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Damage Limitation.

I was thrown into this rather world ill-equipped. I am lacking in many things and sometimes I wonder if me being alive is a hindrance to the universe. I would like to experiment, discover and learn, and do as little harm to those around me, during this insatiable life-long quest for intoxication.

Drug of choice

DXM, because of availability, and because music feels great on dex!

Modafinil and termin, because they make me hella productive and I love not feeling completely useless.

Xanax and painkillers like tramadol and spasmo, to combat stim comedowns.

I smoke weed almost everyday. It's just cheaper and less harmful than probably any other stuff I've chugged into my body.

Other information

Welcome to the NHK, Angel's Egg. Anything depressing enough really.


Mostly ESPN and Star Sports. A bit of pro wrestling too. I love physical as well as electronic sports we can always talk about it if you wanna.


Depends on what I'm on. I love Tame Impala, Alt J, Kero Kero Bonito on stims. When I'm a bit drunk, I love classical Japanese pop like Hako Yamasaki, Morita Doji and Taeko Ohnuki. When I'm really blue I guess Sufjan Stevens and Hope Sandoval are nice to chill to


Currently reading Pale Blue Dot by Carl Sagan.



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