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August 10th

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Working slowly and carefully, they rubbed the lotion all over the girls' backs and shoulders and arms and necks, working the deliciously scented cream into their thighs and between their butt cheeks. The girls had not expected this extraordinary pleasure, and they mewled and purred happily as the men used their voluminous experience with the young female body to make the freshly-fucked girls melt even more best lesbian sex gifs. The men took their time, savoring the ever-lovely chance to simply enjoy touching and smelling and looking at two beautiful girls' bodies, and they quickly grew hard again as they thoroughly explored the secret-most places of the young females, which they had so recently handled much more roughly, and filled so full with their cum. Since they were erect once more, Martin and Jack went ahead and slipped their hard cocks back into the girls' messy vaginas as they straddled their thighs, pressing to the hilt and parking in them comfortably inside the drenched confines of the girls' genitals as they continued rubbing their naked, unresisting bodies best bdsm gifs There was little more pleasant than relaxing, balls-deep, in a beautiful young girl, and the men delighted in finding the places and ways in which to touch the girls that caused them to sigh deeply and break out in goosebumps, and their vaginas to squeeze sweetly on the brothers' penises. Jack and Jennifer chatted easily, and he regaled her and Elizabeth with tales of the first time he got to hold a baby polar bear, and the time a puckish seal stole his lunch and his boots doggystyle gifs He was impressed with Jennifer's passion for protecting the oceans and the life in them, and her intelligence and knowledge concerning baleen whale migrations was far greater than he would have expected in someone her age, and they laughed together as they bonded over their shared dreams. The girls' backs complete, the men turned them over, spreading their legs and entering them with their cocks once more before beginning to massage their front sides. The girls melted into the men's hands, luxuriating in their strong, experienced touch. After massaging their arms and shoulders and breasts and bellies, Martin and Jack worked the lotion into their inner thighs and deep into the sides of their vulvas, kneading the soothing cream around their outer labia and then their inner labia, carefully working around their cocks where they penetrated the girls, and finally spending a significant amount of time massaging their tender clitorises with soft, circular movements designed to thoroughly work the soothing lotion into every little corner and secret place of their clitoral hoods and their tiny, perfect pink heads. The men were enjoying their work immensely, and had a little contest to see if the girls could orgasm without moving, simply by holding perfectly still and concentrating on the men's touch to their genitals, and both Jennifer and Elizabeth had several more lovely climaxes as they practiced listening to Martin and Jack and learning better how to control their own orgasmic responses, which would make them even more desirable and enjoyable to train for other eligible men. Martin was having far too much fun working the lotion into his granddaughter's breasts, and as she felt him begin to rock his pelvis, rubbing his penis subtly inside her as he approached his second orgasm, Elizabeth giggled mischievously. 'Pappa, Jennifer was telling me she wished she had bigger breasts, and I told her about how you used your "special cream" to help my boobies grow when I was younger,' she laughed, 'and I thought maybe you could help her like you helped me?' Martin's jolly laugh filled the yard, and he explained to Jack how he had cum on Elizabeth's breasts once upon a time and told her his semen would make them grow. It had been a joke, of course, though her breasts had indeed undergone their impressive growth spurt not long afterward. He agreed with Elizabeth that that sounded like a wonderful idea, and Jack concurred, feeling his cock grow even harder in Jennifer as he thought about helping her breasts grow bigger; he had to make an observation first, however. 'I think we should definitely use our 'special cream' on her breasts; but little thing, you know you're perfect, right?' Jennifer blushed, flattered that Captain Davis thought any part of her was perfect, and giggled bashfully in a creamy muddle of brain-scrambled pleasure as he examined her breasts closely, inspecting the gentle swell of her shapely A-cups and rolling her dark, tidy nipples between his thumb and forefinger before bending down and gently kissing each one, his cock flexing powerfully inside her as his lips touched her. She giggled bashfully and thanked him. 'Honestly, I like them too, Captain Davis,' she said, 'I just imagine having bigger ones sometimes. And I know men like girls with more...curves. Like Elizabeth. You and Mr. Davis and a lot of the other men I've seen train her seem to really like her body, and I'm just a quite a bit thinner than she is.' Martin laughed heartily, and assured her that girls came in all shapes and sizes, and all were delightful in their own way; Jack paused, however, caressing her cheek and scooping his hands under her butt with a hungry squeeze. 'Can you imagine, though, brother,' he said, 'if this girl filled out a bit, like just another fifteen or twenty on her? With her refined features and dark eyes and hair, she'd be even more incredible. Slightly larger breasts and two even juicier handfuls back here? My God, I'd be in heaven. You'd be absolutely spectacular, sweet thing.' He had finished massaging her, and began simply fucking her again as Martin pulled out of Elizabeth and brought his penis over to Jennifer. Elizabeth wanted to help, of course, so Martin held Jennifer's breast firmly while Jack continued enjoying her cunny, and Elizabeth carefully aimed her grandfather's cock at Jennifer's nipple and stroked it until he groaned and came. The thick, lumpy semen of his second orgasm dribbled out onto the dark, crinkled nub of her nipple as Elizabeth squealed in delight and painstakingly frosted her friend's breast with her grandfather's ejaculate, gently massaging his feral, white-bristled scrotum with her other hand to coax every drop of his old jizzm out of his body and onto Jennifer's as he said some bad words and his penis pulsed and pumped in her fist, ensuring his warm sperm covered Jennifer's areola before it began running down the smooth curve of her breast. Jack was over the edge at this, and he ripped his cock from Jennifer's precious insides and aimed at her other breast, great spurts of white cream launching across her body and splashing hotly against her soft skin and into the delicate hollow at the base of her throat until it had turned into a shimmering, pearlescent pool of sperm. Jennifer was beside herself as she received the two men's semen and the warm, pungent waves of cum washed over her body, telling her she had perfectly fulfilled her purpose and simply could not be a better girl. She was sent to another place as Jack, Martin, and Elizabeth rubbed the cum into her small breasts and worked it into her nipples. The brothers' thick cream soon broke down to a slick, clear glaze, and Martin took great delight in ensuring she was covered in an even, glistening coat of it across her chest before it dried, assuring her that men's cum was indeed one of the best and most nutritious nourishments for a girl's growing breasts. Jennifer basked in the three of them tending to her slender form as it shone in the afternoon sun under its delectable coat of fresh cum. She had never felt so adored, so complete, so satisfied. The girls rinsed off in the pool, and Jennifer cuddled up with Captain Davis on the lounge, curling her naked body against his and protectively holding his penis in her hand. She wanted to wake up next to this man every morning, cleaning and kissing and caring for this penis as soon as she woke up and before she went to sleep. She wanted to never leave him, to sail the oceans with him and worship his cock and his body and his brain forever. Jack roused himself from his own reverie, his hands happier than they'd been in ages with her little body in them, and made a suggestion to Martin. 'You know, Elizabeth is leaving tomorrow, and so am I. If it's ok with Jennifer's dad, what do you think about her and me staying here tonight, and we can have a little slumber party? We could watch a movie and make popcorn, and make breakfast in the morning. They've been really good girls this afternoon; perhaps we can let the two of them practice what we caught them doing earlier, but with proper supervision this time. I just don't feel like saying goodbye to this little one yet, to be honest. I'm going to want to cum in her again before I leave, and if we sleep over, I can get more special time with my pirate princess, too.' Martin's eyes lit up at the thought, and he met Jennifer's excited gaze. 'That's a capital idea,' he said. 'I agree completely. Jennifer and Elizabeth should definitely learn how to make another girl's cunny cum with their tongues, and I'm sure we can think of some other important lessons for them. Why don't you call your dad and see if you can stay, dear girl?' It was the most wonderful, life-changing sleepover Jennifer had ever had. END

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