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To be honest man I don't have a lot of responsibilities because I haven't made it outta high school yet, but I have school responsibilities, and I have work responsibilities as well.

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just holler, or message me on here I don't mind fr yo.


This "Other" category is going to be designated to the substances I've used/abused.

Nicotine: For sure, trying to beat an addiction to it right now. I've noticed that the cravings for it are that of unlike any other substance I've had before, but I do like the way it makes ya feel tbh.

Weed: Yeah ofc, this is my favorite substance and will always be a classic, also trying to kick the addiction for this one, but I still plan to use it a lot in my life. Currently I smoke a lot of carts but I am taking a T break for a good while.

Caffeine: I was addicted to caffeine for like literal years and didn't even fully realize. Caffeine has its uses but I only drink it in moderation now, 1-3 times a month on average.

Alcohol: I've actually only had it a few times, I remember the second time I ever drank, I drank half a bottle of jack Daniels 80 proof whiskey. Would never see myself getting addicted to this substance, as it's not a stimulant and I love stimulants of course!

Kratom: Kratom is very fun, but also highly addictive, so I use this substance in the most Moderation here, once maybe twice a month. Taking 20 Grams and then walking around is fun asf.

Vyvanse: This substance is sort of a wild card, but I take it medicated so, daily i take 40 mg of vyvanse in the morning and it has helped me quite a bit, but I know about the negative side effects of constantly taking ssri's so I plan to get off of my medication in general eventually. However this stuff is amazing to use if you want to stay up for a long time. literally just pop one or two of these and you'll be wired for 12 hours.

Mushrooms: I really enjoyed shrooms when I had them, (I've only had them once) Let me set the scene for you, Prom 2023, I took 5G of cubes and got caught with 2 carts on me and nic. Not fun, however it was an amazing experience. Definitely going to do them again soon.

Drug of choice

I'd say it has to go to either nicotine or weed. I mean I prefer weed but this nicotine addiction says otherwise fr.

If I had to choose another substance though, I'd have to say shrooms, just because of how nice of an experience it can be if done properly and in a controlled/trusted environment.

Other information

A Silent Voice, The Wizard of Oz, The Grinch, The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe.


Big anime guy: Naruto, Toradora!, Parasite, Erased, Anohana, There are more but my brain is fried rn.

I also really like Regular Show and Rick and Morty.


I listen to a lot of Lil Darkie, Teenage Disaster, Blckk, Afourteen, Cxrpse, BRUHMANEGOD, pretty much every spider gang member except Johnnascus, his music mid asl.


The Giver is a really good one, I also like the rest of that series as well.

Video games

I play Osu!, The binding of Isaac, a lot of first person shooters, Minecraft, I mean you could name it I've probably played it before.


*Vine boom*


Sober: Really anything light. I.E. Baby oranges.

High: I love eating large amounts of chips when absolutely faded. Or Door dashing something to my crib (that is a classic as we all know)


Water. -gotta stay hydrated with all that smoking ofc.

I also really like sprite, and most juices as well.

Personal information

I work at a bowling alley *skull*

Places I have lived



I'm a sophomore (about to be a junior) in High School.

About me

I am a guy that put himself in the situation he's in.

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