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October 5th

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One of the single fathers, Ted, had always had a crush on Emily and hung around, trying to engage her in conversation as usual. "Pretty cool evening would you like my jacket?" "That's alright I don't plan to stay for too long," Emily replied with a smile. She had always felt sorry for poor Ted, he was nice, but she was married. "The carnival raised record funding this year, thanks to your great work Emily." "It was a team effort Ted, everyone played their part." "maybe we should head out after this and celebrate with a few drinks?" Ted asked hopefully. Ted was cute but Emily had never been interested. She lied that her husband would pick her up and that they had plans, foiling Ted's plans of getting lucky that night. A group of newly graduated, 18-year old boys had sneaked in vodka and were drinking it secretly in their corner. They admired her long, smooth legs, toned calved, creamy thighs, and sexy round rump. Her short, tight dress was a show stopper. As the night went on, Emily realized she had consumed a little more wine than she had intended. The other parents and teachers were starting to leave. Emily wasn't extremely drunk, but she knew she was too tipsy to drive. While she was still deciding, one of the boys, Sean, was walking by and decided to say hello. "Hi Mrs Williams, you look worried, is something wrong?" Emily looked at Sean, he was tall and medium built with untidy black hair. He had an innocent face and she knew him as responsible. "Just trying to decide if I can drive, but I think I will call a cab," said Emily. "Mr Williams won't be picking you," Sean asked? Emily explained her situation and Sean saw an opportunity. "Me and the boys are just finishing up, why don't you stay for a bit then we can drive you home." Emily thought for a second and decided she would try to use this opportunity to sober up, and joined the boys. Most of the party had left. Sean's eyes roamed over her hot, smiling, glossed lips, down to her cleavage that hinted the promise of those gorgeous breasts. He followed her, watching her butt and legs, vowing to be wrapped between them tonight. She sat down to greetings from the group of seven, Jeremy handed her a drink. She was thirsty and downed it one go, not realizing, because of the wine, that the orange juice has quite a bit of vodka in it. She had no idea that the boys had brought their own supply of strong vodka. Sean, Jeremy and Elijah were the alpha males of the group and usually up to no good. Sean was good at playing the good boy and was often the reason they got away with things. Lucas and Benjamin were henchmen, following the other boys. Michael was new to the group and usually the most silent. Alan was the only boy of color, he was Indian and a nerd, always playing with gadgets. Sean kept her engaged in conversation. He played the lost young man, unsure of his future. Her motherly instincts immediately kicked in as she gave him advice and encouragement. Elijah kept her drink topped off. All of the boys were turned on. They never dreamed an opportunity like this would surface. Elijah handed Emily another drink. She took it readily. The conversation and drinks continued for another hour. By now, Emily could feel herself getting more and more intoxicated. The boys were careful not to flirt or make any move towards her, but she caught them staring more than once. It was nice to know that 18 year old guys still found her attractive. Sean's sincerity and their age had lulled her into a false sense of security. The boys could tell that Emily was quite drunk by now. They handed her another drink. She realized by now that the boys had brought their own stash of alcohol. "Should you boys really be drinking here," she said sternly, as Elijah handed her one last glass. "Oh, come on Mrs Williams, we are 18 and just having a bit of fun." The alcohol had dulled Emily's senses. She took the drink and downed it in one go, spurred on by the boys' cheers. "Mrs Williams, the party is moving to a place nearby, why don't you join us?" "No, I really can't, it's quite late and I need to go home." "How are you going to do that? You are too tipsy to drive and its too late to call a cab," Jeremy lied. In her drunk state she believed every word and was crestfallen. She looked visibly upset wondering what to do. "Tell you what, if you can come to the party with us for just ten minutes so we can say hi to some people, Alan can drop you home, he hasn't been drinking (another lie)." "Okay," she agreed, realizing she didn't really have much choice. The boys all had evil smiles as Sean led her to his car. He was hiding his erection, licking his lips in anticipation of what was to come. The smell from her expensive perfume excited him even further. Before getting into the car she was handed one last drink and told it was the final one. She figured she would take this and sleep it off in a bit anyway. What she failed to realize was that the last drink still hadn't hit her. Emily wasn't very aware about the direction they headed. When the car finally stopped and they got off, they were at a clearing surrounded by trees. This was a secret layer the boys had made, where they often got together to drink and smoke weed. Emily looked around, incredulous. " Where is everyone?" Her head was spinning and she was staggering, the vodka had finally hit. Lucas spread a blanket on the soft ground. "They are on their way," Sean lied, and help her sit on the blanket. She wasn't sleepy but her eyes were closing and her head was spinning. Sean wrapped his hands on her chest, just above a breast and gently brought her down into a lying position. "Do you know how beautiful you are Mrs Williams?" Emily Williams were the wet dream of every man in town. She had married rich and was, by all means, unattainable. The boys had a mixture of experienced and un-experienced lovers. They knew the prize they had just bagged was perhaps the biggest and were going to take their time with their prey. Sean lay down with Emily and talked to her. He was a bit of a romantic. He whispered softly in her ear and kissed her cheek, praising her pretty face, hair and neck. The boys took off her shoes. Her feet were perfect, warm and soft with cute little toes tipped with green nail polish. Jeremy and Benjamin immediately went to work, rubbing her feet and massaging her calves. Their hands felt great, against her will she was enjoying herself. All the while Sean kept whispering in her ear, kissing her lips and neck. She was panting, aware of her predicament but saying nothing. Elijah pulled down her shoulder straps, exposing her sexy lace bra. Just like that it was gone, exposing her perfect breasts. The areolae surrounding the nipples a deep dusky pink, those nipples dark and swollen, like two ripe berries waiting to be tasted. Eaten. On Elijah's instruction, Michael and Alan came over, positioned themselves under her arms and each took a nipple in their mouth. Emily didn't know what to do. She tried to move back from their probing mouths but was stopped by the ground. Her arms were useless against their powerful bodies. To make matters worse, her body began working against her and she was starting to respond to the stimulation. Her nipples had always been sensitive and the easiest way to turn her on. Michael was on the left nipple, alternating between hard sucks and rapid licking. All the girls he had been with had tiny nipples, he was obsessively devouring Emily's thick nub. On the right, Alan was lightly nibbling in between sucks. The boys had not stopped massaging her legs, the combined sensations were driving her wild. She was focusing with all her might to stop herself from getting turned on by these 18 year old boys. Sean, of course, had blocked her vision the whole time, she had no idea who was doing what. Elijah was recording the whole thing with a camera. Elijah swapped places with Sean. He pulled out his dick and put it near her mouth. "If you give us blowjobs and make us cum, we won't fuck you," he promised. Emily saw a glimmer of hope. She was was not on the pill and was afraid of getting pregnant. She was at the most dangerous time of her cycle and very fertile. She agreed, accepting his cock into her mouth. The alcohol had again affected her ability to think properly. She desperately tried to give the best blowjob she had ever given. She sucked madly, playing with Elijah's balls, all the while being recorded. Sean meanwhile had tugged off her panties and was softly licking her prominent clit. Her perfect pink pussy was driving all the boys wild. She used Elijah's cock, focusing on making him cum to try to stop her body from betraying her. Elijah pride himself in lasting long, but he began to lose control. He groaned as he began to cum. Emily felt relief as he swallowed his cum. One down and six to go she thought happily. Her eyes opened in shock as she felt a large warm intruder force its way into her love hole. The boys had not kept their promise. Sean was in her, her legs were held apart by hands on her ankles. Sean was a lot bigger than she expected, she thought of them as 18 year old boys. She could feel him hitting her cervix. She felt the intruder inside, exploring, bare. Sean began a rhythmic thrusting, beating his hips against her ass as he fucked her at a medium pace. He wanted to enjoy this and take his time. He huge balls slapped her as he continued his relentless pounding. " She wants it!" Sean exclaimed as a moan escaped her lips. Emily was slowly losing her will. She did not want to cum for these disgusting boys, but, unfortunately, Michael and Alan had never stopped sucking her nipples. As sean continued his pounding, they continued the assault on her, now very red and rock hard nipples. In between her loud moans, a sentence escaped her lips. "Don't cum in me, I'm not on the pill" Sean gave an evil grin. "Okay, but tell me who has a bigger dick, me or your husband?" "You have a bigger dick, I feel so full please pull out." Sean increased his pace and signaled to the two on her tits and they bit down, driving her insane. She gave in, waves and waves of pleasure, her eyes rolling back, the boys held her down as her body uncontrollably spasmed. Her pussy muscles gave extra stimulation to sean's cock and he came too, depositing millions of sperm directly into her womb. when she came to she was on all fours being fucked from behind. Jeremy was giving it to her. To her horror Michael and Allan was below her still sucking, licking and biting her dangling tits. Jeremy came pretty quickly and was replaced by someone. This new dick was thick and merciless. Through the pounding she could hear their laughter. They kept taunting her. Placing bets on whose baby she would carry. She had taken many loads directly into her pink pussy. It was Elijah who claimed her anal virginity. Using lube he eased in and fucked her for a good 6 minutes, finally coming. They lifted her up and put her on Michael making her ride him cowgirl. She felt pressure on her tiny pink anus once again. Alan this time. For the first time she had two cocks in her simultaneously. She had a vicious orgasm as the boys cheered. The fucking went all for the whole night. She was used in every hole, her nipples angry red and slow, bite marks all over her body. The boys had shown no mercy, Emily was exhausted from orgasm after orgasm. As the sun came up the boys dropped her off home. She knew they had taken a video and had ensured her silence. She had bigger worries. She had missed her period for 3 months now.

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