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Iris glared at JB, but she did as she was told. She worked the too tight shorts down over her gigantic rear end and past her wide hips; her stretch marked skin rippling as the thin fabric dug into her bulging flesh. Finally, she wiggled free, kicking the mostly useless garment into the tiny structure. She felt fresh air tease across her milky thighs, her sensitive pussy lips, and even whistle down her cavernous ass crack and tease her wrinkled asshole. Iris shivered despite the summer heat and climbed into the tiny hut.There was a decently sized circle cut into the wall of the shack. Iris stared through it, at the people slowing to stare at her as they walked by. Staring at the girl naked from the waist down, with hips and ass nearly as wide as the hut itself. In fact, hips wide enough to fit snugly into the hole cut in the wall. Iris turned back towards the entrance of the shed, but JB was blocking her path.Iris sighed. She turned, so that her pale white backside was facing towards the cut-out opening, and backed into it. The wood dug into her hips ever so slightly, but her bulging butt cheeks and muscular legs were well supported by the sturdy wood. There was even a bench for her to rest her feet on, and a bar hanging across the top of the hut for her to grip for support. Iris gripped the bar, and realized there was another, smaller hole, cut slightly higher into the rear of the shack.Iris gripped the bar more tightly and leaned forward. What was this opening for? She leaned closer, and suddenly felt one of JB's heavy hands pressing against the back of her neck. He forced her forwards until her head slipped through the hole, and then pulled a lever, collapsing the hole so that it fit snugly around Iris' neck.Iris tried to pull her head back into the structure, but, although she could rotate and breathe fairly comfortably, her face was still poking out. The people milling around the shack were pointing and laughing at the trapped, big bottomed, girl. Iris tried to shimmy forward, to stand up, but a hand on the stomach by JB forced her back into her accordioned stance, and forced her to stick her fat, wobbling, rear end out of the reverse opening again. JB pulled another lever, and now the wooden opening on that end tightened around Iris' backside. The dark haired, monster-rumped, beauty was trapped, with her wide-eyed face and her great big ass sticking out of either end of the tiny hut."Alright, gentlemen!" Iris heard a voice calling out bigbootytube. The thought of not being able to see who the voice belonged to drove her crazy. "Step right up to the first ever Pi Pi Pi kissing booth! Ten dollars gets you a private tongue session with the fattest, whitest, flabbiest, rump you'll ever lay your lips on. Who wants to go first?"Iris couldn't believe her ears. Young men, mostly strangers, were going to kiss her big, mutant, butt. That couldn't be right. Surely no one would pay for something like that.As if on cue, Iris felt a pair of powerful fingers digging deep into her thick backside. The stranger peeled her ass cheeks apart with his strong hands, exposing her cavernous ass crack and wrinkled anus to the sunlight, and the gathering crowd. Iris felt air on her damp pussy, but her smooching partner bypassed her dripping cunt lips and went straight for her puckered asshole. He planted a wet, sloppy, kiss onto her most shameful hole, and even stuck his tongue inside to taste her anus.Iris' head was swimming. But, it wasn't altogether that bad. She'd had a tongue in her asshole- at least it wasn't a hard cock or two. She was panting, trying to catch her breath after the anal attack, when a figure stepped around the shack and into her view."Hey there, blubber butt," the stocky young man sneered. He leaned forward and planted a hearty kiss on Iris' lips. She tasted her own ass juices and tried to pull back; but she was still stuck firm. Then, to her growing horror, JB reappeared from inside the hut with a stepping stool. He handed it to the young man, who set it beneath Iris' exposed face. He took two steps up, and Iris found herself face to face with the young man's crotch. It slowly dawned on her that this was a double ended kissing booth as he lowered his zipper, and his fat cock flopped out of his pants.The young man slapped his rod against Iris' exposed face, leaking precum across her pale skin and causing her mascara to run in tiny, dark, rivulets. Finally, he placed the tip of his broad cock against Iris' pursed lips. Resigned to her fate, the big bottomed girl parted her lips, and swallowed the young man's fat dick. He wasted no time slamming his pelvis home; the head of his long cock slammed against the rear of Iris' throat, forcing the young girl to spit and sputter, saliva drizzling over her lips and wetting the young man's heavy balls as they slammed against her chin."So, I had heard something about you." The young man wrapped his fingers through her dark hair. "I heard that you love swallowing cum," he teased Iris' as he continued his brutal face-fucking of the big bottomed girl. "I heard that you're convinced it makes that giant dumper of yours even bigger. Tell me, you big bitch, do you want my cum? Do you want me to feed you my jizz and make that cow butt of yours fatter?"As he emptied his white hot seed down her trapped throat, Iris could already feel another man tongue fucking her asshole. The sensation of the wet lips on her sensitive anus, combined with the humiliating words of the man forcing her to blow him, was too much for the poor girl, and she felt her pussy juices flooding down her hefty leg as she erupted with an orgasm. She heard the crowd roar with approval, which brought her even more shame, and even more arousal. Before the electricity had subsided, her tongue fucker had already replaced the first man at her front, and was jamming his dick into her gasping mouth. Seconds later, another man had replaced him at her rear end, with his lips pressed tightly against her puckered anus.This cycle of ass kissing and throat fucking continued for long enough that Iris felt her cheeks, both face and ass, starting to burn from the bright sunlight. Her throat felt raw and scratchy, and her once perfect makeup was smeared across her face from an endless series of brutal dick slaps. Her hair was mussed up, her mountainous ass cheeks felt sore from being fondled and pried apart, and her stomach felt distended from all of the cum she had been forced to gulp thefreecams. If she didn't know any better, Iris would have sworn that she really could feel her ass growing from all of the jizz she'd swallowed. The wooden hole that her flabby rump was resting in certainly felt tighter.Worst of all, Iris couldn't stop orgasming. With every lick of her rear, every tug of her hair, every degrading word, her pussy pulsed with electricity. Her juices were flowing freely down her hefty haunches, and several of her kissing partners were starting their kisses at her well oiled cunt before working their way up to her parted ass crack.
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