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With all of his arguing with himself, he was drawn to the sound of running water just as surely as if he had a rope around his neck pulling him. He told himself he wasn't sneaking as he walked down the hall, but in reality a mouse would have seemed like a brass band, when compared to his footsteps. The first thing he noticed was the bathroom door was partly open. Reaching it, he peeped around the frame; Kitty had only the light in the shower itself on, not the main bathroom light. Hank couldn't believe his eyes; his daughter's silhouette was clearly framed through the shower's frosted glass door. He watched her washing her pert little tits; they were just about the size of a large navel orange. Then she started washing her secret spot, taking lots of time to get it clean—really clean. "Oh god," Hank murmured, not realizing he said it aloud. His hands slid into his shorts and wrapped around his throbbing cock. He stroked it as he watched his daughter rubbing herself. He was shocked when he heard her moan, "Oh, Dad." Kitty had been wondering what was taking Dad so long; if she had to stand under the water much longer her skin would wrinkle like a prune. She decided he wasn't as hooked as she thought and soaped up her cloth and started washing. Just as she soaped up her breast she glimpsed a shadow in the hall. He was coming. Show time, she thought. She made every effort to give Dad a first glimpse of his daughter's naked body he'd never forget. She barely heard his "oh god" with the water running, so when she rubbed the cloth over her crotch, she made sure her "Oh Dad," was loud enough for a man, with hearing a lot worse than his, would have no problem hearing it. She continued hitting every pose she could think of as she washed; she especially hoped he enjoyed his view of her bent over, with her buns toward him, as she washed her feet and between her toes. Hank didn't miss any part of the show. Several times he had to slow down his ministrations on his cock to prevent messing up his clothes. When he saw her turn off the water he hurried to the den and flipped on the TV. When she entered, wearing a very flimsy nightgown over what looked like bikini underclothes, he caught a deep breath. "Hey Honey. All finished?" That's what he tried to say, but he actually mumbled something she apparently, from the questioning look on her face, couldn't make out. He tried again—"I finished the plowing, so there's no work tomorrow. I thought maybe we could watch a movie and catch up on what's been happening." He slid over to make plenty of room on the couch for her. "You got a deal, if you'll rub my feet. I haven't had a good foot rub since the last time you did it, and that was back before you and Mom split." She settled down with her head propped on the couch's plush arm, while waiting for him to find a movie on TV. Great, she thought when he settled on the movie 'Carnal Knowledge,' this should have enough hot scenes to help the cause. Hank returned to his seat on the other end of the couch and Kitty immediately stuck her feet in his lap, and just happened to touch his partly flaccid cock in the process. As soon as her foot touched it, Hank's cock jumped to attention. He quickly grabbed her feet and began rubbing, making sure to keep them away from Mr. Happy. By the time Jack and Ann-Margaret started getting really friendly Kitty was relaxed, happy, and horny. She kept trying to maneuver her foot to Dad's cock, with some success. Hank was fighting a losing battle—how does a man refuse something he so desperately wants and by now it was apparent, even to a blind man, that his daughter wanted it also. "Rub a little higher on my legs, Dad. My calf muscles are so tight." She spread her legs wider. Hank was sweating blood as he kneaded his daughter's calves. Seeming to have a mind of their own, his hands continued past the knees, then back down to her feet before beginning the journey upward again. Each pass reached higher than the last and little by little, Kitty's legs opened wider and wider. Kitty could feel her heart pounding and she felt like she couldn't catch her breath. She had felt the same way on the back seat of Billy's car, and that had resulted in a disaster. Is that what awaited her this night? As her Dad's fingers neared her sheer panties she wondered if she had asked for more than she could handle. She could put a stop to this with a single word; she was sure of that. After all, he was her father and she knew he loved her; he would never do anything to her that she didn't want. An experienced neutral observer would have recognized Kitty's concern as first time jitters; the time with Billy didn't really count. He had been the aggressor and moved so fast and deliberate that once she got on the back seat with him, she really had no choice in the matter. Here, as inexperienced as she was, she was the instigator. She had started the tease back in the truck and she knew she'd advanced it every step of the way. Now she wanted to and yet she was afraid. She became so nervous her body suddenly began shaking. "What is it, Honey?" Hank's hand froze in place, within inches of her panty covered labia." Are you okay? Do you want me to stop?" At that point the 'brave little tough girl' broke down. "Please Dad," she sobbed. "I'm so scared." "Scared of what? Scared of me or scared of making love?" Hank pulled her into his lap. He held her tightly while she sobbed into his shoulder. He tried to soothe her by playing with her hair and massaging her back and shoulders. "You can tell me Honey, Dad's little girl can tell him anything. Why are you scared? Do you think I'll hurt you?" Finally Kitty calmed down enough to reply, but her voice was barely above a whisper and kept breaking up. "I know you won't normally hurt me, Dad, but when Billy put his thing in me it hurt so badly and he just kept poking and poking, no matter how much I begged him to stop. I'm scared it might happen again." "My poor baby." Hank held her face with both hands and planted kisses over her forehead and on each eye. "Here, let Daddy make it all well. Remember how, when you were little? Back then you'd come to me, with big tears running down your cheeks, every time you got hurt; you'd crawl into my arms and beg me to make the boo-boo go away? Well, maybe Daddy can make this boo-boo go away now." That brought a tearful giggle from Kitty. "Do you want to tell Daddy exactly what that ole meanie did to my baby?" "Promise you won't get mad? Your little girl isn't the innocent young thing that was here on her last visit. I've been bad—really bad." "Don't you think we're beyond the pointing fingers stage now? Let's be honest, just a few minutes ago you were trying to play footsie with my cock and I was almost to the point of rubbing your pussy. So please start at the beginning and tell me everything." "Okay, but promise you won't be mad at me." She then related how she was the last girl in her group who was still virgin. She told about how they met at one girl's home, whose mother worked second shift and whose father was away in service. Here they read magazines, watched her parent's collection of porn, and swapped lies about their own sexual adventures. Kitty went on to tell him about how much she hated to be teased about her virginity, and how she'd decided she would lose it on Prom night. She thought she was prepared for anything, what with all the advice the others had given her and all the videos she'd watched of giant cocks making beautiful women cum time after time. Her friends had assured her that Billy's equipment was just as big as the guys on screen and that he could make her cum just like those women did. Three of the girls vouched for that, agreeing he had made them cum harder than they ever had before. They even helped her set up the prom date. Remembering the night started her crying again. Finally, once again she calmed down enough to continue; she told of how Billy had just forced her legs apart and rammed his big dick into her pussy. She shivered while remembering the pain caused as his dick tore into her virgin pussy, and how mad he'd been upon seeing the mess they'd made on the seat covers. To top matters off, when she got home, a place where she expected support and sympathy, Mom had lost it. Mom was more worried about her damn dress than she was about her daughter. Hank sat quietly holding his daughter and kissing her head every so often. Finally he spoke. "Think carefully, Baby, did he do anything to excite you—to get you ready—to, you know—make you damp down there—like you were getting a little while ago?" He might have been about ready to feel his daughter's cunt, but he was having troubling articulating his questions. "No," she shook her head. "He just kissed me a couple times, forced my legs open and rammed it in. He paid no attention when I screamed." "That bastard!" If Hank could just get his hands on Billy now, he'd kill him. Once again they sat silently, this time half way paying attention to the movie. By the time the movie ended, he had his thoughts collected. Turning to Kitty, he asked, "Do you still want to find out how it feels to make love to a real man—not some punk with a big dick? "Will it hurt?" "Probably a little, but not like before and not for long, I will promise to be as gentle as possible and guarantee the pleasure will far outweigh any pain." Kitty studied her Dad's face. It was still the same kind loving face she had grown to love; it had none of the lustful madness she'd seen with Billy as he hovered above her, taking what he wanted. "Do you trust me, Kitty?" she heard her father ask. "I can show you just what it means to make love, but you have to let me know if you want it." Kitty's heart raced—it was decision time, and she made it. She answered, but not with words. She wrapped her arms around his neck pulling his head down to meet her lips. Gently at first, then more urgent as their kiss deepened, their lips pressed together, his tongue probed her lips, seeking entry. Finally her lips parted and her tongue met his. For what seemed forever, they remained like that, no groping, no talking, no anything except Dad pulling her tightly to himself, flattening her breast against his body, while their tongues explored the other's mouth. Hank cuddled her up in his arms and carried her to his bedroom. Kitty buried her face in his chest and clung to him with both arms, only releasing her grip when he stretched her out upon his bed. After waking from a bad dream, she had often snuggled between him and Mom on this same bed. Now she would snuggle with Dad after a different bad experience—her experience with Billy. Hank found soft, romantic music on the radio, turned the lights low enough to provide the right mood, yet still bright enough to plainly see every feature of his beautiful daughter's body before slipping off his shorts and lying down beside her. She turned to face him and whispered, "Make love to me Dad." She snuggled close—so close she could feel his shaft pressing on her soft belly. She shuddered as her Dad's hands explored her body from her butt to her shoulders, while his tongue probed her mouth "Oh Daaaaddddyyyy," she moaned, when he started kissing her breast. Body felt like it was on fire, especially between her legs. Hank tugged his daughter's nipples with his lips, nibbling on first one and then the other. He had them standing out like little cranberries. He laid his head on her chest and played his fingers lightly across her lower stomach, finally tugging her gown high enough to touch bare skin. He could hear her heart pounding while she combed her fingers through his hair and made little mewling noises. Hank maneuvered around until his cock was pressing against her cunt, separated only by the sheer material of her panties. He would have sworn he was harder than he'd ever been. He slid his left arm under her so that he could grasp a butt cheek in each hand and worked her back and forth against his cock. "Oh Dad, that feels so good," she moaned, pressing back against his thrust. "I can't wait, Honey. I've got to see how you look naked. Is that okay?" Hank didn't want to go too fast for her. He intended that tonight be a pleasant experience, one she'd never forget "Yes, Dad," she lifted her bottom to help him slide her panties off. Sitting up, she shed the rest of her clothes while Hank just stared at her naked form. Kneeling over her, he studied what he thought was perfect example of what the female form should look like. Her dark hair framed her olive colored face with its puffy red lips, lips that begged to be kissed. Her breasts were about the size of baseballs with dark aureoles topped by nipples that gave positive testimony to her state of arousal. Below her navel lay a flat plain of smooth flesh, populated only by the black triangle of stiff curly hair that hid the path to her labia. "What?" Kitty asked after he had just stared for so long. "God, you're pretty, Honey." "You really think so, Dad?" Without waiting for his answer, she reached out to touch his cock. "Well, I think you're the handsomest man I know, and this is simply beautiful. Why is the head so purplish looking? And just look how those purple veins run all the way along the side. hotmyfreecams" Hank came out of his trance and began planting kisses all over his daughter's naked body. Starting with her lips, he quickly dropped to her perfectly formed breast, circling her nipples with his tongue before tracing it down to her navel, where it took an excursion in her bellybutton, only to continue to the top edges of the dark forest below. A sharp intake of breath marked his tongue skipping over the hair only to land on the top of her slit. From that position, however, Hank couldn't give her the attention she deserved, so he moved around to put his head between her legs; his face level with her pussy. "Oh Dad," she gasped, when he parted her curly hair with his forefingers and ran his tongue along her slit. Starting at the bottom he continued licking his way up to her glistening little nub, which was trying to peep from under its pink hood. Hank was surprised at how pronounced it was, considering it belonged to one so young. He swirled his tongue around its hiding place, causing it to enlarge even more and bringing a scream of "OH GOD, DAD, THAT'S SOOoooo GOood." He pursed his lips around her enlarged clit and simulated it fucking his mouth. She went wild. She grabbed his hair with both hands, pulled his face into her pussy and started humping his mouth as hard as she could, while babbling about how good it felt. "I love you Dad...I love you... I love you," she repeated over and over. Then she gave a final push, she ground her pussy into his face, shuddered and became limp. Hank was amazed by what had just happened. "Damn!" Hank said, "I believe I've just been face fucked for the first time." He moved back up to lie beside his daughter, touching her breast and planting soft tender kisses all over her face. Smiling, her eyes fluttered open and her breathing returned to normal. "Wow! Is that what a real loving feels like, Dad?" "S...something like that, baby, but the best is yet to come. That is if you still want to do it." Hank's voice caught as he tried to answer. He'd never felt so much love for anyone in his life. He knew they'd crossed over a line that would be very hard to uncross—a place that would be hard to leave. "Oh Dad—I never knew anything could feel so good. I just want to do everything with you." She reached for his cock. "Better not, Baby." He moved her hand. "I'm not as young as I used to be. Tonight is about you; if you stroke that thing much, all you might wind up with is a handful of cum, and I've got a better place for it." He got up off the bed. "Here, let me get things ready before we crank you up again." Opening the top drawer of his nightstand, he selected a condom and a tube of K-Y Jelly. "Here," he tore the foil and handed her the condom. "Why don't you put it on me?" "I don't know how; I've never touched one of these things." "I'll show you. Here, see how it's rolled up? Place it on the head so it will unroll when you shove if down the shaft." She fumbled a bit, but quickly got the hang of it. Once the condom was in place, Hank picked up the tube of jelly and lay back on the bed beside her. "What's that for?" Kitty pointed at the tube. "Remember you said it hurt the first time you did it? I'm just trying to hedge our bets. This will provide a little extra lubricant to help you take me easier. I'll show you in a bit, but let's play around and get you turned back on first." Oh to be young again, Hank thought, as he kissed Kitty's breast. He gently stroked the inside of her thighs, and felt her begin to push against his hand when he pressed her mons. He outlined her puffy lips with his forefinger before finally dragging it the length of her slit. Applying a little pressure, his finger sunk into her slick opening. I wonder if she really needs extra grease, he thought, remembering how Sally had taken Dan's much larger shaft. He quickly put the idea aside. Sure, he wasn't nearly as big as Dan, but Kitty hadn't been used to taking a cock and he was sure tonight wasn't Dan and Sally's first time. Lying in anticipation, her heart pounding, breathing hard, unable to take her eyes off her Dad's stiff cock, Kitty spread her legs wide and waited to see what would happen next. Dad flipped the tube open, squeezed a dollop of K-Y on his fingers and extended his hand toward the very spot so desperate to be filled. She couldn't keep her hips from pushing upward when his fingers touched her outer lips. The jelly enabled his fingers to easily slip inside all the way past the knuckles. She groaned and reached for him; wrapping her arms around his neck, she lifted her upper body toward his face. "Kiss me, Dad," she whispered, then her body was afire, his fingers settling on one special spot while her tongue worked in and out of his mouth and her hips undulated beneath his hand. Hank's fingers hadn't met too much resistance entering Kitty's love channel. The K-Y worked wonders, and he quickly located that special little rough spot. Her musky woman scent filling his nostrils, her undulating hips, and the little mewling sounds she made as her excitement grew, had him wondering if his body would hold off long enough to cash the check his mouth had written. He had to fight hard not to simply roll on top and drive Old John into her as deep and as fast as he could, especially when her tongue started playing tag with his. Finally breaking loose before it would be too late, he lay beside her and asked, "Okay, Baby, you ready to get fucked properly?" Her answer was to grab his cock and try to pull him on top of her 4kpornindex. "No, Baby, not this time. This time you get on top so you'll be in charge; you can take as much or as little as you feel like you want." He helped her straddle his hips. His cock stood straight up reaching almost to her navel. Hank steadied her while she just gazed at his cock. From her perch astraddle her father's hips, Kitty looked down. Staring back at her, with a head the resembling the big purple plums she enjoyed as a child, was her father's cock. How would she ever get that thing inside her twat? It just stood there, erect and jumping with Dad's every heartbeat. What was that moisture leaking out of the hole in its center? Finally she understood why the girls called it the 'one eyed monster.'

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