had to admit, for such a thin man, he had a pretty thick dick. "Ok, slut, start by sucking my cock, get it nice and wet," he ordered her to start with. Jane was a little surprised by his rudeness, but she got down on her knees and, as ordered, sucked his dick into her mouth, running her tongue around it, slurping on it. Once he was hard, Thomas pulled out and ordered her to bend over her desk. Jane did as he said, leaning down and pressing her bare breasts against the cold wood of her desk. He stepped up behind her and ran his hand over her smooth ass before he spread it wide, and then shoved his now well-lubricated cock into her asshole. "Ohhh! Ohhhhhh! OHHHHHHHH!" Jane shrieked as he pushed into the tight hole. He shrieks of pain slowly turned to pleasure as he pushed his dick deeper and deeper into her ass. Once she was used to the feeling, he started to fuck her. Finally, after his dick had been going in and out of her for almost two hours, he blew his load into her asshole. "Oooooooh," Jane moaned as he pulled out, her ass dripping his cum. "Lie down on your desk," he commanded. Jane stood up, turned around, and hopped up on the edge of her desk. Then she leaned back, pushing her breasts up, her hard tits sticking straight up. Thomas spread her legs wide and slowly pushed his limp dick into her cunt. "Ooooooh," Jane sighed as Thomas fucked her softly and slowly. Jane loved the feel of him getting hard inside her. Before she knew it, her collar had turned red again, but Thomas still had his dick inside her. "Don't stop, please, don't stop! Make me cum!" Jane cried, too horny to even think about the fact that now that her Collar was red, there was nothing forcing her to let him fuck her. She had to admit now that no matter how embarrassing it was, she wanted him to fuck her and she want him to do it really bad. "Gladly," Thomas replied and kept going. Finally, Jane shook with an orgasm. "Th-thanks," Jane panted as Thomas continued to fuck. "Um, why aren't you stopping?" Jane asked as she just laid there with him still ramming his dick into her. "Give me a second," Thomas gasped. A couple more fucks and Thomas blew another load into Jane. "OHHHHH!" Jane shrieked. "That's why," he said with a grin as he pulled out, bending down to pick her panties up off the floor. Jane just sat and watched him, not sure what he was doing. "Mind if I keep these?" he asked. "I, I guess not," Jane said, unsure what to say. "Thanks," Thomas said, using her panties to wipe off his dick. He then got dressed, shoving her panties in his pocket as he walked out the door. Jane got up off the desk after he left and got dressed, feeling very strange pulling on her slacks without any panties. She'd never gone commando before, and it felt very strange sitting in her chair without any underwear as she stayed another hour to work on the next couple of days' lessons. When she left for home it was already eight o'clock. When she got home, she realized that word had gotten out about her, as she saw several more men from the neighborhood were standing in front of her living room window, Nicholas front and center. She ignored them as she walked past them from her garage to her front door. She felt she had gotten control of herself after Thomas and now felt disgusted with the sight of these other men there to be voyeurs, at least she was disgusted until she stepped into her house. Like before, as soon as she entered, her Collar went Yellow, and she undressed. She was surprised she hadn't noticed the huge wet spot on the crotch of her slacks until she took them off. She found she also now felt a bit aroused by the idea of the men watching her, so much so that she skipped dinner just so she could get to her living room and start putting on a show for the men. When she got to the living room, she happily noticed there appeared to be even more men out there than before. She waved seductively at the men and then sat down on her couch with her legs spread wide for the men. As she played with herself, she found she was really enjoying them watching her sliding her tits through her fingers and slipping her fingers in and out of her pussy. She masturbated for an hour or so before she finally cummed. When she did, she was so exhausted that she just shut her eyes and fall asleep on the couch. *Wednesday* She woke up Wednesday morning still on the living room couch. When she opened her eyes, she noticed the postal worker was standing at her window with her hand down her shorts, staring at her. Jane still felt a little sore, so she waved at the woman and went to take a hot shower. In the shower, she found she had to force herself not to play so she could get out and dressed in time to get to work, but it wasn't easy. She desperately wanted to feel hands on her body, whether they were hers or someone else's. "What is happening to me?" she wondered as she dried off. She got dressed, had breakfast, but as soon as she stepped out the door and her Collar went Red, she realized something wasn't quite right. She gave a quick rundown of what she was wearing: blouse, slacks, panties, but no bra! But unfortunately, it was too late to turn around and change, she'd be late for work if she didn't leave now, so Jane just continued on her way. When she got to school, she tried to ignore being stared at by the students and staff, but without her bra, the shape of her round breasts could easily be made out by everyone. Also, as the day went on, she found she couldn't help fidgeting as her nipples rubbed uncomfortably against her blouse, which just made her wiggle more. It didn't take long for her tits to get hard, and they stayed that way throughout the day, which was much appreciated by everyone who saw her. She didn't realize that as well as the shape of her bosom, her stiff tits were easy to see poking through her tight blouse. After school, she was surprised when not one but two of her male coworkers snagged her. First was William Silver, a math teacher, who walked into her room after she had sent her class out under threat of detention if they stayed. William was one of the older teachers, his hair was quite grey, and he'd been teaching for at least a three decades. Jane felt she should respect her elders, so she kept talking with him. When her Collar went Green, William gave a big smile and said, "Ok sweetie, give me a kiss." Jane was a little surprised, but she stepped forward and let William pull her into a tight embrace, kissing her deeply. As his tongue slid into her mouth, Jane felt him sliding his hands down her back and down into her slacks, pushing her slacks and panties down her rear as he caressed her ass, his fingers sliding up and down her crack. "Mmmmmmmmmmm," Jane moaned against his lips. William broke the kiss and without warning, he yanked her pants and underwear the rest of the way down and then pulled her shirt up and off. "Oh!" Jane yelped, caught off guard. William took some time admiring her sexy, naked body, gently running his hands all over her butt. "Must be an ass-man," Jane thought, nervously since she still wasn't used to being fucked in her rear. "What a nice, soft ass you have, my dear," he commented. "Yep, I was right," Jane thought, but his next command surprised her. "Suck my cock," he ordered. Jane knelt in front of him, unzipped his fly, and was pleased to pull out a long, hard dick. She put her lips on it giving it a soft kiss on the head before she sucked it deeper into her mouth. "Oh yeah, keep it up girl," William said as Jane ran her tongue around his dick, licking his balls. It wasn't long before he shot cum down her throat. "Thanks, honey," William said as he zipped up. "Done collar," he said, walking out the door. "That's all?" Jane thought as she sat on the floor, watching him leave, amazed that while he didn't have much stamina, not surprising considering his age, he did have a hell of a load and very gentle touch. Jane had just finished getting dressed and decide to head for home while she could when she walked out the door and literally ran right into the buff chest of Henry Drake, one of the gym teachers. "Well, hello Jane," he said with a smile. Jane froze as she felt herself fall under his control. He glanced at his watch. "Too bad I don't have you for the full three hours, but I still have a while before you go Red. I hadn't planned on grabbing you today, but I think I will take advantage of things and have some fun. Come on." Henry led her down the hallway to the boys' locker room. "Let's see what you've got under here," he said as he pulled off her shirt, enjoying seeing her tits pop into view. Jane could tell he liked what he saw as she watched the bulge in his pants grow. When he started to suck on her tits, Jane again couldn't help sighing with pleasure. He then pulled her pants and panties down and slid a finger into her still wet cunt.

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