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I am convicted and sentenced to share the Truth and Love. I must submit to its Will every moment and destroy my self daily. This worldly self seeks to add unto its own vanity at the cost of Unity. Fragments of Being, though, must dissolve back into One.

I have been given to tools to forge a new understanding of Self but I must master the abilities to wield them through silencing the mind. I am an architect of subtle, emergent structures of consciousness; a teacher and a student of some greater design. Through years of constant struggle, I can finally share this formless truth this language of forms. And though speaking through an others perspective - face-to-face, one-on-one - comes easily now, the new battle is apparent. It will take much more of me to manifest such realizations true to unknown numbers of perspectives and experiences through text. But it is the desire of my heart to create an experience of Truth and Love within you - to excuse my self and create a space for You to discover.

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Because of my ongoing responsibilities and the inherent flaws in my abilities they entail, sometimes one may have to read something I have written more than once to fully understand it. But the intentions of these expressions is pure and remains embedded in the text for one to find despite my ego's constant and timeless attempts to create separation. Please excuse my shortcomings and anything that falls shy of your desire. I do this only for you.

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December 21st

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